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Exclusive reports, interviews, details, and observations from behind the scenes of reality TV productions, from soundstages to islands, Trading Spaces to Survivor.

Survivor, Love is Blind, Big Brother, Drag Race, and The Real World: To appear on reality television shows like these, people sign long, detailed contracts that control their behavior before, during, and after a reality TV show’s production. Read those contracts here.

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An indigenous person hired to work on Life Below Zero: First Alaskans as a story producer talked to me about the show’s diversity and inclusion efforts, as did the show’s showrunner. LBZ:FA is currently filming season two.

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American Ninja Warrior season 14 showrunner Anthony Storm answers my questions about how editors decide who to focus on, the success/fail rate for obstacles, and much more. He also teases a first-time “end result” this season.

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