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The Glass House, ABC

Behind the scenes of The Glass House

Most of my interview with executive producer Kenny Rosen was conducted from behind one of the mirrored walls that make up The Glass House. We were standing behind the tubes from which players enter and exit, watching the players blow bubbles and answer viewer questions in the living room during the July 31 3 p.m…. continue reading

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Behind the scenes of Schmergen Brawl, the brutal challenge that made Survivor history

Three days after we rehearsed Schmergen Brawl, the reward challenge on last night’s episode, Luna, the proprietor of our hotel Le Manumea, looked at me and said, “You’re damaged.” Then she said, “You’re all damaged.” We were. I got away pretty easily: torn-up and scraped-up knees and elbows, big bruises on my arms and legs,… continue reading

Behind the scenes of Knife Fight

The set of Esquire Network’s Knife Fight was chaotic: people moving everywhere, chefs moving around in the small open kitchen, conversation plus cooking so loud you cannot hear the chefs or the judges. Once the setting for late-night cook-offs, Top Chef 2 winner Ilan Hall’s downtown Los Angeles restaurant now also hosts a TV show that is… continue reading