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Will’s in-house actions questioned.

Will’s in-house actions questioned.According to the Philadelphia Daily News, Khalid Abdul Muhammad said Will “is in danger of losing his ‘ghetto pass’” because of his “questionable” actions in the Big Brother house, like “complementing a white woman, feeling a white woman’s buttocks, [and] appearing “semi-nude” in a bathroom with a fully clothed white woman.”

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Will/Mega gets banished.

Will/Mega gets banished.In another pointlessly drawn-out hour-long live episode of Big Brother, Will–also known as Mega–got the axe, and bolted without even saying goodbye to his housemates, who ran to the door to see outside and see him off. Later, live in the studio, Mega didn’t tolerate Julie Chen’s confrontational journalism over his past, and …

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is Josh gay?

is Josh gay? Under the headline, “Hunk In A Bunk: Big Brother hears that Josh may be keeping a secret,” an article on Big Brother‘s official Web site speculates that the house might have a gay or bisexual person after all. The evidence: Curtis (why Curtis?) reported in the Red Room that Josh “recently came …

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