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How you can support my work

reality blurred is an independent web site focused on reality TV. It’s supported by advertising, but also relies on contributions from readers like you to keep its content free and available for all. That’s why I offer a few simple ways to support.

While all these options involve spending money, if that’s not in your budget, no worries! (Your presence here is enough, and you can also help by sharing stories you love with others, or just recommending reality blurred!)

Your generosity will help to keep reality blurred going, helping me and your fellow readers. Thanks!

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While my weekly newsletter is free, you can also upgrade your subscription, which includes bonus content (an early look at the reality TV shows premiering during the next week) and the warm feeling of supporting an independent creator.

This is the best, most-flexible option: You can set your own monthly contribution level; adjust or cancel any time; and use Apple Pay, a credit card, a bank account, or other options.

Just enter your e-mail address to get started. If you already receive my newsletter, you’ll get an option to upgrade immediately:

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reality blurred is on Patreon, so if you already support other creators there, that may be the best option:

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Need a new coffee mug, a t-shirt, a comfy hoodie, or fresh notebook, and also love reality blurred’s logo? Well, do I have some products for you!

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I love because it not only allows you to support me—I earn 10 percent of any books you buy—but every purchase also supports local, independent bookstores! 🎉

To help you shop, I’ve gathered lists of my favorite books, plus books about reality TV and books by reality TV stars.

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If you’re going to buy something—anything!—on Amazon, and you click this button first, I’ll get a small referral fee, and nothing will change for you, except you’ll know that you’re supporting reality blurred while shopping.