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Is Port Protection Alaska returning in 2024? Do you have Survivor 45 finale thoughts?

Is Port Protection Alaska returning in 2024? Do you have Survivor 45 finale thoughts?
Dee and Austin at Survivor 45's final Tribal Council (Photo by Chuck Snyder/CBS)

In today’s edition of Ask Andy, questions about:

  • the future of National Geographic’s Life Below Zero: Port Protection
  • my final thoughts and/or recap of Survivor 45’s finale
  • tickets for Food Network’s Tournament of Champions season five

Where is Port Protection Alaska season 7?

The logo from the early seasons of the renamed NatGeo reality show Life Below Zero: Port Protection
The logo from the early seasons of the once-renamed NatGeo reality show Life Below Zero: Port Protection.

Good Morning Andy, I love your newsletter very much and share your enthusiasm for reality TV. I live in a Veterans Home here in Omaha, Ne. I’m 84. I’m writing to you today to ask if the reality series, Port Protection will return this coming season? It’s aired on the National Geographic channel usually in the winter months.

As an old guy, I rely on TV to fill my life’s hours of boredom with thought stimulating entertainment. That you so much for your newsletter and the effort in which you use to make it happen. May God Bless, —Tom

Hi Tom! Thanks for the note, and the kind words. I’m so glad this show is one that provides you comfort; that’s been true of so many reality TV shows for me!

When you first wrote to me in November, there had not been any word of Port Protection Alaska season seven. (The show was temporarily rebranded Life Below Zero: Port Protection, but now seems back to Port Protection Alaska.)

With seasons four, five, and six all premiering in January, I thought an announcement might come in December, but alas, no. So I checked in with NatGeo.

I’m thrilled to report good news: National Geographic confirmed to me that season seven is happening, and it will premiere this spring.

No specific date has been announced yet, but watch my reality TV premiere date schedules for updates, as I’ll add it there when they make it official.

Can I get Tournament of Champions season 5 tickets?

A person standing in between two tables, with a large Tournament of Champions IV logo behind them
Guy Fieri on the TOC 4 finale (Photo by Food Network)

How do I get tickets to season 5 Tournament of Champions? —Tina

Alas, Tina, you’re several months too late: Tournament of Champions filmed last fall.

While previous seasons have filmed in November and December, season five was filmed in October 2023. Production sources confirmed that preproduction began in September and post-production work continued into this month.

Two of the show’s past contestants also confirmed the filming dates: In mid-October, at the 2023 New York Wine and Food Fest, Brooke Williamson and Antonia Lofaso told a reporter they were getting live updates from the set. “Williamson confirmed she was getting live updates about the scoreboard, but Lofaso quickly reminded her they couldn’t share too much because it’s still currently being filmed,” TastingTable reported.

If tickets are available to the public, they’ve been offered through On Camera Audiences, so keep an eye out there for next season!

In case you missed it, Food Network recently announced TOC V’s chefs and schedule, including a new spin-off.

Survivor 45 final thoughts?

A person wearing an elaborate necklace next to a person who's patting her on the back
Dee won immunity on Survivor 45 episode 12, getting her one step closer to winning it all (Image from Survivor via CBS)

I’m still curious about whether you think the finale landed and how you thought the season came together overall! —AK

Thanks for asking! The episode is currently sitting on my DVR, and I’ve actually still not watched.

I got back from traveling about a week after the finale aired, and in the meantime, I’d read about the episode, so I knew the outcome.

Perhaps that was a bad idea! After that, I just had no interest in three more hours. I was glad Dee won and that she was rewarded by both the editing and the jury for effectively controlling the post-merge.

For now, my pre-finale thoughts will be my final thoughts on the season. I will probably watch at least part of it before deleting the episode, as Survivor is the one show I’ve watched every episode of for 23 years now, and I want to be a completist.

That said, it’s kind of sad that the show has come to a place where a finale, of all things, wasn’t a must-watch for me—even for a season that was better than its immediate predecessors.

Interestingly, the finale was the second-lowest-rated episode of the season. Perhaps that’s true for others, too?

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Thomas Towey

Saturday 3rd of February 2024

Andy, I replied privately to your email. But, I wanted everyone to know how kind and wonderful you are. People normally have no interest in what an old man has to say or ask but you did and that truly warms my heart. Tv is all I have, it lets me see the world and go to places I’ve never been to and sometimes it makes me feel young. They don’t have a pill for that yet. Thank You for taking the time to help. May God Bless!!


Tuesday 30th of January 2024

What Alaska shows are coming back?

Ted Chapman

Tuesday 30th of January 2024

I am so glad to find your discussion post. I always have questions about the reality Chanel’s as they are me escape mechanism here on the Cumberland Plateau in Eastern Tennessee.


Tuesday 30th of January 2024

your lack of interest of watching the finale even if it was spoiled shows that, nothing exciting happened that was a must watch, or that the show's predictable formula occurred again, that the fast fwd button is all too handy to skip large parts of the episode. The reunions now are no bothers since there is absolutely no reflection of the time spent away from the island and cast discussions of the time that has past, and how the editing vs what happened is described.

the finale of the show has become a lame duck until the votes are read, and even then it was always more fun to watch the reveal live months later vs on the island.

CBS and Probst are still stuck in COVID mode and cost cutting mode of that era and need to move on and "reinvent" the show or its going to continue to lose ratings and just become a streaming, fast fwd skip to the challenge and votes show. shock and awe of anything is possible is gone.

Its why i think the Gabler win stands out so much because it disrupted the mundane predictable show that it has become. And we are back to that now again...


Tuesday 30th of January 2024

Best of luck to anyone trying to get ToC tickets! I signed up last year and didn't hear anything in October. I did get an offer for tickets for America's Got Talent though.


Tuesday 30th of January 2024

@Andy Dehnart, Oh, maybe! I figured there just weren't any available, or it was a lottery style system or something. Fingers crossed for this year/next season!

Andy Dehnart

Tuesday 30th of January 2024

That’s too bad! I didn’t ever see tickets become available, so I wonder if they decided to make it a closed set, with invite-only/VIP audiences, kind of like they do for Masked Singer’s reveals.