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Survivor winner tries to make cousin sex legal, now claims that’s ‘a mistake’

Survivor winner tries to make cousin sex legal, now claims that’s ‘a mistake’
Nick Wilson in the Kentucky House of Representatives, as shared on his Facebook page

Survivor: David vs. Goliath winner Nick Wilson, who’s been a member of the Kentucky House of Representatives since last year, has introduced a new bill that would make it legal for Kentuckians to have sex with their first cousins.

Yes, you read that right. Ah, what a proud day for Kentucky it is.

Previously, Nick Wilson voted for a bill stripping trans kids of rights, so clearly he has priorities:

  • protect people’s ability to have sex with their cousins ✓
  • cause actual harm to kids ✓

But wait! Nick says the cousin thing is all a big “mistake.”

A portrait of a person smiling with an American flag and Kentucky flag in the background
Survivor winner and Kentucky legislator Nick Wilson (Photo by Kentucky General Assembly)

Yesterday, Nick introduced House Bill 268: AN ACT relating to incest, which modifies existing Kentucky law.

The text of his bill modifies KRS 530.020, and the biggest change occurs in this paragraph, which adds the text in bold and italics, and deletes other words:

(2) A person is guilty of incest when he or she:
(a) Has sexual intercourse;[ or]
(b) Has deviate sexual intercourse[, as defined in KRS 510.010, with a person];

(c) Engages in sexual contact with a person whom he or she knows to be his or her parent, child, grandparent, grandchild, great-grandparent, great-grandchild, uncle, aunt, nephew, niece, brother, sister,[ first cousin,] ancestor, or descendant. The relationships referred to herein include blood relationships of either the whole or half blood without regard to legitimacy, relationship of parent and child by adoption, relationship of stepparent and stepchild, and relationship of stepgrandparent and stepgrandchild.

The basic change is that it adds “sexual conduct” in addition to intercourse. That seems like a reasonable change.

But you’ll also notice that “first cousin” was deleted, with clear strike-through text. Huh. Why would anyone even think about removing that?

Excuse me for one second:

A man angrily saying "What the fuck" then "The FUUUUUUUUUCK"

Nick wrote on Facebook that “there was an inadvertent change, which struck ‘first cousins’ from the list of relationships included under the incest statute, and I failed to add it back in.”

Is this a mere typo? Curiously, the official Kentucky House of Representatives summary of the bill also includes the removal of “first cousin” as one of the bill’s major features:

…provide that a person is guilty of incest when the person engages in sexual contact with a person to whom he or she knows to have a familial relationship with; remove first cousin from the list of familial relationships …

In his Facebook post, Nick explained that he introduced the bill “to add ‘sexual contact’ to the incest statute. Currently, incest only applies in cases of intercourse,” in order “to combat a problem of familial and cyclical abuse that transcends generations of Kentuckians.”

He concluded by saying: “I understand that I made a mistake, but I sincerely hope my mistake doesn’t hurt the chances of the corrected version of the bill. It is a good bill, and I hope it will get a second chance.”

Also yesterday, Nick introduced two other bills.

Nick Wilson, Survivor David vs. Goliath episode 7
Nick Wilson during Survivor David vs. Goliath episode 7 (Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment)

He cosponsored House Bill 271, which amends a law “to allow a person to make a written report of dependency, neglect, or abuse of a child.”

Nick alone sponsored House Bill 270. The official summary of that says it will:

“provide that it is unlawful to travel into the Commonwealth with the intent to engage in specified sexual offenses; provide that a person shall not be convicted of this offense and specified inchoate offenses for a single course of conduct.”

So in other words, the first time someone comes to Kentucky intending to break several laws related to sexual offenses, they can’t be convicted if they just did it once? What on earth?

I think Nick needs another Facebook post to explain that, or maybe he should just resign and stop embarrassing himself.

Update, Jan. 19, 2024: On Wednesday, Nick withdrew House Bill 279, and introduced House Bill 289, still titled “AN ACT related to Incest,” and its text no longer strikes out “first cousin.”

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