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Big Brother and Survivor winners were Traitors targets. Did they survive?

Big Brother and Survivor winners were Traitors targets. Did they survive?
On The Traitors US season 2, episode 6, Shereé Whitfield, Chris 'C.T.' Tamburello, and Dan Gheesling discover there was no murder (Photo by Euan Cherry/Peacock)

“There was no murder,” Alan Cumming said at the top of The Traitors US season 2, episode 6.

Yes, Dan’s “huge gamble” to murder Bergie failed, and he got burned: by a reality TV star best known for having sex in a windmill and a Real Housewives star.

Dan’s bizarre choices continued at breakfast, where he declared that the person murdered would be “someone who voted for me.” His goal, he explained to us, was to take the heat—”everyone’s going to pin this murder on me”—and then hope they all thought that was too obvious and there’s no way he’d murder Bergie?

But he didn’t count on Pilot Pete. “The trap worked,” Peter said. “Check. Mate.”

After Bergie arrived, the editing lingered on Dan, mouth agape. I liked Pahedra’s reaction best: “he was like Christ—he rose again.”

Bergie knew he’d been the target of an attempted murder, and since this is the first time I’ve seen a shield deflect a murder, I was surprised the producers told that person.

Peter told everyone of his trap, and Sandra suddenly woke up. “WHO DID YOU LEAK IT TO?!” she asked, twice. Peter said CT, Dan, and Parvati.

Meanwhile, Kate said, “I have no idea what’s going on.” Rather than bring Kate in mid-game, I think producers should have just had Kate just observing everything and commenting, like Sandra and Rob in that season of Survivor we no longer talk about.

Peter said CT didn’t react, but Dan and Parvati did, yet his sentence sounded like it’d been put through a shredder. The frankenbiting—editors creating new sentences from pieces of actual sentences—was strong in this episode.

Dan told everyone, “it was leaked to me, but I’m not a traitor.” Then he told us, “I have to change up how I’m playing this game completely,” saying he was playing “way too slow and not aggressive enough” and wanted to “really take control of this ship.”

Friends, the captain of the Titanic, post-iceberg.

Four women carry a platform with objects on it down a grassy road
Shereé Whitfield, Trishelle Cannatella, Sandra Diaz-Twine, Phaedra Parks, and Kate Chastain carry parts of a catapult in The Traitors US season 2 episode 6 (Photo by Euan Cherry/Peacock)

This week’s mission was a version of Kate’s favorite from last season: Carry heavy things on a long journey. This time, it was pieces of a catapult, which they had to assemble and fire once arriving at their destination.

But really, it was a few bags of things and the actual, massive catapult. They also had the option of grabbing ammo boxes; those who had them competed for the shield using the catapult.

At the end, Shereé ultimately got her ball closest to the target, winning the shield; that was not so much a challenge as pure luck.

There were a few fun moments along the way, like Kate threatening to steal an ammo box. The players had to walk across the river, which had quite a dramatic current, and in my favorite moment from the challenge, Kevin helped Trishelle—until she spotted an ammo box, and barreled toward it, dragging him behind her until he fell in. “Are you kidding me?!”

Kevin is maintaining his role as this season’s Quentin, unconvinced that Dan is a traitor. “He hasn’t done anything, though,” he said. Yeah, he keeps forgetting to wear his “I’m a traitor” shirt; sorry about that, Kevin!

I appreciate that the producers are using similarly structured challenges but changing the details, though I don’t think this one was as successful as last season’s barrel challenge.

Alan Cumming’s outfit was fantastic, though. Just gaze upon his kilt and matching gloves, his matching blue glasses and beret:

A person wearing a kilt sits, legs crossed, in an easy chair that's in the middle of a grassy area outside
Alan Cumming monitors The Traitors US season 2 episode 6 mission (Photo by Euan Cherry/Peacock)

On the drive back, Kate asked about voting for Dan and Parvati, who remained everyone’s top suspect.

Parvati’s attempt to deflect attention was to accuse Peter and his alliance of, uh, having an alliance. “It’s very suspicious that you, you, you, Kevin, and Trishelle are all locked in together,” she said. Is that suspicious? After the banishment, she went up to them when they were all sitting together, and said, “You’re putting off a lot of people by doing that.”

Sandra told us, “Parvati is good at deceiving, lying, and we’re already on to her.” I began to fear that the players would vote out Parvati despite Dan actively digging his own grave hole.

Dan told Peter that there’s someone he’s “100 percent on,” but that he wouldn’t reveal it until the roundtable. That’s so sketchy. You say nothing for 60 percent of the game and expect everyone to buy this?

Dan told us it was “time for me to go after one of my own traitors.” Since everyone already suspected Parvati, Dan…went after Phaedra.

I wished one of Dan’s many interviews addressed his logic here. Did he think that, if he pointed toward Parvati, everyone would know they were both traitors? Did he think Phaedra wouldn’t fight back?

And why oh why did he choose the most insufferable way of accusing her?

“Since day one, I’ve been watching one person, and it’s time for that to come out,” he said, and I was already screaming at the TV: JUST SAY A NAME. “You have to remember: I’ve been collecting information. So let’s play a little game. I have one question for everyone: Raise your hand if your name has been written down at least once on this chalkboard.”

Bergie, Parvati, Phaedra, Sandra, and Sheree raised their hands, and Dan said, “That’s not enough to convict.” Then he went on until “that leaves Parvati and Phaedra.” He declared that”Phaedra’s had one vote that hasn’t been explained,” and also said her “breakfast reactions” were suspicious.

Dan was really trying hard turn this into Dan’s Funeral 3.0, but he was already in the coffin.

A person with a faux fur coat sits at at able, hands crossed, and stares
A traitor, Phaedra, is accused of being a traitor by another traitor, Dan, on The Traitors US 2 episode 6 (Photo by Euan Cherry/Peacock)

“What about the breakfast murder reactions?” Kate scoffed, and then said, “I don’t understand this. What’s the logic behind that?” I was glad Kate was here just for that—and also for when Dan accused Phaedra of being “a little bit extra” (oh no) and Kate said, “Have you seen her?”

Phaedra told him, “You’re getting ready to get banished,” and added, “If there was really a mastermind, it sure wouldn’t be a dolled-up Housewife.” Then she reminded everyone Bergie was targeted for murder.

“No one trusts you, darling,” Phaedra said. Later, in the traitors’ tower, she said, “If I weren’t a Christian woman, I would rip his heart out.”

In the end, it was clear Dan was drowning in the game and everyone let him. Dan received 11 votes, Parvati got Peter’s vote because he was convinced the traitors would murder him and he wanted to keep attention on Parvati, and Dan voted for Phaedra.

The best vote came from John. “That case was comprehensively rebutted. Treachery deserves to be punished by banishment,” John told Dan. “This guy is the silent slaughterer.”

Trishelle told him, “Tonight you met your match.”

A person in a marooon sportcoat stands and grimaces
Traitor Dan is banished from The Traitors US season 2 (Photo by Euan Cherry/Peacock)

As Dan exited, and before he revealed he was a traitor, he pointed out that “no one’s ever written my name down in two seasons” of Big Brother.

The faithful celebrated, though their reactions seemed a little muted to me, as if it was so obvious Dan was a traitor they were not so much surprised as relieved.

I don’t understand why Dan went after Phaedra, but he did at least acknowledge that he failed: “She shredded me tonight,” he said. He also called her an “elegant lawyer”—did he mean “eloquent lawyer”? Not that Phaedra isn’t also elegant. But her elegance isn’t what verbally neutered him.

Will Dan’s targeting of Phaedra hurt her? Maybe: Trishelle is convinced Dan fed them a traitor to protect himself.

Meanwhile, Parvati said, “it’s me versus Peter, and I’m going to take that Bachelor down.”

Parvati and Phaedra were surprised by Alan Cumming, who told them, “as the rules dictate, you have the opportunity to recruit.”

The change this season is that, if the person refuses, they’ll still be in the game—and the traitors cannot murder anyone.

The obvious move was to recruit Peter—and I think his obvious move would be to reject it, and use that as fuel for his successful campaign. But when Peter read the offer, he told us that he was also terrified of being murdered, and worried that if he didn’t accept, his game would end.

Alan Cumming teased the traitors—and us—with one more thing: “after tonight, nothing will ever be the same again,” he said. I don’t know if that means because of the recruitment, or if there’s a bigger twist ahead.

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Sunday 4th of February 2024

This is worth a watch - a short lived 2004 BBC format called Traitor which condenses the format to an hour of roundtable discussion in which 7 citizens are truthful and 2 traitors are lying about their life.

Bad Mitten

Sunday 4th of February 2024

“I wished one of Dan’s many interviews addressed his logic here. Did he think that, if he pointed toward Parvati, everyone would know they were both traitors? Did he think Phaedra wouldn’t fight back?”

- I was listening to Dan’s exit interview on RHAP and he more or less said he went for Phaedra because it was more of a “long game” move aka if it was successful it would have set him up to go further opposed to if he just jumped on parv he probably still would have been on the hot seat. If anything he should have gone for Phaedra a week or two earlier when people were suss on the housewives.

Chuck S

Monday 5th of February 2024

Plus, at breakfast the next morning, they could have acted surprised because they could have said Peter told them he had a shield (and CT would have joined in on that).

Chuck S

Monday 5th of February 2024

@Bad Mitten, They should have taken out Peter on the assumption he was lying. Because whether he was lying or not, the people who knew Peter told the lie would think that Parv and Dan wouldn't go after him since he had a shield. They would have been in the clear whether he had a sheild or not. And if he didn't have a sheild (which he didn't), they would have gotten rid of a big threat. Dan was just plain stupid. And Parv was stupid for not insisting her POV.

Bad Mitten

Monday 5th of February 2024

@Andy Dehnart, I think it did and he actually kind of addressed that in the same RHAP interview I referenced. He mentioned that Big Brother is a much longer game and gives him more time to think about his next move/process/react (if you get blindsided you have days or even weeks to course correct). Specifically he mentioned that the roundtable where Janelle went home was like 12 round boxing fight for him, which left him "stunned" He stated that very soon thereafter he was into the traitors turret and that his adrenaline was so high that he didnt even remember that Parv suggesting to him to not take the shot at Bergie. He said that when he saw that on the show he even texted Parv to ask her if it happened and that she replied, you should have listened to me dummy. He lamented about teaming up with parv as a traitor because of her strategic chops and that he didnt end up utilizing that skill set by following her advice. But yah basically he blamed that speed of the game for not thinking through that move more.

Andy Dehnart

Sunday 4th of February 2024

Interesting! I wonder if the speed of this game—10 days, not three months—hurt him. Being everyone's target on day six isn't the time to think about day 10.


Friday 2nd of February 2024

So it’s unclear whether Peter knows if he refuses to join the traitors that he’ll be continuing in the game. if he isn’t aware of that, that really changes the whole dynamic of his decision. Also, can he share the offer with the other faithful? I hate these cliffhangers

Bad Mitten

Sunday 4th of February 2024

@Cat, in BBUK season 1 someone got recruited, refused the recruitment and then told everyone the traitors tried to recruit her but she refused. I wont spoiler it further but its not the best strategy!

Claire Pancerz

Friday 2nd of February 2024

I don’t want Peter as a Traitor! If he gets murdered, it’s only proof that Parvati is a Traitor, too. I’d like to see a Faithful win this game one time - and I do think Phaedra is there until the end. I hadn’t watched Dan in anything before, so I was highly unimpressed with his game play.


Friday 2nd of February 2024

Dan has always been insufferable on Big Brother too...I am so glad he is off my screen