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As much as I enjoyed season one of Hulu’s Behind the Mask, a reality series that follows several mascots, I don’t remember having an episode-one kind of immediate response that involves watery eyes. But there they were, in the first 23 minutes. Season one of director Josh Greenbaum’s series was occasionally and surprisingly emotional, but there’s …

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An envelope and one word: together they produced more drama than any other reality TV series has delivered so far this year. The person who discovered the envelope was crying and shaking, and as soon as we saw it on screen, that response was perfectly understandable. The man discovered the envelope in his mother’s belongings; she was murdered in 2000. After her …

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In the United States, McDonald’s French Fries have 19 ingredients, as former Mythbusters host Grant Imahara discussed in his sad web series. In the UK, McDonald’s fries have four ingredients. Like our fries, our cooking competitions in the U.S. are mostly overstuffed with unnecessary things, and the difference is clear in the wonderful, filler-free The Great British Baking Show. Earlier this …

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The Chair is literally flawless reality television, without flaws because it exposes its own. It is everything the genre can and should be, authentic and entertaining. There’s a lot of emotion, conflict, and drama in creating a film, and besides capturing that, the series manages to be a work of art in itself.

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