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In today’s edition of Ask Andy, two questions about Food Network shows: How to apply for Holiday Baking Championship, Halloween Baking Championship, Spring Baking Championship, or Kids Baking Championship; and why The Great Food Truck Race isn’t moving around the country any more.

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Food Network’s Great Food Truck Race was an impressive show its first season, with echoes of a fantastic series that aired 11 years ago, Cannonball Run 2001, and early Amazing Race. Since then, it’s devolved into an increasing mess, from the bullshit last season to this season’s change of concept, which has given wannabe food …

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Last summer brought the debut of two new surprising competition series: Food Network’s Great Food Truck Race and History’s Top Shot. Both returned this summer, although Top Shot is now in its third season. Both were throwbacks to earlier, simpler competition series yet were very compelling. Watching food trucks race across the country and stop …

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One of the reality TV surprises last summer was Food Network’s competition The Great Food Truck Race, which was a fun, fresh take on the road trip competition. The second season is currently being filmed, and because of the nature of food trucks and the necessity for the trucks to promote themselves, it’s playing out–and …

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