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As the third season of Esquire Network’s Friday Night Tykes ends tonight, another season begins. But this time, instead of focusing on youth football in Texas, the show shifts to Pennsylvania, outside of Pittsburgh, to the Beaver County Youth Football League. Like its predecessor, Friday Night Tykes: Steel Country is a combination of well-produced, well-shot scenes of sometimes highly disturbing behavior. …

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The Esquire show about young football players is very disturbing, and it’s so real that some people would rather the show go away than be reminded that what it highlights is behavior that actually takes place with real people.

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Esquire’s reality series Friday Night Tykes, which follows youth football teams in Texas, debuted last week, and has already generated response from USA Football, which insists what happens on the series is “in sharp contrast to USA Football’s core beliefs and what is taking place on the majority of youth football fields across the country.” …

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