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Survivor‘s continuous ratings dominance in its Wednesday timeslot, including its destruction of American Idol, makes all the argument CBS needs to keep the show around, 15 years and 31 seasons later. In just two hours, though, Survivor Cambodia‘s finale made the argument for why this show, format, and game continue to thrive, engaging both casual viewers and superfans—and producing exceptional …

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Spencer Bledsoe solved the five-piece puzzle at the end of the episode 13 immunity challenge in less than 15 seconds. How did Spencer do it? Here’s the full story of that Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance moment, and started with a suggestion from a fan.

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Joe Anglim’s collapse during a Survivor Cambodia immunity challenge was undeniably terrifying, both as viewers and for those on location. While his collapse came out of nowhere on television and also to those who were there—Jeff Probst said that, from his perspective, “There was no warning sign”—but Joe said he knew he was going to collapse, and actually requested the challenge be accelerated. In one interview, Joe said, “I yelled to Jeff, I knew I was going pretty quick.”

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This episode of Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance, “Tiny Little Shanks to the Heart,” was nowhere near as strategically surprising as last week’s pair of perfect episodes. But it was just as intense, drawing most of its power from two very emotional scenes—though they were emotional for quite different reasons. There was strategy: Spencer reconnected with Jeremy and Tasha, who …

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