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‘She’s back, bitches!’ If only BBCAN houseguests knew who she was…

‘She’s back, bitches!’ If only BBCAN houseguests  knew who she was…
Rachel Reilly appeared in the BBCAN11 Wendy's window, but only one houseguest knew who she was

The final week of Big Brother Canada 11 picked up with the HOH comp that had gone to a cliffhanger at the end of last Thursday’s show.

It also featured an appearance from a CBS Big Brother—and, more recently, The Traitors—contestant, plus the annual BBCAN awards.

Four people standing with their arms behind them on a balcony
BBCAN11’s final four in episode 27

The HOH competition resumed with Ty having two day number questions correct, and Daniel and Claudia had one each.

Daniel and Claudia each got one more point in the rest of the questions on tonight’s show.

But Ty got them all right, giving him the HOH win.

You know where that leads: sponcon. Ty showed off his Winners outfit with a leap, and then invited everyone to share the final Wendy’s HOH meal.

He made it sound like that was his own idea but obviously it was a perk from production, or every HOH would have invited more than one guest all season.

Rachel Reilly from Big Brother USA seasons 12 and 13 was in the pickup window, as I reported last week.

Daniel seemed to be the only one who knew who she was.

But he’s a fan, so he explained her many comp wins and catchphrases to the others, something we saw continue on the subsequent Digital Daily.

Who won awards?

Four people sitting at a table that has a banner saying Congrats BBCAN Class of 2023!
BBCAN11’s final four at their prom-themed dinner, as seen in episode 27

From there they got a school-type announcement telling them to stand for “O Canada” and that it was time for the BBCan Awards, finally. It was a prom theme for some reason, leaving the season’s murder mansion theme in the dust.

They didn’t have a visiting alum stylist like some years, so they got dressed by themselves in tuxes and fluffy prom dresses, then sat down to a banquet table to watch the clips in contention.

Categories and results were as follows:

  • Best Behind the Bleachers Moment
    • Dan/Anika spin the bottle makeout (winner)
    • Claudia/Ty kiss at the hot tub
  • Favorite Schoolyard Fight
    • Kuzi vs Zach (winner)
    • Santina vs the house
  • Winners Winning Moment
    • Ty winning endurance comp
    • Shanaya winning insurance app veto (winner)
  • Favorite Cafeteria Special
    • Hope/Dan slapping each other with tortillas
    • Santina vs Anika wafflegate fight (winner)
  • Biggest Bawlfest
    • Hope sobbing about agreeing to go on the block
    • Daniel histrionics about slop (winner)
Two couples in prom outfits dance in a darkened room
BBCAN11’s final four danced as if at a prom on episode 27

They laughed at all the clips except the fights, which were uncomfortable for Anika and Daniel. And they loved seeing the additional clips from when there were bigger crowds in the house.

They also paired off to do a little couples dance around the prom floor.

The voting for viewer favorite was opened, and the winner of that will get $10,000 cash. I think the frontrunners will be Kuzie, Santina, Jonathan. Personally, I think Kuzie should win it. Amal and Vanessa are eligible to win, but Zach is not on the ballot.

Finally the nominations rolled around and it’s a good thing they don’t matter at final four because I had them wrong. Ty nominated Claudia and Daniel (not Anika).

I’ve already posted the spoilers for the final veto comp, which will be seen on Wednesday’s show, and then everything will wrap up on Thursday’s two-hour finale.

You can get the links and information for how and where to watch Digital Dailies, as well as the episodes and extras, at I’m also keeping my usual Power Status section up to date there, along with tracking comp wins, nominations, advantages/punishments, and prize winnings. If any of that or these recaps have been useful for you, feel free to buy me a cup of coffee via Ko-fi, and thank you!

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Friday 12th of May 2023

Are you stupid? Do you even know Big Brother? Canada is NOT the original and we all got hooked watching BB USA and believe me, we know who Racheal Riley is talking to you "Bitch" get back to research school