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Tell me: What reality show do you love that I didn’t cover this year?

Tell me: What reality show do you love that I didn’t cover this year?
What reality TV did you love so much that you'd want to kiss the TV while it was on? (Photo by Christiano Sinisterra/Pexels)

As the last month of the year approaches, I’m thinking about what I’ll include in my best 2023 reality TV piece.

There’s too much reality TV for any one human being to watch now, which, as a fan of the genre, I find both awesome and distressing. I want to watch it all—or at least, sample it all.

So I absolutely love when someone like you reaches out and suggests I check out a show. And then I feel absolutely terrible when I don’t get to it, or just don’t have time to watch.

Another such e-mail message came in today, from a long-time reader, and had a delightful paragraph that explained why it was so great. And that’s when I got an idea: Why not turn these pages over to your 2023 favorites and recommendations?

So, please tell me: What reality TV have you loved this year?

Just fill out the form below with your name, the show’s title, and a few sentences, maybe a paragraph, about why you love it.

I’ll compile the results and share them on reality blurred in a couple of weeks. (I will not publish e-mail addresses, and I’ll delete all entries after the story is published.)

There are no restrictions here: The show you choose can be popular or obscure, from anywhere in the world, brand-new this year or decades old.

While I tend to limit my coverage to shows that are available to watch in the U.S., it’s okay if you watched it on VHS that your cousin loaned you, or flew to England to watch.

You can also talk about a show I didn’t cover enough, or one that I reviewed and didn’t like, but you did. Most of all, though, I’d love for you to share reality TV shows that I did not cover.

Let’s end the year with a bounty of great TV recommendations for each other! Just add your submission below.

Update: Thanks for your submissions! Here are your 2023 reality TV recommendations and favorites.

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