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Which Golden Bachelor reject should be the Golden Bachelorette? Here are five proposals

Which Golden Bachelor reject should be the Golden Bachelorette? Here are five proposals
The Golden Bachelor stars—one of whom will be The Golden Bachelorette: Patty, Christina, Theresa, Peggy, Ellen, Susan, Faith, Leslie, Sandra, Kathy, Nancy, Maria, Edith, Pamela, Marina, Sylvia, Natasha, Joan, April, Anna, Renee, and Jeanie. (Photo by Ricky Middlesworth/ABC)

ABC confirmed at the Television Critics Association winter press tour this morning that there will indeed be a Golden Bachelorette, following the wild success of The Golden Bachelor.

The Golden Bachelorette will air this fall on ABC and Hulu.

This is not surprising—the show has been casting for old dudes for weeks—and is also a no-brainer.

The only surprise is that The Golden Bachelorette took this long to announce, and that it will be at least another seven months before it makes it to TV.

The Golden Bachelor both reinvigorated the franchise and was good business: it’s the number-one “new unscripted series this season among Adults 18-49,” ABC said, plus the network’s “No. 1 unscripted series premiere ever on Hulu.”

ABC did not announce any cast or details, saying only that “[a]dditional details surrounding the series, including cast details, will be announced at a later date.”

The major question, of course, is who will star on The Golden Bachelorette, and whether that will be one of the women Gerry Turner rejected on The Golden Bachelor.

At TCA, we got confirmation that will happen; executive producer Jason Ehrlich said producers “have a true wealth of options here.”

Let’s cast The Golden Bachelorette

So which Golden Bachelor alum should be the lead, and have the power to crush a bunch of old men’s dreams? Here are the five leading contenders, according to me.


A portrait of a woman in a black gown, standing with arms akimbo
Leslie on The Golden Bachelor (Photo by (Ricky Middlesworth/ABC)

Leslie had her dreams crushed by Gerry. Perfect! The Bachelor franchise loves fishing someone out of a previous season’s gutter to let them rise again.

But is she too burned out? “I’m tired of putting myself out there. Time is running out. Time is running out,” she said after the rejection.


A portrait of a woman in a black gown
Susan on The Golden Bachelor (Photo by (Ricky Middlesworth/ABC)

Susan officiated Gerry and Theresa’s wedding, and was one of the few highlights of that snooze-fest of a special.

“Gerry and I met when I stepped out of the limo screaming, Gerry, I’m gonna marry you. Turns out I was right!” she told the crowd. Time for Gerry to marry her next?


A portrait of a woman in a black gown, standing with her hand on her hip
Natascha on The Golden Bachelor (Photo by (Ricky Middlesworth/ABC)

Natascha may be the people’s Bachelorette star. She’s actually a motivational speaker, so she’s trying to help us while helping herself. Imagine a season full of moments like this one from The Golden Wedding:

“Is this camera on me? Let me you something: Those of you who are sitting on your butt at home, on the couch, and you expect something to happen? Don’t sit on your butt. Get up out that chair. Get out here in the world! Make a plan. Bring love in your life, bring romance in your life, go after that career, stop watching them children, taking care of everybody else, and make yourself number one, because you are number one. I love you.”


A portrait of a woman in a black gown
Kathy on The Golden Bachelor (Photo by (Ricky Middlesworth/ABC)

I just want to see a whole season of The Bachelorette where the star tells all the men, “zip it!” That’s what she did—complete with hand gesture—when Theresa hurt her feelings.

Also, Kathy has a fun sense of humor, threatening to “burn the house down” when Gerry sent her home. So many candles, so much possibility!


A portrait of a woman in a black gown
Sandra on The Golden Bachelor (Photo by (Ricky Middlesworth/ABC)

Sandra is my pick. The former Wheel of Fortune winner brought a Chippendales dancer to the wedding as her date, because why not? She’s here to have fun and she’s hilarious, so she’ll be a great lead, looking out for herself and us.

Just look at her Instagram—or back at Theresa’s TV bachelorette party, when Sandra ran her hand up and down a bed post, she pretended it was Denzel Washington—well, part of him. “That’s his cock I’m rubbing,” she said. Casting search over!

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