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The best true-crime coverage now has a new home here: welcome, Best Evidence!

The best true-crime coverage now has a new home here: welcome, Best Evidence!
I asked Dall-E to create "a living room with a festive party and a big welcome banner, with crime scene tape that says 'welcome' stretched across the space," and it created something that looks more like a crime was committed at a party, which I guess is kinda perfect!

When I started reality blurred more than 23 years ago, my goal was to share the best things I could find on the Internet about reality TV, whether that was buried in a message board somewhere or in a local newspaper.

Today, of course, the internet is very different, and so is reality blurred, which has evolved into a home for original criticism, reporting, and analysis focusing on reality TV.

As much as I love hearing myself talk, and reading my own typos, one of my long-term goals is to expand the ideas and voices found in these pages.

Thus, I’m thrilled to announce the addition of Best Evidence—and its founders and writers Eve Batey and Sarah D. Bunting—to reality blurred.

A water life ring on a bamboo wall with the words WELCOME ABOARD on it
Welcome aboard, Best Evidence! (Photo by Apirak AP Sangprot

Best Evidence has covered “the true crime worth your time” since 2019, publishing as a newsletter and accompanying website.

If you’ve been online, you’ve likely encountered its writers, Sarah and Eve, who’ve been part of the fabric of the web:

  • Sarah co-founded the truly groundbreaking Television Without Pity, and now co-hosts the podcast Extra Hot Great with her two TWoP co-founders.
  • Eve was editor of the Gothamist spin-off SFist, after being one of its founding writers, and now writes incisive pieces as a freelancer for Vanity Fair and other publications. 

I’m honored to be partnering with such Internet luminaries, and humbled to have some of their words and work live here.

I rarely cover true crime in these pages—in part because I don’t watch much, but also because Sarah and Eve did it better than I ever could. That’s why I subscribed to their highly regarded newsletter and often linked to their work in these pages.

We share a sensibility about pop culture, “taking it seriously and demanding it do better,” as they wrote in their announcement about our new partnership.

When I approached Sarah and Eve about possibly making this switch, I did so with deep respect for them and their work. I certainly didn’t want them to change a thing they do. For the record, I’m not becoming their boss nor an autocratic editor, and certainly have no desire to be either of those. We’re in this together.

I think of this expansion as a farmer’s market: I’ve owned a little piece of Internet land since 2000, where I put out some things on tables under a purple tent. 

Now Sarah and Eve are setting up their own tent and tables, offering you their artisanal, hand-crafted coverage of the true-crime genre in all its forms. 

Please browse our tables before this metaphor falls completely apart! 

Best Evidence’s stories are collected together, and you may notice that Sarah and Eve’s bylines also have a fun little Best Evidence folder logo, a quick click on which will take you to their other coverage. 

If you use RSS, you can follow all of their true-crime coverage here:

Best Evidence does cover true crime reality TV, documentaries, and films, but also other kinds of pop culture, including books, podcasts, and scripted adaptations. That’s a bit of a change for what you’d normally find around here, though I’ve also covered scripted shows when they overlap with reality TV—including at least one true-crime show!

I wish Sarah and Eve didn’t have to flee Substack (which decided that its best path forward was to warmly embrace literal Nazis; here’s a brief timeline).

But I am beyond thrilled about our digital union, and extend a warm welcome to them, and to all Best Evidence readers! I’m excited for our communities of smart, witty pop culture fans to meet and discuss with each other. 

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