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BattleBots will be back

Defying the ABC new summer reality series curse, BattleBots will return for a second season. Like its earlier incarnation, the series was fun in the form of metal destroying metal—and, yes, human ingenuity and skill. Casting begins soon, but ABC did not say when the show will return. But it did promise that season two will follow the same format except “the tournament will …

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BattleBots is coming back to TV

“It’s robot fightin’ time!” because ABC is resurrecting Battlebots, the early-2000s series that had robots battling each other in an arena. This is totally awesome. The new, six-episode, single-elimination series version will air this summer. The “reimagined take of the killer robot combat sport,” as ABC called it, is being produced by its original creators, Ed Roski …

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