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Tim Gunn agrees: Project Runway Junior is the best Project Runway. And its second season—which began its conclusion last night on Lifetime—hasn’t changed that at all. This is a talent competition that is everything a talent competition should be: challenging,  joyful, emotional, and all together wonderful, a celebration of art and struggle. From Tim Gunn to the edit, the contestants are treated …

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Lifetime’s Project Runway Junior ends its first season tonight having absolutely eclipsed the show’s other attempts at spin-offs—Project Runway: All Stars, Project Accessory, and the dismal kid-centered Project Runway: Threads.

This surprises me even as I write it, but the show is better, in many ways, than the original. Project Runway Junior has everything about the original series that I love and none of the things I don’t.

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Project Runway Junior is, surprisingly, not another MasterChef Junior, a charming show with talented kids. Nor is it like one of the many clones that popped up after MasterChef Junior’s success, most of which failed to see what made the original so great (talent + charm + seriousness). It is also not, thankfully, Project Runway: Threads, the 2014 well-intentioned but flop of a …

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