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Winter 2024 documentaries and specials that are streaming and on TV

Winter 2024 documentaries and specials that are streaming and on TV
American Experience's Fly With Me focuses on female flight attendants in the 1960s, such as these three flight attendants, who were photographed in 1966

This winter will bring us documentaries about June Carter Cash and the first female flight attendants, John Lennon and people who live in the midwest, and much more.

Accompanying them will be plenty of reality TV specials, such as holiday episodes of The Price is Right, Chopped, The Masked Singer, MasterChef Junior, and Guy’s Grocery Games.

The guide below lists the premiere dates and details of documentary and nonfiction specials that are premiering on broadcast, cable, premium, and streaming TV services, including PBS, HBO, Max, Netflix, Hulu, and Apple TV+.

For documentaries that premiered before Dec. 1, 2023, and may still be streaming, refer to the fall 2023 documentary premiere guide.

I occasionally include multipart documentaries here, though this list generally does not include documentary series, which appear on my winter reality TV schedule. (I define series as multiple episodes airing over multiple weeks, mirroring episodic television, rather than a three-part documentary streaming all at one time. It’s imperfect, but they’ll be either here or there!)

In this guide, all times listed are in ET/PT, and are accurate at the time of publication. I update this list frequently, but since networks and streaming services often change their schedules, sometimes at the last minute, please check your guide or other TV listings.

Program descriptions in quotation marks indicate text that has come directly from network press releases, the show’s website, or other official materials. Other summaries are my own.

I always welcome updates, additions, and corrections to this list, so I can make it as comprehensive, accurate, and useful as possible. Just e-mail me. Thanks!

Winter 2023-24 TV documentaries and reality TV specials

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December 2023

We Dare to Dream (Peacock, Dec. 1). “the story of refugee athletes from Iran, Syria, South Sudan and Cameroon who swim, run and fight their way to opportunity and safety in host nations across the world. Spanning a breadth of backgrounds, personal stories and Olympic sports, the film reveals their lives and hopes as they train to compete on the world stage, showing the fire and the drive of young people forced to leave their families, homes and countries of birth to build new lives out of nothing. Culminating in their competition at the summer Olympics, their compatriots back home and their new communities in refugee camps watch as these determined young athletes fight for their place in the world. This is their story of heart in the face of adversity, and most of all, hope for a better life.”

Thriller 40 (Showtime, Saturday, Dec. 2, at 8). “Forty years after the release of Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ – the best-selling album of all time worldwide – Director Nelson George takes fans back in time to experience the making of the record-breaking album and the release of the accompanying short films that forever redefined the music video format. Featuring never-before-seen footage and exclusive interviews, THRILLER 40 chronicles the creation of a pre-internet global phenomenon unlike anything before it or since.”

Week of Dec. 3, 2023

Chowchilla (CNN, Sunday, Dec. 3, at 9). “On July 15, 1976, three masked men boarded a school bus in Chowchilla, California, kidnapped the driver and all 26 children aboard. They were then loaded onto soundproofed vans, driven to a remote quarry, and buried in an underground chamber. With little to eat or drink, air rapidly running out, and the roof buckling in, one of the children led a harrowing escape effort. The apprehension of the kidnappers and subsequent revelation of their identities only added to the shock of an event that would haunt those who survived it for decades as they struggled to regain all they had lost.”

The Price is Right at Night Christmas Week (CBS, Dec. 4, 7, 8, and 18 at 8; Dec. 5 at 9). “Drew Carey in special holiday themed episodes”

Murder in BostonRootsRampageand Reckoning (HBO, Dec. 4, Mondays at 9). “explores the enduring, painful toll the Stuart case has had on the families involved, on Boston race relations, and how a community can be brutalized in a rush to justice”

Geddy Lee Asks: Are Bass Players Human Too? (Paramount+, Dec. 5). “famed Rush bassist Geddy Lee travels to the homes of some of music’s most renowned bass players and digs into the stories that make these musicians stand out”

PARTNAIR: The Forgotten Tragedy (Viaplay, Dec. 5). “On September 8, 1989, Norway’s largest plane crash claimed fifty-five lives. Bogus parts were blamed for the disaster. … The documentary reveals Norway’s worst government cover-up; how relatives have been kept in the dark; how a fighter jet from the Armed Forces could be responsible for the deaths of fifty-five Norwegians; and more”

Frontline: Inside the Uvalde Response (PBS, Tuesday, Dec. 5, at 10). “The real-time accounts of the response, missteps and trauma in the Uvalde school shooting. Using official body cam and audio, FRONTLINE, ProPublica and The Texas Tribune create a reconstruction of the chaotic response at Robb Elementary and the lessons learned.”

Great Photo, Lovely Life: Facing a Family’s Secrets (HBO, Tuesday, Dec. 5, at 10). Amanda Mustard, a renowned photojournalist drawn to the power of truth-telling through the lens of her camera, returns home to Pennsylvania to investigate the multiple sexual abuse crimes committed by her grandfather. A visual whirlwind of memories from her family’s archive unravels a world of secrets and help illustrate a granddaughter’s unflinching attempt to disrupt a cycle of intergenerational trauma through the voices of the survivors and her grandfather himself.”

We Live Here: The Midwest (Hulu, Dec. 6). “profiles families who hope to stay in a part of the country they love, and where they have often established deep roots: a trans/queer family with five children in Iowa must find a new community after being expelled from their church; a gay Black couple with a young daughter test the line of acceptance in Nebraska; a lesbian couple homeschool their bullied son on a farm in Kansas; a gay teacher in Ohio creates a safe space for LGBTQI+ students; and a couple in Minnesota struggles to rebuild their families following both of their transitions. Meanwhile, Minnesota Representative and queer mother, Heather Keeler, brings LGBTQI+ rights to the political forefront despite ongoing death threats.”

John Lennon: Murder Without A Trial (Apple TV+, Dec. 6). “a deeply researched examination of John Lennon’s 1980 murder, which shocked and saddened the world. The production was granted extensive Freedom of Information Act requests from the New York City Police Department, the Board of Parole and the District Attorney’s office; and the series includes exclusive interviews including Richard Peterson, a taxi driver who was witness to the shooting; Jay Hastings, a doorman at The Dakota who heard Lennon’s last words; David Suggs, Mark David Chapman’s defense lawyer; Elliot Mintz, a confidant to Lennon and Yoko Ono; and Dr Naomi Goldstein, the psychiatrist who first assessed Chapman.”

The Mission (National Geographic, Thursday, Dec. 7, at 10; Disney+ and Hulu, Dec. 8). “In 2018, a shocking event made headlines around the world: a young American missionary, John Chau, was killed by arrows while attempting to contact one of the world’s most isolated Indigenous peoples on remote North Sentinel Island. … Through exclusive interviews and with unprecedented access to Chau’s secret plans, personal diaries, and video archives, The Mission examines the mythology of exploration that inspired him, the evangelical community that supported his quest, and reveals his own father’s heartbreak as Chau’s youthful thirst for adventure became a fatal obsession.”

World War II: From the Frontlines (Netflix, Dec. 7). “Through vividly enhanced archival footage and voices from all sides of the conflict, this docuseries brings WWII to life like never before”

A Very Demi Holiday Special (Roku Channel, Dec. 8). Demi Lovato “has invited some of her friends to help her celebrate the holidays,” including JoJo, Hailey Bieber, Rich Eisen, Tiffany Haddish, Paris Hilton, and Trixie Mattel

Norman Lear: A Life on Television (CBS, Friday, Dec. 8, at 8). “features new interviews with stars of the long-running comedies Lear created, including Jimmie Walker from Good Times and Mackenzie Phillips from One Day at a Time, in addition to never-before-seen interviews from the ET vault. Also included with this new footage and interviews is an in-depth sit-down interview with Lear that ET host Kevin Frazier conducted when Lear celebrated his 100th birthday, in which he reflected on his lengthy, groundbreaking career.”

OWN Celebrates The New Color Purple (OWN, Friday, Dec. 8, at 10). “Oprah Winfrey goes behind the scenes of the movie’s new adaptation, giving audiences an intimate look at the cast, characters and story that has become a cultural phenomenon.”

Week of Dec. 10, 2023

MasterChef Junior: Home for the Holidays (Fox, Sunday and Monday, Dec. 10 and 11, at 8). “Gordon Ramsay welcomes nine young culinary contestants to cook up seasonal delights themed to Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Lunar New Year and more. Judges Gordon Ramsay, his daughter Tilly Ramsay, Aarón Sánchez and Daphne Oz will crown a winner, who takes home the ultimate holiday gift: a $25,000 grand prize, a Viking Kitchen package and one-of-a kind MasterChef snow globe trophy”  

A Grammy Salute to 50 Years of Hip Hop (CBS, Sunday, Dec. 10, at 8:30 ET/8 PT). “A star-studded lineup of hip hop legends and Grammy-winning artists grace the stage at the special tribute concert celebrating the 50th anniversary of hip hop at the YouTube Theater in Los Angeles. The live concert special will showcase and celebrate the genre’s profound history and monumental cultural impact around the world.”

The Billion Dollar Goal (Paramount+, Dec. 11). “traces the extraordinary evolution of soccer in the United States, from its beginnings as an immigrant’s game to the historic moment in 1989 when Paul Caligiuri’s unforgettable goal ended a 40-year World Cup qualification drought. The series, featuring the late acclaimed journalist Grant Wahl as supervising producer, unveils the untold story of the sport’s struggle for recognition in a soccer-skeptical nation as told by Wahl and other prominent voices in American soccer.”

WW2 – Saving Norway’s Gold (Viaplay, Dec. 12). “how the Norwegian government, through a covert operation, managed to smuggle 49 tons of gold out of the country during Nazi Germany’s invasion of Norway in April 1940”

Kevin Hart & Chris Rock: Headliners Only (Netfix, Dec. 12). “a behind the scenes glimpse into the lives of two comedy titans. This exclusive film follows Hart and Rock as they give first hand accounts of their early lives, struggles, triumphs and their unbreakable brotherhood.”

The Masked Singer Holiday Sing-Along (Fox, Tuesday, Dec. 12, at 8). a “yuletide special featuring all-new jaw-dropping surprise performances from Season 10 contestants, spectacular sing-along fun from Masked Singer alumni and The Masked Singer carolers: Nick Cannon, Jenny McCarthy-Wahlberg, Ken Jeong, Robin Thicke and Nicole Scherzinger”

Frontline: The Discord Leaks (PBS, Tuesday, Dec. 12, at 10). “investigates how a young National Guardsman named Jack Teixeira allegedly leaked classified documents onto the Discord chat platform. The film probes Teixeira’s alleged leak of national security secrets, why he wasn’t stopped, and the role of platforms like Discord”

Trees and Other Entanglements (HBO, Tuesday, Dec. 12, at 10). “Filmmaker Irene Taylor crafts a poetic meditation on nature, mortality, and the passage of time in her exploration of our symbiotic nexus with trees. Weaving together several stories of arboreal adoration, Trees and Other Entanglements unfolds as a deeply human tale of our connection to the natural world and to one another.

Se Eu Fosse: Luísa Sonza (Netflix, Dec. 13). “Brazil’s most polarizing pop singer opens up in this docuseries about her love life, career, controversies and the creation of a new album”

Guy’s Grocery Games: GGG Best Buddies Holiday Special (Food Network, Wednesday, Dec. 13, at 9). “Over the years, Guy Fieri has hosted events in support of Best Buddies, the volunteer organization that promotes one-on-one friendships with folks that have intellectual and developmental disabilities. Now, he’s teaming up some of his Best Buddies friends with some all-star chefs for a holiday cookoff in Flavortown Market.”

Guy’s Ranch Cook-Off (Food Network, Wednesday, Dec. 13, at 10). “Guy Fieri challenges his talented chef friends to a friendly-fire culinary competition. First, he blindsides everyone with a blindfold tasting challenge that’ll have the chefs all wrapped up in a mystery ingredient wrap. Next, he tosses in some trivia to throw them off their game. Then, it’s off to the races with Chef Maneet Chauhan showing some competitive grit with Shrimp Moilee and Upma Grits, Chef Antonia Lofaso looking to impress judges Jonathan Waxman and Stephanie Izard with Lobster Cavatelli and Chef Jonathon Sawyer betting on Bone-in Alaskan Halibut Steak au Poivre to bring home the trophy.”

MTV Unplugged Presents: A Hip Hop 50th Celebration of Jersey’s Finest (MTV, Thursday, Dec. 14, at 9). “an epic toast to 50 years of hip hop and an unforgettable celebration honoring some of New Jersey’s most legendary MCs and prolific performers” An elite lineup of the Garden State’s greatest superstars, including Queen Latifah, Wyclef Jean, Redman, Naughty By Nature’s own Treach, Poor Righteous Teachers, Heather B, and hip hop pioneers The Sugarhill Gang, with musical direction from Emmy-winning artist, Adam Blackstone, joined forces on-stage for a once-in-a-lifetime episode of the iconic music series taped at the historic Newark Symphony Hall. Additional performances from Lady Luck and Lords of the Underground solidify the night as a true salute to Jersey hip hop.”

20/20: Disney 100: A Century of Dreams (ABC, Thursday, Dec. 14, at 9). “chronicles all facets of the storied company — from animation to parks to television to music — spotlighting those who have played essential roles in Disney’s history. Starting with the creation of the iconic character Mickey Mouse and unspooling the story of how Walt Disney’s quest to make the very first feature-length animated film, “Snow White,” nearly bankrupted the young studio, viewers will learn how unbridled determination and imagination became the cornerstones of the Walt Disney Company.”

Face to Face with ETA: Conversations with a Terrorist (Netflix, Dec. 15). “Josu Urrutikoetxea, also known as Josu Ternera, gives an exhaustive interview to journalist Jordi Évole about his involvement in the terrorist group ETA.”

Week of Dec. 17, 2023

25 Years with Lidia: A Culinary Jubilee (PBS, Monday, Dec. 18, at 8). “examines Lidia [Bastianich]’s rich legacy, from her immigration to America to becoming the authority on authentic Italian cooking” and “shares some of the most memorable highlights from Lidia’s remarkable journey, along with rare and never-before-seen video and photographs of Lidia’s career”

LEGO Masters: Celebrity Holiday Bricktacular (Fox, Monday and Tuesday, Dec. 18 and 19, at 8). “special guests NeNe Leakes, Marshawn Lynch, Kelly Osbourne and Rob Riggle pair up with fan-favorite former contestants – David Guedes (Season 3), Caleb Schilling (Season 2), Krystle Starr (Season 1) and Randall Wilson (Season 2) – to compete in jaw-dropping holiday-themed challenges for charities of their choice”

Mary Berry’s Highland Christmas (PBS, Monday, Dec. 18, at 9). “Dame Mary Berry travels to her mother’s homeland, Scotland, for a magical winter adventure. Inspired by her own family holidays, Mary cooks up an array of sumptuous dishes, joined by three special friends: former world number one tennis player and US Open champion Andy Murray; BAFTA Award-winning comedian, writer and Love Island narrator Iain Stirling; and singer/songwriter Emeli Sandé. Together they’ll share stories, memories and indulgent Christmas dishes that can be enjoyed anytime during the holidays.”

Password Holiday Special (NBC, Monday, Dec. 18, at 10). “Celebrity guests Meghan Trainor and Jon Cryer, star of NBC’s new comedy series Extended Family, pair up with contestants to compete against Fallon and his teammate in a festive edition of the iconic celebrity word game”

Chopped: Grand Champs’ Holiday Hurrah (Food Network, Tuesday, Dec. 19, at 8). In this special holiday episode, four Chopped grand champions “will be challenged with some extremely tough baskets”

America at a Crossroads with Judy Woodruff (PBS, Tuesday, Dec. 19, at 9). “At a time of heightened partisanship, declining trust in institutions, increased political violence, and rapid social change, PBS NewsHour’s senior correspondent Judy Woodruff, will explore the forces driving Americans apart, and asks people from all walks of life and all political persuasions what might be done to reverse these worrying trends. The one-hour special will also spend time looking at solutions — engaging academics and civic leaders to talk about strategies that seem to be working, and to find out what more can be done to reconnect Americans across partisan division and build stronger communities”

Frontline: Netanyahu, America and the Road to Gaza (PBS, Tuesday, Dec. 19, at 10). “will explore the long struggle between the Israeli leader and multiple U.S. presidents over Middle East peace, examining the inside story of Benjamin Netanyahu’s turbulent relationships with the U.S. and the Palestinians, and the road to war in Gaza. The second part of the special will include an accompanying short documentary with The Washington Post investigating how Hamas was able to breach Israel’s security barrier on Oct. 7”

Love is Blind Brazil: After the Altar (Netflix, Dec. 20). “Drama, closure and rekindled flames collide as cast members from past seasons of Love is Blind Brazil come together in this special reunion episode.”

Daniel (HBO, Wednesday, Dec. 20, at 9). “When Daniel Northcott got a hold of his father’s video camera at the age of seven, a lifetime of documenting the world around him began. … Daniel’s world travels abruptly end when he must return home to Vancouver because of health reasons. While undergoing treatment, he is haunted by the memory of an ancient Mayan curse and goes on a quest to put things back where they belong before he runs out of time. Crafted from over 1,400 hours of vérité-style footage shot in 42 countries across four continents, DANIEL is an unflinching self-portrait of a young man with an insatiable curiosity and a boundless desire to understand the world and his place in it.”

Dr. Death: Cutthroat Conman (Peacock, Dec. 21). “reveals the shocking rise and fall of Paolo Macchiarini, the superstar celebrity surgeon who ascended to global fame after performing the world’s first synthetic organ transplant, only to be exposed as an international con man whose web of lies extends decades, ensnared many including those in his personal life and left a trail of devastated patients grappling with a nightmare”

Willie Nelson & Family (Paramount+, Dec. 21). “delves into the unparalleled seven-decade career of Willie Nelson, 90, who has carved his rightful place among the greatest singer-songwriter and guitar players of all time, and underscores both his personal and professional highs and lows. At turns spiritual, dramatic and playful, the film spotlights the badass American outlaw cowboy who transcended his humble beginnings in small-town Abbott, Texas, and speaks volumes through his lyrics and melodies, philanthropy, marijuana advocacy and activism on behalf of the American farmer.”

Week of Dec. 24, 2023

Hell Camp: Teen Nightmare (Netflix, Dec. 27). “The brutal conditions of an infamous wilderness therapy camp — and the alleged abuse of the troubled teens who attended — are exposed”

Oprah and the Color Purple Journey (Max, Dec. 28). “a behind-the-scenes look into the making of the upcoming feature film ‘The Color Purple,’ a bold new take on the classic, and the impact the story has had on our culture. Oprah Winfrey takes viewers inside the four-decade phenomenon, exploring the importance of the novel, films and musical, and the ever-evolving conversation around this seminal work”

Craft in America: Play (PBS, Dec. 29 at 9). “explores the world of small objects and big ideas. Featuring miniaturist Mark Murphy, designer and collector Alexander Girard and the ‘Multiple Visions: A Common Bond’ exhibition at the Museum of International Folk Art, the International Folk Art Market, Cuban artist Leandro Gomez Quintero, and woodblock printmaker and marionette maker Gustave Baumann.”

Craft in America: Miniatures (PBS, Dec. 29 at 10). “celebrates the power of imagination and the child in all of us. Featuring piñata artists Roberto Benavidez and Lorena Robletto, puppeteer Schroeder Cherry, artist Calder Kamin, and Noah’s Ark at the Skirball Cultural Center and the Cotsen Children’s Library.”

Time Bomb Y2K (Max, Dec. 30). “As the clock counts down to the dawn of the 21st century, the world faces the largest potential technological disaster to ever threaten humanity. The problem is comically simple yet incredibly complex—a bug that could cause computers to misinterpret the year 2000 as 1900, sowing chaos throughout the world as electronic systems failed. Crafted entirely through archival footage, Time Bomb Y2K is a prescient and often humorous tale about the power and vulnerabilities of technology. By re-appraising both the cooperative efforts and mass hysteria surrounding this millennial milestone, this film explores how modern life has been dramatically transformed by the digital revolution.”

Week of Dec. 31, 2023

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January 2024

Bitconned (Netflix, Jan. 1). “when [Ray Trapani’s] friend approached him with the idea of creating a debit card for crypto, Trapani jumped at the chance. There was only one problem: he had no idea how to do that. But thanks to fake LinkedIn profiles, paid celebrity endorsements, and the online community’s insatiable desire to “get rich quick,” Centra Tech was soon raking in millions of dollars a day. Was it real? No. But did it work? Maybe. … Ray himself guides viewers through the ups and downs of his dramatic journey, alongside his family, former friends, and the journalist who exposed Centra Tech as the first high-profile fraud case of the crypto era.”

You Are What You Eat: A Twin Experiment (Netflix, Jan. 1). “Identical twins change their diets and lifestyles for eight weeks in a unique scientific experiment designed to explore how certain foods impact the body.”

M*A*S*H: The Comedy That Changed Television (Fox, Monday, Jan. 1, at 8). “join the men and women who made M*A*S*H as they celebrate one of the most beloved, enduringly popular, often quoted and influential comedies ever created. As the definitive look at the 14-time Emmy-winning television classic, the special centers around new interviews with original cast members Alan Alda (Capt. Benjamin Franklin “Hawkeye” Pierce), Gary Burghoff (Cpl. Walter “Radar” O’Reilly), William Christopher (Father Francis Mulcahy), Jamie Farr (Cpl./Sgt. Maxwell Q. “Max” Klinger), Mike Farrell (Capt. B.J. Hunnicutt), Wayne Rogers (Capt. “Trapper” John McIntyre) and Loretta Swit (Maj. Margaret “Hot Lips” Houlihan) and series executive producers Gene Reynolds and Burt Metcalfe. In these intimate, highly personal remembrances, the creation and evolution of the show’s iconic characters are revealed, alongside rare and never-before-seen behind-the-scenes footage, photos and stories.”

The Curious Case of Natalia Grace (ID, Jan. 1, 2, and 3, at 9). “offers exclusive access to Natalia Grace Barnett as she shares her story and confronts her former adoptive parents Michael and Kristine Barnett’s accusations head on. Over the course of six parts, Natalia Speaks retraces her adoption saga and the Barnett’s allegations from Natalia’s perspective, offering insight into what really went on behind closed doors in the Barnett’s home and how much truth there actually is to their claim Natalia was not a 6-year-old Ukrainian orphan with a rare genetic disorder, but rather a homicidal adult intent on harming them and their children.

American Masters: HOPPER: An American Love Story (PBS, Tuesday, Jan. 2, at 9). “reveals the man behind the brush and explores how his marriage to fellow artist Josephine Nivison Hopper shaped his art and career”

A Citizen’s Guide to Preserving Democracy (PBS, Tuesday, Jan. 2, at 10). “explore[s] how Americans are working towards strengthening democracy and renewing the spirit of a more informed and engaged citizenry”

The Golden Wedding (ABC, Thursday, Jan. 4, at 8). “After lifetimes of love and loss and a whirlwind journey on The Golden Bachelor, Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist will walk down the aisle to begin their next chapter, happily ever after.” If they live that long.

Casey Anthony’s Parents: The Lie Detector Test (A&E and Lifetime, Thursday, Jan. 4, at 9). “In response to Casey Anthony’s recent accusations against her father, George and Cindy Anthony agree to undergo polygraph tests on-camera to answer lingering questions about George’s involvement in Caylee’s death”. Alas, lie detector tests are complete bullshit.

The Prison Confessions of Gypsy Rose Blanchard (Lifetime, Jan. 5, 6, and 7 at 8). “features unprecedented access to Blanchard, a victim of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy who suffered horrific abuse and made national headlines for her role in her mother’s violent murder. Currently still incarcerated, Gypsy’s shocking story has been told by many others but now, as she approaches her release in December, she is finally ready to tell her truth before she becomes a free woman for the first time in her life.”

I Am Chris Farley (The CW, Saturday, Jan. 6, at 8). “tells the hilarious, touching and wildly entertaining story of legendary comedian and actor Chris Farley. Beginning with his early days in Madison, Wisconsin, and at Marquette University, through his work at the legendary Second City, the biopic explores his rapid rise to the top of the comedy world on Saturday Night Live and in hit films like Tommy Boy and Black Sheep, showcasing his most memorable characters and skits from television and film, paired with iconic photographs, home movies and family snapshots, to fully round out the story of this comedy legend”

OWN Spotlight: Oprah & Taraji P. Henson (OWN, Saturday, Jan. 6, at 10). “Oprah and Oscar-nominated, Emmy award-winning actress Taraji P. Henson sit down to discuss her role as the sultry Shug Avery in The Color Purple. Taraji shares how she revisited her gift of singing and how the role challenged her to face her fears. She reflects on the sisterhood formed amongst the cast, their deep appreciation to reimagine this iconic film and the lifelong bonds that were formed.”

Week of Jan. 7, 2024

Going to Mars: The Nikki Giovanni Project (HBO, Monday, Jan. 8, at 9). “travels through time and space to reveal the enduring influence of Nikki Giovanni, one of America’s greatest living poets and social commentators. Giovanni reckons with the inevitable passing of time through intimate vérité, striking archival footage, and visually innovative treatments of her poetry, revealing the lasting impact of Giovanni’s work on American culture.”

The Cost of Inheritance: An American ReFramed Special (PBS, Monday, Jan. 8, at 10). “traces the nation’s legacy of systemic inequities to modern-day America, introducing audiences to descendants of enslaved persons and slave owners, profiling their complex intertwined histories, and detailing how their quest to bridge divides galvanized them to seek reparations together”

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City reunion (Bravo, Tuesday, Jan. 9, 16, and 23, at 8) “Andy Cohen sits down with housewives Lisa Barlow, Monica Garcia, Heather Gay, Angie Katsanevas, Meredith Marks, and Whitney Rose. Mary Cosby also joins. After a shocking revelation, the ladies come face-to-face with one another for the first time since their trip to Bermuda to lay everything on the table and rehash the eventful season.”

Gordon Ramsay’s Road Trip (Fox, Thursday, Jan. 11 and 18, at 9). “Gordon Ramsay, Gino D’Acampo and Fred Sirieix are immersed in the best culture and cuisine Spain has to offer”

I Am Paul Walker (The CW, Saturday, Jan. 13, at 8). “explores Paul’s private side in tandem with the highlights of his highly successful film career. Featuring interviews with those who knew Paul best, along with an extensive personal archive of never-before-seen candid video and still photographs provided by family and friends of the late actor”

OWN Spotlight: Oprah & Fantasia Barrino (OWN, Saturday, Jan. 13, at 10). “Oprah welcomes Grammy award-winning singer and Golden Globe nominee Fantasia Barrino to talk about her feature film debut as Celie in the reimagining of the classic story and the Broadway musical The Color Purple. In this emotional conversation, Fantasia shares the personal inspiration behind her portrayal and how her character empowered her to heal.”

Week of Jan. 14, 2024

I Am MLK Jr. (The CW, Monday, Jan. 15, at 8). “explores the life and character of American icon, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Following his journey across the mountaintops and valleys while capturing the Civil Rights Movement at large, the film provides intimate, first-hand insights on Dr. King, exploring moments of personal challenge and elation, his legacy and an ongoing movement that is as important today as when Dr. King first shone a light on the plight of his fellow African Americans”

June (Paramount+, Jan. 16). “features rare and never-before-seen archival material that reveals the extraordinary life work of [June] Carter Cash and her iconic entertainment career, alongside interviews with the monumental woman herself, as well as family, admirers, and friends including Dolly Parton, Reese Witherspoon, and Willie Nelson … [and] shines an important spotlight on the history of country music and the mark the Carter and Cash families made on the genre before diving into the complex life of the legendary June Carter Cash.”

American Nightmare (Netflix, Jan. 17). “After a home invasion and abduction, a young couple’s recounting of the events is too far fetched for the police to believe. Why did the victims seem so calm? Was it all a hoax?”

Relighting Candles: The Tim Sullivan Story (Hulu, Jan. 19). “a heartwarming portrait of Tim Sullivan (83), who offers newly sober men and women a chance to rebuild their lives from his candle shop in West Hollywood during its busiest time of year, Christmas. This film looks at the homeless and drug crisis in Los Angeles and the impact made by the charitable and inspiring Sullivan.”

OWN Spotlight: Oprah & Danielle Brooks (OWN, Saturday, Jan. 20, at 10). “Oprah sits down with TV, Film, Tony-nominated Broadway star and Golden Globe nominee Danielle Brooks to talk about her role as Sofia in The Color Purple. In this captivating conversation, the pair discuss Danielle’s life-changing trip to Broadway as a teenager, how God prepared her for this role and how her rendition of the song ‘Hell No’ helped her cast out fear and disbelief.”

Week of Jan. 21, 2024

American Experience: Nazi Town, USA (PBS, Tuesday, Jan. 23, at 9). “tells the largely unknown story of this organization that had chapters across the country and represented what experts believe was a ‘real threat of fascist subversion in the United States.'”

Frontline: Israel’s Second Front (PBS, Tuesday, Jan. 23, at 10). “correspondent Ramita Navai (Afghanistan Undercover) reports from the West Bank about the growing tensions on the ground. With the war raging in Gaza, Navai investigates rising support for militant groups, including Hamas, since the Oct. 7 attack, Israel’s ongoing military campaign in the West Bank and the implications for a region on edge”

Truth and Lies: The Hunted (ABC, Thursday, Jan. 25, at 9). “chronicles the twists and turns in the decade-long investigation to find the Long Island serial killer, uncovering allegations of corruption and police biases that slowed the investigation and enraged the victims’ family members”

Lil Nas X: Long Live Montero (HBO, Saturday, Jan. 27, at 8). “captures the creative dynamo and mesmerizing star power of Lil Nas X, the groundbreaking, Grammy award-winning rapper, singer, and songwriter, as he prepares for and embarks on his first-ever headlining U.S. tour. With unparalleled access, the film follows the genre-breaking artist on a personal journey of self-investigation and discovery as he creates, rehearses, and performs nightly in front of his legions of devoted fans”

Week of Jan. 28, 2024

The Many Lives of Martha Stewart (CNN, Sunday, Jan. 28 and Feb. 4, at 9). “traces Stewart’s explosive rise to success, her staggering fall from grace, and her momentous comeback to the limelight, establishing herself as one of the country’s most fabled figures. Her brand became one of the most profitable, yet polarizing, in the world – and that was before she was investigated for insider trading”

The Greatest Night in Pop (Netflix, Jan. 29). “On a January night in 1985, music’s biggest stars gathered to record ‘We Are the World.’ This documentary goes behind the scenes of the historic event”

A Hero’s Journey: The Making of Percy Jackson and the Olympians (Disney+, Jan. 30) “series stars Walker Scobell, Leah Sava Jeffries and Aryan Simhadri go on a quest of their own while bringing to life the beloved characters from Rick Riordan’s award-winning books”; the special “follows these three young stars on the set”

Frontline: Democracy on Trial (PBS, Tuesday, Jan. 30, at 10). “examining the roots of the criminal cases against former President Trump stemming from his 2020 election loss” and “explores the House Jan. 6 committee’s evidence, the threat to democracy and the historic charges against Trump”

The Unbreakable Tatiana Suarez (HBO, Wednesday, Jan. 31, at 9). “chronicles the exceptional spirit and drive of mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter Tatiana Suarez, as she prepares to reenter the cage after a nearly four-year injury layoff from the sport. Looking back on her improbable recovery, Suarez reflects on her journey from wrestling prodigy to professional athlete in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), and the legacy she leaves young women, particularly those in the Latina community”

Alexander the Great (Netflix, Jan. 31). “Combining expert interviews with gripping reenactments, this docudrama explores the life of Alexander the Great through his conquest of the Persian Empire”

Nature: Gorilla (PBS, Wednesday, Jan. 31, at 8). “Gabon’s Loango National Park is home to a group of western lowland gorillas that have become accustomed to biologists who have studied them for almost 20 years. This documentary presents an intimate look at a silverback and his family, featuring a newborn baby gorilla, forest elephants, buffalos and the brave researchers hoping to preserve the last remaining wild coastline in the African tropics.”

Nova: When Whales Could Walk (PBS, Wednesday, Jan. 31, at 9). “A spectacular fossil graveyard reveals a 43-million-year-old whale that had four legs and could walk. Follow scientists as they search for new clues to how mammals moved from land into the sea to become the largest animals on Earth”

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February 2024

THE LIFE: Antron Brown (MAVTV, Thursday, Feb. 1, at 8). a “behind-the-scenes look into a week in the life of Antron Brown, offering fans unique insights into the emotions, challenges and triumphs of an elite racer” who was “the first African-American to win a major U.S. auto racing championship”

Kings From Queens: The Run DMC Story (Peacock, Feb. 2). “chronicling the iconic forefathers of hip-hop, RUN DMC” with “exclusive interviews from RUN DMC, as well as some of hip-hop’s biggest names, including Ice Cube, LL COOL J, Questlove, Beastie Boys, Ice-T, Chuck D, Tom Morello, Salt, Doug E. Fresh, Big Daddy Kane, MC Lyte, Ed Lover, Jermaine Dupri, and many more!”

Kokomo City (Paramount+, Feb. 2). “The lives of four Black trans sex workers confront the dichotomy between the Black community and themselves in this intimate documentary”

Week of Feb. 4, 2024

Arctic Ascent with Alex Honnold (NatGeo, Sunday, Feb. 4, at 8; Disney+ and Hulu, Feb. 5) “Having long dreamed of exploring the unclimbed peaks of Greenland, Alex Honnold (Free Solo) embarks on an unprecedented quest to the frontline of the climate crisis in one of the most remote corners of earth. Now, with world-class climbers and scientists, he attempts to summit Ingmikortilaq, a virgin Arctic seacliff rising out of the frozen wilderness, nearly 1,000 feet higher than El Capitan. For Honnold, this expedition is about more than just climbing. It is an opportunity to witness firsthand the impact of climate change on a wilderness that is vitally important to the planet’s future. With renowned adventurer Aldo Kane, a glaciologist, and an epic team of climbers, the group uses cutting-edge technology to study one of the most dangerous and least understood ice caps in the world”

101 Near Misses (Reelz, Sunday, Feb. 4, at 9). “everyday people who came extremely close to being in the wrong place at the wrong time”

World’s Scariest Police Shootouts (Reelz, Sunday, Feb. 4, at 10). “when bullets fly between law enforcement and criminals in the most frightening shootouts ever caught on video”

Cyberslueths: The Idaho Murders (Paramount+, Feb. 6). “follows an obsessed group of TikTok true-crime sleuths as they sift through clues, explore leads and try to unravel the brutal murders of four students at the University of Idaho. The case has gripped public attention since November 13, 2022, when students Kaylee Goncalves, Madison Mogen, Ethan Chapin and Xana Kernodle were found dead in a blood-soaked off-campus house in Moscow, Idaho. Weeks passed without a suspect, which led to widespread speculation that perhaps the small town’s police department was in over its head. The absence of any solid lead created an information vacuum that the TikTokers were eager to fill as this whodunit case mushroomed into an American obsession.”

America In Black (BET, Tuesday, Feb. 6, at 10:30). “Soledad O’Brien’s interview and profile of Ava DuVernay, the filmmaker behind the new movie ‘Origin’ and one of Hollywood’s most sought-after and iconic writer-directors of her generation; a profile of Sandra Douglass Morgan, on the eve of the Super Bowl CBS News correspondent Danya Bacchus profiles the first and only Black woman NFL team president; a report on Black love from CBS News’ Jericka Duncan, and more”

Raël: The Alien Prophet (Netflx, Feb. 7). “Featuring interviews with his followers, critics and Raël himself, this docuseries traces how a UFO-inspired religion spiraled into a controversial cult”

Nature: Flyways (PBS, Wednesday, Feb. 7, at 8). “Follow a conservation movement of bird-loving experts and citizen scientists as they mobilize to the challenge of understanding and saving shorebirds.”

NOVA: Easter Island Origins (PBS, Wednesday, Feb. 7, at 9). “The giant stone heads of Easter Island have inspired theories for centuries. Now, new research reveals intriguing evidence of the origins and inspirations of the ancient Rapanui people who created the iconic monoliths”

They Called Him Mostly Harmless (Max, Feb. 8). “When an unidentified hiker is found deceased in the Florida wilderness, authorities release a sketch. Multiple hikers call in claiming to have met the man. There’s only one problem – he never told them his name. It would take two years, thousands of devoted internet sleuths, and a miracle of science to identify him, and that’s when the trouble really starts”

Truth and Lies: Final Dive of the Titan (ABC, Thursday, Feb. 8, at 9). “reports on how [Stockton] Rush’s Titan submersible became a cautionary tale about the risks of innovation. Through interviews with Rush’s friends, former Titan ‘mission specialists’ and adventure pioneers, the episode explores the groundbreaking technology behind the Titan, painting a picture of both the excitement and devastation surrounding the deadly venture. The program also takes viewers through the pivotal moments that ultimately led to the demise of the Titan and all on board its final tragic journey into the deep sea.”

Lover, Stalker, Killer (Netflix, Feb. 9). “a mechanic tries online dating for the first time and meets a woman who takes romantic obsession to a deadly extreme”

Week of Feb. 11, 2024

Great American Rescue Bowl (Great American Family, Sunday, Feb. 11, at noon ET). “a fun and interactive way to raise the awareness of the huge number of wonderful animals in local shelters across the country” that will celebrate the North Shore Animal League America, which “has saved more than 1.1 million pet lives through the organization’s medical care, vaccination programs, and the ultimate pet lifesavers – rescue and adoption”

Puppy Bowl XX (Animal Planet, Discovery, TBS, truTV, Max). Sunday, Feb. 11, at 2 p.m. ET). “The three-hour television matchup will be the biggest yet, featuring 131 puppies, 73 shelters and rescues across 36 states and territories – including the all-time smallest pup, Sweetpea, at 1.7 lbs and the biggest, Levi the Great Dane at 72 lbs. Inspiring adoption stories will highlight the dedication and incredible work of rescues and shelters”

The Niagara Movement: The Early Battle for Civil Rights (WORLD, Monday, Feb. 12, at 8). “shines a spotlight on the fight pitting sociologist W.E.B Du Bois and Boston newspaper publisher William Monroe Trotter against educator and orator Booker T. Washington, then the de facto leader of Black America” “over the pathway to Black liberation”

The Space Race (National Geographic, Monday, Feb. 12, at 9; Disney+ and Hulu, Feb. 13). “weaves together the stories of Black astronauts seeking to break the bonds of social injustice to reach for the stars, including Guion Bluford, Ed Dwight and Charles Bolden, among many others” as “directors Diego Hurtado de Mendoza and Lisa Cortés profile the pioneering Black pilots, scientists and engineers who joined NASA to serve their country in space, even as their country failed to achieve equality for them back on Earth.”

Nature: Attenborough and the Jurassic Sea Monster (PBS, Wednesday, Feb. 14, at 8). “Sir David Attenborough unearths a once-in-a-lifetime discovery: the fossil of a giant Pliosaur, the largest Jurassic predator ever known. Follow a team of forensic experts on a perilous expedition to excavate the skull, uncover the predatory secrets lying deep inside the fossil, and unlock clues about the life of this giant sea beast.”

NOVA: Buidling the Eiffel Tower (PBS, Wednesday, Feb. 14, at 9). “Explore the revolutionary engineering behind Paris’s iconic landmark. Completed in just over two years for the 1889 World’s Fair, the iron tower smashed the record for the tallest structure on Earth, ushering in a new age of global construction that reached for the skies. How did the engineers do it? Follow the innovations, successes, and failures that made one of the most famous buildings on the planet possible”

Little Nicholas: Life of a Scoundrel (Netflix, Feb. 15). “As a teen, Little Nicolás managed to sneak between politicians, millionaires and even royals. In this docuseries, he tells his side of the scandal”

The Truth About Jim (Max, Feb. 15). “Amateur investigator Sierra Barter confronts a traumatic past and secrets that have plagued her family for generations. Sierra, her mother Shannon, and her grandmother Judy bravely pursue the truth about a mystery that could change their lives forever – was Jim Mordecai, their husband, stepfather, and step-grandfather a notorious serial killer?” 

Truth and Lies: The Doomsday Prophet (ABC, Thursday, Feb. 15, at 9). “examines the secretive Fundamentalist Latter-Day Saints (FLDS) community and the unconventional and controversial life of its founder, Warren Jeffs, exploring the rise of the sect and its practice of polygamy”

Einstein and the Bomb (Netflix, Feb. 16). “What happened after Einstein fled Nazi Germany? Using archival footage and his own words, this docudrama dives into the mind of a tortured genius”

Selena & Yolanda: The Secrets Between Them (Oxygen, Feb. 17 at 8, Feb. 18 at 7). “Nearly 30 years ago, the tragic murder of Tejano superstar and Mexican-American cultural icon Selena Quintanilla Perez sent shockwaves through the world and bore a legacy that remains relevant today. Her killer, Yolanda Saldivar, is eligible for parole next year. […] In a series of wide-ranging interviews from prison, Saldivar details her working relationship and friendship with Selena, and she’s not alone. For the first time, members of Yolanda’s family discuss the two women and share never-before-revealed documents and recordings in an effort to show there was more to the tragedy than the public knows.”

Week of Feb. 18, 2024

Giannis: The Marvelous Journey (Amazon Prime Video, Feb. 19). “chronicles the extraordinary odyssey of NBA mega-star Giannis Antetokounmpo from an impoverished childhood in Greece as the son of Nigerian immigrants to the very top of the basketball world”

Becoming King (Paramount+, Feb. 19). “An emotional portrait of David Oyelowo’s journey to play the legendary civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in Selma. Filmed by his wife Jessica Oyelowo and featuring behind-the-scenes footage, intimate home videos, and interviews with friends and mentors like Ava DuVernay, Lee Daniels, George Lucas, and Oprah Winfrey, the documentary follows David from his humble beginnings in Nigeria to the long, grueling road that led to the role of a lifetime and a destiny fulfilled.”

James Brown: Say It Loud (A&E, Monday and Tuesday, Feb. 19 and 20, at 8). “traces the incredible trajectory of Brown’s life and career from a 7th grade drop-out arrested and jailed at the age of 16 for breaking into a car in the Jim Crow-era South, to an entertainment legend whose groundbreaking talent and unique perspective catapulted him to become a cultural force”

Local, USA: HBCU Week: Beyond the Field (WORLD, Monday, Feb. 19, at 9). “takes you inside the heart of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). Experience the storied Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association (CIAA) in Maryland, a cornerstone of Black athletics history, and feel the electrifying atmosphere of Louisiana’s Bayou Classic – an annual showdown between Grambling State and Southern University”

Operation Arctic Cure (National Geographic, Monday, Feb. 19, at 10:08; Hulu and Disney+, Feb. 20). “War reporter Bob Woodruff leads veterans on an Arctic expedition to test a cure for post-traumatic stress and depression: the experience of AWE in nature. As they trek across one of the world’s most dramatic and pristine wildernesses, researchers monitor changes to their physical and emotional well-being. Could this be the medicine they’ve been looking for?”

American Experience: Fly With Me (PBS, Tuesday, Feb. 20, at 9). “At a time when single women were unable to order a drink or eat alone in a restaurant, forbidden to own a credit card or get a prescription for birth control, becoming a stewardess offered unheard-of opportunity and adventure. Maligned as feminist sellouts, ‘stewardesses,’ as they were called, knew different: they were on the frontlines of a battle to assert gender equality and transform the workplace” 

America In Black (BET, Tuesday, Feb. 20, at 10:30). includes “Gayle King in a sit down interview with Victoria Monét’s rising stardom and chart-topping hits; a story on the trailblazing food critic Keith Lee reported by CBS News anchor and correspondent Michelle Miller and a profile of Maryland Governor Wes Moore from CBS New York anchor Maurice DuBois”

Can I Tell You A Secret? (Netflix, Feb. 21). “Three women’s lives are changed forever when a prolific stalker infiltrates their social media accounts. And they’re only a fraction of his many victims”

Messi’s World Cup: The Rise of a Legend (Apple TV+, Feb. 21). “highlights the thrilling story of the planet’s top living athlete, his loyal supporters across Argentina, and those who made the pilgrimage across the globe to witness his epic World Cup win. The series also features the most personal interviews to date with Messi, alongside conversations with teammates, coaches, competitors, devout fans and commentators testifying to the incredible influence and impact he has on a nation and world stage”

Dolly Parton’s Pet Gala (CBS, Wednesday, Feb. 21, at 9). “a two-hour variety special featuring exclusive performances by music’s biggest stars, and a one-of-a-kind runway revealing the best in doggy fashion, featuring Parton’s most iconic looks as well as embellished looks from Dolly’s Doggy Parton pet line”

Nature: Patrick and the Whale (PBS, Wednesday, Feb. 21, at 8). “For years, Patrick Dykstra has traveled the globe following and diving with whales, learning how whales see, hear and perceive other creatures in the water. In Dominica, Patrick has a life changing experience – a close encounter with a sperm whale he names ‘Delores.’ Witness Patrick and the whale attempt to communicate with each other in extraordinary footage.”

NOVA: Hunt for the Oldest DNA (PBS, Wednesday, Feb. 21, at 9). “For decades, scientists have tried to unlock the secrets of ancient DNA. But life’s genetic blueprint is incredibly fragile, and researchers have struggled to find DNA in fossils that could survive millions of years. Then, one maverick scientist had the controversial idea to look for DNA not in fossils or frozen ancient tissue – but in dirt. Join the hunt as scientists decipher the oldest DNA ever found, and reveal for the first time the genes of long-extinct creatures that once thrived in a warm, lush Arctic.”

X / o n e r a t e d – The Murder of Malcolm X and 55 Years to Justice (ABC, Thursday, Feb. 21, at 10:13; Hulu, Feb. 22). “profiles Muhammad Abdul Aziz, a man who was wrongfully convicted of Malcolm X’s assassination. Featuring the first TV interview with Aziz following his exoneration in 2021, conducted by ABC News ‘Nightline’ co-anchor Byron Pitts, the special retraces Malcolm X’s shocking 1965 assassination, Aziz’s decades behind bars and on parole, and the devastating impact on Aziz’s family”

Earthsounds (Netflix, Feb. 23). “using cutting-edge technology to record our planet”, “a world buzzing with unexpected, unfamiliar and untold sonic stories”

Sacred Soil: The Piney Woods School Story (Hulu, Feb. 23). “set against the culturally historical backdrop of one of America’s oldest Black boarding schools,” the documentary “amplifies the journeys of several Piney Woods School students and staff members, providing a never-before-seen window into the ever-evolving, complex layers of the school and its students”

Where is Wendy Williams? (Lifetime, Saturday and Sunday, Feb. 24 and 25, at 8). “After Wendy Williams was placed under a financial guardianship and her hit talk show was unexpectedly canceled, she was determined to make a career comeback. Opening the doors to her private life like never before, cameras chronicled her comeback journey to reclaim her life and legacy despite facing health issues and personal turbulence. With unparalleled access granted by Wendy to film with her and her family for nearly two years, what was captured was not what anyone expected”

Week of Feb. 25, 2024

World’s Worst Drivers (Reelz, Sunday, Feb. 25, at 9). “real footage from dash and surveillance cameras to personal videos recorded by the bad drivers themselves”

Local, USA: HBCU Week: Tradition and Competition (WORLD, Monday, Feb. 26, at 9). “dives into the football culture of HBCUs. Witness the historic rivalry of Hampton and Howard, a testament to tradition and spirit since 1908, and appreciate the intensity of an NC A&T vs. NC Central game, a match steeped in proximity and pride”

Pathological: The Lies of Joran Van Der Sloot (Peacock, Feb. 27). “delves into Joran van der Sloot’s lifelong pattern of violence and pathological lying through rare interviews and new insights years after he brutally murdered American Natalee Holloway and Peruvian Stephany Flores”

As We Speak: Rap Music On Trial (Paramount+, Feb. 27). “follows Bronx rap artist Kemba as he explores the growing weaponization of rap lyrics in the United States criminal-justice system and abroad. His exploration reveals how law enforcement has quietly used artistic creation as evidence in criminal cases for decades”

God Save Texas (HBO, Tuesday and Wednesday, Feb. 27 and 28, at 9). “a personal and panoramic journey through one of the most controversial states in the union. Returning to their hometowns to shed light on an underrepresented story, the [three Texan] filmmakers [, Richard Linklater, Alex Stapleton, And Iliana Sosa,] chronicle the complex history of each city, exploring how it intertwines with their own provenance and evolution, and placing it in the larger picture of America today”

American Conspiracy: The Octopus Murders (Netflix, Feb. 28). “When journalist Danny Casolaro was found dead in a hotel bathtub, police ruled it a suicide. But his family and colleagues believe he may have been murdered for investigating a conspiracy he called ‘The Octopus’ – a hidden organization connected to stolen government spy software, a string of unsolved murders, and some of the biggest political scandals of the 20th century.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion (Bravo, Feb. 28, March 6, and 13, at 8). “Host Andy Cohen joins Garcelle Beauvais, Erika Jayne, Dorit Kemsley, Crystal Kung Minkoff, Kyle Richards, Sutton Stracke and newcomer Annemarie Wiley as they revisit an emotional season 13”

The Real Housewives of Miami reunion (Bravo, Wednesday, Feb. 28, at 9, Thursday, Feb. 29 and March 7 at 8). “Host Andy Cohen sits down with Guerdy Abraira, Lisa Hochstein, Julia Lemigova, Dr. Nicole Martin, Alexia Nepola, Larsa Pippen and friends Kiki Barth, Adriana de Moura and Marysol Patton to discuss this season’s biggest moments.”

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