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Big Brother is ignoring Cirie on The Traitors. You should not!

Big Brother is ignoring Cirie on The Traitors. You should not!
Cirie Fields on The Traitors US episode 8 (Photo by Euan Cherry/Peacock)

“I knew coming into this game that I would have a humongous target on my back because I’m known as a legend in Survivor,” Cirie Fields said in the second episode of Big Brother 25.

Yes, Cirie Fields is, improbably, on BB25, spending the next 100 days in a smelly soundstage.

That’s improbable because Cirie is already a Survivor legend, a great player, and a wonderful TV character—and that was before a show that streamed on Peacock this year.

A person pours a glass of champagne; many full glasses are on a table in front of her
Cirie Fields pours champagne for the BB25 houseguests on move-in night (Image from Big Brother via CBS)

Cirie was introduced on Big Brother by Felicia as “Cirie from Survivor,” while Cirie herself said, “I’ve been in four seasons of Survivor. And even though I never won, I do feel like sort of an expert now at these games. I think I’m known for my powers of persuasion. I usually get what I want.”

Her most-recent Survivor appearance, however, was six years ago, when Cirie got totally screwed by Jeff Probst’s advantages. In four appearances, the best Cirie has done is make the final three, though she’s set other records.

Yet Cirie’s game play became even more legendary this year—and she became even more well-known for her expertise and persuasive powers—when she appeared on Peacock’s The Traitors this January.

It’s understandable a CBS show would highlight Cirie’s Survivor experience, as she’s not only the first Survivor to cross over, but it’s arguably still Cirie’s most high-profile reality TV show appearance. I doubt people are recognizing her in airports from Snake in the Grass.

Yet a CBS/Paramount Global reality competition conspicuously ignoring a Peacock/NBCUniversal reality competition is so juvenile.

Whoever made this decision missed an opportunity to bring Big Brother more credibility, something it desperately needs. Imagine: She won The Traitors. But that wasn’t enough. Now she’s trying the ultimate competition! Just look at how Food Network competitions now acknowledge that competitors and judges were once on Top Chef.

By ignoring The Traitors, the network and/or producers seem petty, and also lose a chunk of the credibility Cirie brings to their little soundstage fartfest.

I completely understand why Cirie herself might not want to talk about that, or her win on Snake in the Grass, but there’s no reason the show should ignore it. There are no legal reasons, either; that she was on The Traitors is simply a fact, and another network or show can most certainly mention it.

Even if you know how Cirie did on The Traitors, you should still watch it. At least right now, it’s more interesting than Big Brother 25.

BB25’s focus is on Cirie

Two people facing each other, wrapping their pinkies together; one has a towel wrapped around them
Izzy Gleicher and Jared Fields on BB25 after Izzy revealed she knew Jared was Cirie Fields’ son (Image from Big Brother via CBS)

While Wednesday’s dreadful BB25 premiere set a low bar, this episode barely cleared it, because certainly no one thought to make a competition that was interesting to watch—unless you were hoping for a concussion.

Given the chance to dramatically edit the moment Cory lost his sprawl-on-the-floor challenge, the editors gave us a recap that still looked like four people lying immobile. While the control room missed the moment Cory let go and got pulled back during Wednesday’s show, even the edited version looked stupid, because it happened so slowly, and they didn’t pull him far enough back, so his hands dangled outside the divider.

Meanwhile, the producers’ multiverse twists started to crumble as they bent over backwards to justify having an HOH now that there are two nominees. The new HOH, Reilly, was tasked with removing two nominees, “thus deciding who the nominees are,” she said. Oh, and she decided that the two Black women who were nominated should stay nominated.

BB25’s first Sunday episode was otherwise basically the Cirie Show, and I’m grateful for that, both to spend more time with Cirie watching her form early connections, and for the comedy.

Jared and Cirie couldn’t remember Hisam’s name, and Jared offered some options. “You said hymen!” Cirie said. “That’s what breaks when you lose your virginity.” Funny, Cirie—but also very wrong! Yes, I, as a gay man, should not be lecturing a woman, who’s an experienced nurse, on the subject of hymens, but the idea that hymens break during virginity is a myth.

Worse, that myth is the basis for virginity testing, which the World Health Organization says is ongoing around the world despite being “a violation of women’s and girls’ human rights” and, even worse, when used “in cases of rape can cause additional pain and mimic the original act of sexual violence, leading to re-experience, re-traumatization and re-victimization.”

Even spoiled, The Traitors is worth a watch

A person in a blue cape sidehugs a person wearing a fuzzy animal print coat
The Traitors host Alan Cumming hugs season-one winner Cirie Fields, who won $250,000 by being the last traitor. (Image via Peacock)

During BB25’s second episode, Cirie pointed out that she’s well-known “even though I never won” Survivor.

Major spoiler that you probably already know: Cirie won The Traitors. So her game-playing skills have paid off—and even more impressively, did so with a new format that hadn’t been broadcast in the United States.

If you have not seen The Traitors and may be avoiding it because you know who won, I promise you: it’s still worth watching.

The way Cirie navigates herself to the win, and the effect that has on other people, is far more dramatic than the win alone. Here are my recaps:

Cirie seems to be using her usual strategy on Big Brother, based on what I’ve read from Hamsterwatch, listening and forming strong connections. Both shows are similar in that she’s playing the game with newbie reality contestants who know who she is.

I am so curious to see if Cirie’s strategy will be as successful, or have the same fallout, or change in dramatic ways.

That Big Brother offers live feeds—including a free version now—means we have a chance to see Cirie do her work unfiltered. And that’s good, considering how the CBS episodes of Big Brother are watered-down, oversimplified, and formulaic.

The complication for Cirie right now, of course, is that her own kid is playing this game alongside her.

That wasn’t a secret for long. Izzy recognized Jared immediately, pulling him aside and saying, “You’re Cirie Fields’ son, aren’t you?” Jared blindsided his mom with that news with Izzy beside him, perhaps indicating that he’s a less subtle player than she is.

“I made him, so I know he’s got what it takes” Cirie said of Jared. But does she have what it takes to cut him loose, or take him with her to the end? That’s what may keep my interest in this season!

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Randy Fallow

Monday 14th of August 2023

I wouldn't say she "won" The Traitors as much as Arie handed it to her. She isn't that good tbh.

Andy Dehnart

Thursday 24th of August 2023

Arie did not carry her to that finale. And we don't know what would have happened had he also called for another vote instead of conceding. But pretending that Cirie won just because of that one endgame move is ridiculous, and denies her all the work she did to get to that point.

Bad Mitten

Friday 18th of August 2023

@Randy Fallow, bad take


Tuesday 8th of August 2023

Do you get a lot of clicks for hate watching Big Brother? I don't know why you continue to watch year after year or promote your same decade old articles about how you toured the house and Rachel's Reilly's hair extensions got stuck in your mouth or something.

This article is a big stretch and you're looking for things to be mad about, you have been writing about reality tv for years and should know how the industry works. Why would CBS promote a Peacock show? Even if there no legal repercussions. Of course they aren't going to promote The Traitors and would promote their own huge hit Survivor, they can access to footage, promote their fall premiere, connect with their casual fanbase who are probably also Survivor fans not promoting a one season show and say "Hey viewers go subscribe to another streaming service besides Paramount+" Its just a dumb argument for the sake of clicks.

Also did I miss something? Isn't their a veto this week? Why is a black women definitely going home? Have we seen a racist bias from Reilly yet on the feeds? And wasn't the last time a black woman went home first on Big Brother Jodi Rollins in Big Brother 14, over ten years ago?

Andy Dehnart

Friday 11th of August 2023

Thanks for the laugh, Kyle, and the critique. I genuinely appreciate it. Here are my boring answers:

As of Friday morning, only 1,552 people have read this story. Often, I find that when I write a piece I think people will be really interested in, that doesn't equal a ton of readership, and when I bang out a story I think is important but doubt people will care about, it's read far more widely.

I honestly just choose topics based on a combination of my sense of something's importance, my own interest in it, and what's happening in the reality TV world; in this case, I thought it was a good opportunity to point Big Brother and Survivor fans who'd missed The Traitors to that show, because I love it so much.

I don't think mentioning The Traitors is the same as promoting it. Other shows/networks mention competitors all the time, like Food Network shows with Top Chef alum as competitors or judges.

The veto ceremony had either already taken place and was not used (or that was the conversation) when I wrote this, so I was ahead of the TV show.

I link to past stuff to give context, and because Rachel's hair extensions tasted so good I want to re-experience that memory.


Tuesday 8th of August 2023

Do the other houseguests know she played and won The Traitors? She should absolutely keep that to herself.

I absolutely agree, The Traitors is worth watching even if you know who wins. If for no other reason than watching Rachel be completely and totally fooled.

Bad Mitten

Monday 7th of August 2023

"Oh, and she decided that the two Black women who were nominated should stay nominated." - This seems/feels like a strange thing to harp back on considering that 3 of 4 the people/options (who were auto nominated due to losing a competition) were black contestants. So she really had no choice but to leave at least one black contestant on the block. - I would get this call out if she personally selected two black women to nominate, but that's not what happened here so I'm not sure why it's seemingly being painted as a race based decision. This is BB after all, so there will be plenty of opportunities to call out actual/blatant racism on this show.

Bad Mitten

Wednesday 16th of August 2023

you and me both (RE being shocked CBS actually booted Luke)

Bad Mitten

Wednesday 16th of August 2023

@Andy Dehnart, they weren't targeted though... the HoH had no hand in them being options to be on the block. Nothing the HoH could do about 3 black contestants losing the first challenge which is what resulted in them even being a consideration for them being evicted. Like yes a white man was one of the four options, but last time I checked 1 was less than 3. I'm with you that it sucks that a black woman went home first, but for once with BB I dont think that was race related at all, just a fluke in terms of how those dumb night one comps worked out.

I would have liked to see the show cancel the eviction (save Kirsten) when Luke got ejected though

Bad Mitten

Wednesday 9th of August 2023

- Note: that didn't take long (RE: Luke)

Andy Dehnart

Monday 7th of August 2023

While she did ultimately make that choice, I mostly pointed it out because it means that yet again, a Black woman will go home first. Black women are disproportionately targeted in early votes, and while I realize that they were on the block because of challenge performance, she could have chosen to keep one or two men on the block, including a white man.