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BBCAN’s final veto comp, fourth-place eviction, and The Little Mermaid (!)

BBCAN’s final veto comp, fourth-place eviction, and The Little Mermaid (!)
Ty, Daniel, and Claudia celebrate becoming BBCAN11's final three

Wednesday’s Big Brother Canada 11 show had a big cinematic intro, which is one of the things Big Brother Canada does well.

This one went back to the murder mansion theme, asking who’d make it to the final three using Clue-type vignettes (Daniel in the library, etc).

Canada also does comps well, especially late season comps, and the final veto was no exception.

The veto comp set was the BBCan Motel, which was a much seedier joint than last summer’s BB Motel on USA season 24. They had to crawl into the library’s fireplace and down a long tunnel on hands and needs to get to the playing field.

As I posted here previously, the houseguests had to hunt through various rooms to collect keys with cast faces on them, solving various puzzles along the way to find the keys.

Several of the rooms had disgusting props, like as a bathtub filled with sludge.

Then they had to place the face keys on a board with season event descriptions, ensuring the events on all sides of each key fit each person.

A game board with key slots and text with explanations
The BBCAN11 episode 28 veto competition

It was really a great comp that entailed mental/memory skills along with all the crawling and running back and forth between rooms.

Most of them ran into trouble with one aspect or another, and they all took a long time to complete their runs.

As we already knew, Claudia won. Her total time was 48 minutes, 40 seconds. Daniel was second—again—with a time of one hour, six minutes, 33 seconds. Ty finished in one hour, 10 minutes, 34 seconds, and Anika came in last at one hour, 19 minutes, 12 seconds.

There was another jury house segment with various (likely staged) activities like a dance lesson from Hope and Kuzie doing pageant walks, and Renee’s arrival.

Renee told them about the Wendy’s points auction and that Ty had won a one-minute pitch to the jury. We saw 20 seconds of that pitch, and a little chatter afterwards about it, indicating the jurors were not very impressed.

We saw Arisa pop onto their screen to announce the fourth place eviction on the final Digital Daily, which was taped last Friday.

From there, Daniel gave Claudia a quick pitch to keep him, and Anika gave her a tearful plea. And we saw Claudia and Ty talking about what she should do. He basically told her that Anika was more likely to take her to finals than Daniel. (I doubt we saw that entire conversation.)

Then came the veto meeting and eviction. Claudia used her veto on herself, obviously, and Anika went on the block by default, next to Daniel.

That continued the streak of every single veto this season being used. Incredible.

Claudia cast the only vote, and she evicted Anika. (That’s why I don’t think we saw the entire convo between Claudia and Ty about what she should do, because her vote didn’t make sense, especially after he told her she’d have a better shot at finals with Anika than Daniel. Plus, she’d have a better shot at winning final comps against Anika.)

In the end, she did what Ty wanted.

A person holding a bag and waving
Anika was evicted from the BBCAN11 house on episode 28, placing fourth

Anika went out in good spirits and after her exit interview, Arisa popped on the screen again and asked the final three to report back to the living room. She told them for the first time ever, they’d be given a sneak preview of the final comp(s).

I figured they’d get to see the apparatus for Part 1, but no. It was more sponcon:

Three people sitting on couches watching a video with an image of a woman with a crab on her back
BBCAN11’s final three watched a promo for The Little Mermaid, which will play into their final HOH competition somehow

But not just any sponcon. This was possibly the mystery ninth sponsor they teased pre-season, and it turned out to be Disney, in a cross-promo for the upcoming live-action version of The Little Mermaid. That’s a much bigger movie than BB USA usually gets for cross-promo ops.

They watched a trailer for the movie, and Arisa told them the winner would get to attend the Canadian premiere. I didn’t catch if that meant the season winner or whoever wins Part 1, but that will become clear on Thursday’s Big Brother Canada 11 finale which starts at 9 p.m. ET.

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