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I’m now looking for interns. And I have a contest for you!

I’m now looking for interns. And I have a contest for you!
Potential reality blurred interns reading over their applications, or a stock photo of college students looking at laptops that I'm using because I couldn't think of another way to illustrate a story about interns? It's a mystery! (Photo by William Fortunato/Pexels)

Happy new year! I know we’re two weeks into the year, but somehow they’ve been a kind of weird on-ramp to 2024.

It doesn’t help that it was 78 in Orlando today and will be 38 tomorrow morning, so there’s a bit of whiplash about what season I’m in.

Thanks in part to your feedback, I have some exciting new things coming to reality blurred this year. But also, everything you like will stay exactly the same. Except for the things I change.

How’s that for promises? 😂

As always, I look forward to recommending great shows, reporting on how reality TV is made, and discussing reality TV with you—like The Traitors season two!

The first two new things for 2024: I’m looking for our first intern, and I have our first contest of the year.

reality blurred internships

A person sitting and typing on a laptop at an outdoor table, with another person looking at the screen
Oh no, yet another stock photo of pretend potential interns! (Photo by Helena Lopes/Pexels)

New for 2024: reality blurred is looking for interns!

If you’re a college or university student, you’re welcome to apply; if you know someone interested in journalism, writing, pop culture, blogging, or, of course, reality TV, please send them this URL.

The internship will be fully remote, and I’m excited to work with students who want to gain experience and learn more about TV criticism, online journalism, and everything else I do here.

As I note on the application, over the course of my life so far, I have been an intern, worked with interns, and supervised internships as a university faculty member.

While teaching journalism, I saw far too many scam internships, where a company or person just wants students to churn out SEO-friendly copy for them and have no interest in training or teaching. Ugh.

And when I was in college, I even wrote about how annoyed I was at the internship application process!

So, there will be none of that here. Interns will be selected based on their applications, not letters of recommendation from fancy people or how astronomically high their GPA is.

I’ll work one-on-one with interns, which is why I’m only accepting one intern per academic period, starting with this spring.

A contest!

Sometimes, networks and studios send me unsolicited promotional items. These can be fun, though I’ve watched enough Hoarders to know that I don’t need more things, so I frequently give these away to charities, such as donating backpacks to schools.

A few things have collected that I thought could use better homes than sitting in my closet.

So, I thought I’d start the new year giving away some free stuff. Specifically:

Interested? Enter here—up to once per day until noon ET on Jan. 24, 2024.

Update: Thanks for entering! Winners will be notified by Monday, Jan. 29.

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