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Has BBCAN’s Ty committed more than one ‘evictable offense’? Plus: an eviction and an auction

Has BBCAN’s Ty committed more than one ‘evictable offense’? Plus: an eviction and an auction
BBCAN11's Wendy's rewards points finally paid off, as the houseguests were able to bid on rewards and prizes

Big Brother Canada skipped its Digital Daily today, because the eviction show was taped on Tuesday and a Daily today would confirm who’d gotten the boot, before the show they called “live” even aired.

But a “live” eviction filmed days earlier is not the biggest BBCAN11 scandal, and I’ll get to the show recap in a minute—including a possible spoiler.

But first! Remember when I wrote that Ty said he and Zach had a deal to split the prize money if they were the Final Two?

That surfaced again today, partly because there was more to it that I missed the first time.

Two people wearing baseball caps leaning forward, with arms crossed
Zach and Ty ask Big Brother Canada’s producers how to self-evict in the Diary Room

Ty told Daniel on Big Brother Canada’s Sunday Digital Daily, which was taped last Friday,

“I probably can’t say this on the live but I don’t care about the money. That’s why me and Zach were playing so well together because we had an agreement, if we were to make final two, we would split down the middle.”

That’s against the rules of Big Brother USA, and several Canadian alumni confirmed they have the same rule up north.

Big Brother Canada season 6’s Ryan Ballantine told me it was “an evictable offense” in his contract.

I was flabbergasted by that convo at the time simply because Ty and Zach made such a huge stink about Hope having “broken the rules” when he found a note of support his girlfriend had stuck into a sock before he left for the show.

Zach responded to the allegation that they’d made an illegal deal by saying they were simply making a point about not caring about the money. But he said production had told them to stop discussing the money.

But Ty started talking about it again this week, and there’s more.

A person wearing a white t-shirt and a gold V medallion around their neck
Ty plays his veto at BBCAN11’s first veto meeting, as seen on the show

Ty also told Daniel, “If I was to win, I would be happy to give the entire winning to the person that sits beside me, took a chance and gave me the opportunity to make it to final two.”

Wouldn’t that be “an evictable offense,” too? He pretty much offered $100,000 to Daniel if Daniel has the choice and takes Ty to Final Two, and Ty then wins the jury vote. Whether he meant it, or would stick to it if things unfold that way, is irrelevant (at least for me).

It is simply against the rules, and it’s arguably a much heftier rule than no singing or mentioning brand names. And who knows what other houseguest deals we didn’t get to see since there were no live feeds this season?

Okay, now on with the show.

It was a packed episode, and it cleaned up a couple items that had been dangling without explanation before now.

We saw the fallout from the veto comp with Anika feeling betrayed by Ty and Daniel upset and worried about being on the block, and we saw the first of several campaign pitches by Renee.

Then we finally saw them discovering they’d all been put on slop again. That happened on Day 56 but the graphic on the show said Day 59. Whatever. There was no mention of why they were put on slop, but at least they got the dramatic reactions, especially Daniel’s, on the show finally since that segment will be in the awards that will air Tuesday.

Then came the next cleanup item: Wendy’s rewards points finally hit the show. Season 9’s Victoria Woghiren made her second appearance this season, this time in person, to host Wendy’s Auction. They were all given envelopes showing their points totals, which they all chose to keep secret from each other. We know Ty was miles ahead of everyone else with over 30,000, but he acted like he didn’t have too many.

Victoria offered up items for them to use their points to bid on. The items and results were as follows:

  • $1,000 cash – Renee
  • Wendy’s meal – Ty
  • Video from home – Claudia
  • $3,000 cash – Daniel
  • A one-minute plea to the jury – Ty
  • A phone call with a loved one – Anika
  • A strategy session with Season 9 winner Tychon Carter-Newman – Ty

Ty’s Wendy’s meal, Claudia’s video, and Anika’s phone call with her mom all happened during the auction. Ty met with Ty in the library/pool room at some point afterwards.

Then we went to the jury house, which included a nice wholesome moment with BFFs Hope and Jonathan, plus Kuzie’s and Shanaya’s arrivals and explanations of how they ended up there.

Finally, it was time for the nominees to give their spiels and for the others to decide their fates.

Ty voted to evict Renee and Claudia voted to evict Daniel, forcing Anika as HOH to break the tie. She evicted Renee, who went out with smiles. Renee made a Freudian-esque slip when she told Arisa, “Claudia sometimes jumps ship when she’s in heat.”

But that’s not all. Arisa started the next HOH comp, which was seven questions about which day something happened. Daniel and Ty got the first one correct, and Ty and Claudia got the second one correct. That was as far as they got: the rest of it will be on Tuesday’s show, along with the BBCan Awards dinner and related retrospective fluff.

A possible spoiler!

A person standing in front of a door, waving
Renee was evicted during BBCAN11 episode 26

There will be a Digital Daily on Friday, taped who knows when, but it should tell us who won the F4 Head of Household and guaranteed themselves a ticket to the finale and the final comps.

We might also get the final veto winner, or they might have yet another Daily on Saturday with that.

I’ve heard Ty won that penultimate HOH.

That’s not a bit surprising, given his recent streak of comp wins.

That’s also not official yet, but I got it from a credible source so I’m thinking it’s probably true.

You can get the links and information for how and where to watch Digital Dailies, as well as the episodes and extras, at I’m also keeping my usual Power Status section up to date there, along with tracking comp wins, nominations, advantages/punishments, and prize winnings. If any of that or these recaps have been useful for you, feel free to buy me a cup of coffee via Ko-fi, and thank you!

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