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Is Forged in Fire returning? Holey Moley?

Is Forged in Fire returning? Holey Moley?
Holey Moley season 2 involves a shark, ridden here by contestant Matthew Goldberg (Photo by Christopher Willard/ABC)

In today’s edition of Ask Andy, two questions about beloved competitions that have been off the air for a while now: History Channel’s Forged in Fire and ABC’s Holey Moley.

Will there be a Holey Moley season 5? Is Forged in Fire season 9 coming? Or have they been cancelled? I have answers! I mean, I have one definitive answer and one not-so-definitive!

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Is Holey Moley returning?

Jennifer Weitz traverses a new Holey Moley hole, "Putter Ducky."
JenniferJennifer Weitz traverses a new Holey Moley hole, “Putter Ducky.” (Photo by Christopher Willard/ABC)

Hi Andy, Have you heard anything about Holy Moley returning? Isn’t it a spring show? Or is it a summer show and I am jumping the gun? Thanks, Chuck

I’ve been wondering the same thing, Chuck! I’ve loved Holey Moley since its first season in 2019, and was dismayed when it was not on ABC’s spring nor its summer 2023 reality TV schedule.

I’m especially missing it because the show has continued to improve.

After season one, it got even better. Seasons three and four were filmed back to back in 2021. For its fourth season, it partnered with the Muppets for its between-hole bits, and that just did not work. But the mini-golf was still great, especially that incredible finale.

Since season four ended in July 2022, ABC has said nothing about Holey Moley.

In January, TV Line’s Ryan Schwartz noted that it was “not yet renewed for Season 5,” which is where it remains right now. That’s not a good sign, even though official renewal announcements sometimes come after shows are filmed.

Fozzy Bear and Rob Riggle try to figure out how to fill time between the better parts of Holey Moley 4: Holey Moley Fore-Ever
Fozzy Bear and Rob Riggle try to figure out how to fill time between the better parts of Holey Moley 4: Holey Moley Fore-Ever (Photo by Christopher Willard/ABC)

I’ve reached out to ABC and other contacts, and have heard nothing about whether it’s returning, cancelled, or in limbo. That is also not a promising sign!

The one glimmer of hope is that producers did begin casting for season five last fall, and the application said applicants “must have a valid passport & be able available to travel internationally in Feb/March 2023.”

Holey Moley’s production company, Eureka Productions, has offices in Australia and the U.S., and has filmed other American shows in Australia, including Netflix’s version of The Mole and Peacock’s Frogger.

So is Holey Moley season 5 filmed and waiting around? Or did it never get a renewal and it’s just hanging around until ABC might need it again? I hope it’s one of those two, rather than than an actual cancellation.

Is Forged in Fire returning?

Forged in Fire, J. Neilson
Forged in Fire judge J. Neilson tests a weapon on a block of ice. (Photo by Miller Mobley/History)

Do you have any news on whether Forged in Fire will be returning or not? It seems odd for it to just sort of disappear when it seems to be a very popular show (at least be History Channel standards.) I think it’s been almost a year since it last aired. Thanks! —Kriselda

Forged in Fire, History Channel’s competition between bladesmiths, has been a regular part of the cable channel’s schedule for eight years now.

While it changed hosts—from Will Willis to Grady Powell—in season eight, the format has stayed pretty consistent: three rounds, $10,000 to the winner. It’s like a weapon-making version of Chopped!

Season nine premiered in March 2022, and ended in early November, bringing the show’s total to 235 episodes (you can stream 197 of them for free).

While there hasn’t been any word since then, there’s good news: Forged in Fire is not done!

I asked History Channel about its future, asking whether it had been cancelled or if more episodes were on the way, and a spokersperson told me: “I can confirm Forged In Fire has not been cancelled. New episodes are currently slated to premiere this fall.”

So: Forged in Fire season 10 premiering sometime in fall 2023!

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Chuck S

Tuesday 27th of June 2023

Thanks for the research Andy! I really hope they don't cancel it. They've got a great show, and even if the Muppets weren't the best addition, it was still fun.