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The Traitors 2 players dig in graves as a traitor may be digging their own

The Traitors 2 players dig in graves as a traitor may be digging their own
The Traitors US 2 players photos in the breakfast room, and host Alan Cumming before he threw some of them on the floor (Photo by Euan Cherry/Peacock)

The “murder in plain sight” that gives The Traitors US season two, episode three its title doesn’t actually occur in this episode, though it’s certainly catchier than “a traitor almost gets banished for being an introvert.”

Parvati joins the traitors, learning their identities, as we learn Dan thinks Parv is an “easy person to shove to the front of the line.” But it’s not Parvati who’s at the front of the line.

Parvati is thrilled to join the “traitor buffet” and murder. She floats Deontay’s name. Dan suggests Marcus and Janelle. 

Phaedra has the best traitor line—and line reading, which these words won’t do justice: “I actually care about a lot of these people, but they must die.”

Marcus is murdered, and considering Marcus had been publicly calling out Dan for being too quiet, that may not have been the best option.

Trishelle says, “A Traitor had to be talking to him a lot,” and then brings up how reserved Dan is—in front of Parvati, who stays quiet.

I wonder if Dan thinks he’s Cirie, but he’s actually going to end up being Cody.

Deontay suspects Maks, who literally acted as suspicious as possible in this episode, from not answering casual questions in the kitchen to literally backing out of a room he was invited into.

Meanwhile, there’s some specious reasoning going on. Janelle insists “a woman wouldn’t get rid of Marcus or Bananas,” which is dumb on its face and also dumb because she has to know the producers most-likely picked traitors from both sexes.

But Larsa piles on, telling Dan: “I think it’s a man. I think today we have to hone in on the men.” I guess that’s a strategy, just declaring that half of the players should be ignored for now.

In terms of insightful analysis of what was happening, I preferred CT’s observation. “I’ll be honest with you,” he said. “I don’t have a fucking clue what’s going on.”

They had the day to do nothing (or interviews), as the mission and roundtable all took place at night—and so did the “murder in plain sight.” A busy evening!

A person in a red coat gestures toward a table that has glasses of water in goblets
Alan Cumming at The Traitors US season 2’s roundtable, before the drama began (Photo by Euan Cherry/Peacock)

The players were driven to a fake graveyard, which had hilarious tombstones for Ryan Lochte, Bananas, Marcus, and other fallen Traitors players.

Alan Cumming informed them they’d be “grave digging for gold,” using tools that were hidden around. The twist: “Behold! My seeking search lights.” If they were caught in a search light, they were out, replaced by another player.

This is a great leveled-up version of flashlight tag, though my immediate question was about how the spotlights worked. It’d be really easy for a spotlight operator to just point it at a player.

Bergie, who so far has failed to justify his casting, told us, “I realized there was a pattern,” but the other players didn’t really seem to notice him or care. But after a few more eliminations that he correctly predicted, they started listening, and he became a man possessed by spotlight knowledge.

“This was Bergie’s time to shine,” told us, and Peter said, “Bergie is the brain’s behind the operation.”

Bergie told us, “I just wanted to prove to people I’m not some young, naive person no one listens to,” which is hilarious because no one listened to him at first.

During the scramble for gold bars, which netted them $19,500, Tamra, Peter, and Janelle also retrieved shields. Janelle got hers after wrestling it from Ekin-Su, who dove in to try to get it.

This became A Thing, with Ekin-Su telling the people in her vehicle, “she actually fucking hurt my arm.”

Kevin thinks that meant Janelle is a traitor, while Peter said “I think she legitimately was scared” of being murdered.

A person sitting in a chair, gesturing
Dan Gheesling is one of The Traitors season 2’s first two traitors (Photo by Euan Cherry/Peacock)

Parvati told Dan his name was being floated, and he told us, “I’m not on easy street anymore.”

Indeed, the roundtable opened with Bergie—Bergie!—demanding Dan defend himself. Okay, it was a meek demand, but still: “I’ve heard a lot of Dan’s name today, so if you want to speak up,” he said.

“I know I’m quiet; if that’s a crime, then so be it,” Dan said. He insisted that if he was going to make an accusation, it’d be correct. “I don’t miss. I don’t want another Peppermint,” he said. Smart to play on their guilt over Peppermint.

MJ, though, piled on: “To me, the way you’re playing the game is way too safe and just trying to fly below the radar.”

Deontay defended Dan and said they shouldn’t target people for their personalities. Instead, he pointed out that “certain people have changed” and called out Maks with some poetry: “The way you move, is of a traitor.”

Ekin-Su and Janelle’s fight came up, too, with Ekin-Su declaring, “I know you’re a selfish person.”

Then it came back to Dan. “Dan could be a killer,” Larsa said. Dan replied, “it’s my personality. I’m just generally more quiet … I can do a better job of talking to you”

When it came time to vote, something unusual for the US version happened: votes went to a lot of people! The Peppermint vote was like last season, a kind of herd-mentality thing, but not the second banishment.

Dan, Janelle, Kevin, Maks, and Peter all got votes, though it was Maks who got the most, and was banished.

Upon learning that they were wrong yet again, MJ called out Deontay and Sandra for being “influential.”

Deontay took his own accusation of Maks hard. “I can’t do this no more,” he said, crying, while Phaedra wiped his tears away, which is one hell of a reality TV moment, the traitor comforting the faithful.

The Traitors learned, at some point (I’d guess during that day?) that they would not meet in secret, but instead “must murder in plain sight.”

This time, it was with a “poison chalice.” The traitors first had to retrieve it, and then convince someone to drink out of it. The task was made a bit easier by the fact that all the glassware being used was random chalices, so this one didn’t stand out.

Dan fumbled around the library, so Parvati got it, and then marched around the castle with it. First she declared herself bartender, but couldn’t get John or Shereé to drink; then she took it to the kitchen, where she wanted MJ to drink.

Parvati told us she was going “full on poisonous spider,” but the episode ended with her cackling, not with a reveal of the person she got to take a poisoned sip. That’ll have to wait for the next episode.

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Tuesday 23rd of January 2024

I love that Dan came in wanting to be a traitor so badly, had what he thought was a foolproof strategy and then immediately got clocked by so many people. If he ends up going out early, the hubris will be beautiful.


Wednesday 17th of January 2024

The UK version has just delivered one of the best episodes of reality TV ever. It was perfection.

The next US episode almost certainly had the same twist. Will be interesting to see how that plays out

Andy Dehnart

Friday 19th of January 2024

I’m assuming the twist didn’t happen in US episode 4? I wonder if it’s related to Kate returning in ep5?

Andy Dehnart

Thursday 18th of January 2024

Ooh! Can't wait.