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Big Brother Canada celebrates 300 episodes with The Ty Show, and more cockamamie choices

Big Brother Canada celebrates 300 episodes with The Ty Show, and more cockamamie choices
Terrell “Ty” McDonald, BBCAN11's likely winner (Photo by Global)

Wednesday’s Big Brother Canada episode was the milestone 300th for the franchise, which is now in its 11th season, and was full of ridiculous decisions by the producers and houseguests.

It kicked off with some snarky commentary by the recap narrator, who said “Anika somehow survived 17 grueling seconds” to win the HOH.

After that, the episode was basically The Ty Show.

There were conversation segments with Claudia and Renee about being nominated and wondering why he wasn’t, and Anika and Daniel having concerns about Ty in general, and his veto chances in particular.

And there was Ty buddying up to both sides, which he did surprisingly well.

I don’t like having to admit that, but it’s true. He really has upped his social game these last couple weeks until it’s on a par with his comp skills.

He’s often arrogant, he usually talks down to women, he almost quit with Zach, and he may not be very rootable overall, but he has played the hell out of this game and would be the only “deserving” winner of those who remain, in my opinion.

We saw Anika, Daniel, Ty deciding to call themselves The Agency, and Daniel said in Diary “you’re not a real alliance til you got a fun alliance name.” First, stop that. Second, we pretty much only heard about The Crown and the Girlypops all season, but you know there were probably at least a dozen other named alliances we never knew about because no feeds.

Claudia admitted she likes Ty, and that putting him on the block had been a turning point in their relationship, for the better. Huh. Okay. And she said in Diary she was now all in on working with him to the end, rather than with her fellow surviving Girlypop Renee.

Finally, they got around to the convo that launched a thousand dramas, when Renee questioned Anika about whether it was a good idea to keep both Ty and Claudia in the house or not, and the ridiculous debate over whether her wording had been “the showmance” or “Ty and Claudia.” You couldn’t make it up if you tried.

A person in a large wheel, which is connected with metal pipes to two other wheels, forming a long, open tube
BBCAN11’s veto apparatus, which the hamsters had to roll down the course to pick things up in order

The veto comp was another sponsored one, this time by Shark/Ninja, and another with individually timed runs.

They had to memorize a list of ten items to be cleaned up, then climb into a giant vacuum part/hamster wheel and roll it across the play area to pick up the puzzle pieces with the item names on them, in order.

Then they had to assemble the puzzle pieces into a picture of a vacuum stick.

The list of items was only viewable when they held down a button before climbing into the apparatus, and there was a two-minute penalty for any puzzle piece they picked up in the wrong order.

As we already knew, Ty won again, with a time of 13:42, and he also won $5,000. Daniel was second with 17:14, followed by Renee with 18:15, Claudia with 19:20 (including time penalties), and Anika with 20:37.

Two people smiling, and a scoreboard that says Ty 13:42, Daniel 17:14, Renee 18:15, Claudia 19:20*, Anika 20:37
Ty won the veto yet again in a competition shown on BBCAN11 episode 25

The renom roulette segment afterwards was almost as painful as having watched it all on the Digital Daily.

Anika was shocked and hurt when Ty told her he’d be using it on Claudia, after previously telling her he wouldn’t use it if he won. (To be fair, Anika’s new to Big Brother and doesn’t know lying is usually part of the game.)

And Daniel played up his camaraderie with Ty when he found out Ty would be pulling Claudia off the block, since he was the only option for a renom. Daniel later said in Diary that he was majorly freaked out about that. Ty guaranteed to both Anika and Daniel that he’d be voting out Renee.

As we also already knew, Ty did indeed take Claudia off the block, and Daniel went up in her place.

The closing announcer said Renee or Daniel will be evicted on tomorrow’s “live eviction show”—even though they taped that Tuesday. Same-day tapings fudge that “live” word by a few hours but this is ridiculous.

Pre-eviction campaigning

A person looking in a refrigerator; another refrigerator has chains around its handle and a KEEP OUT sign
The BBCAN11 fridge was chained as the houseguests went back on slop for no clear reason

Wednesday’s BBCAN11 Digital Daily was a rough one to get through. It ran exactly two hours and was taped early Tuesday, before they taped the fifth place eviction.

It was almost entirely Renee campaigning for Ty’s vote, Ty making it very clear that she wasn’t going to get it, and retells by each of them after every round to Claudia, who basically nodded and made small agreement sounds throughout. Two hours. Plus 20 minutes at the end of Renee practicing her nominee speech.

When the Daily started, Renee knew Ty was going to vote her out and the best she could hope for was a 1-1 tie, which Anika would inevitably break in Daniel’s favor. To summarize the tedious conversation loops, Renee asked Ty at the start of one round, “your mind’s made up, right?” Ty said it was. But on and on they went anyway, with many rehashes by each of them about many season events to back up their points.

Renee asked Ty to clarify once again why she was a bigger risk to keep than Daniel, and Ty stated his three reasons: if he evicts Daniel, he’d be the only guy left and thus would be at the bottom of the Final Four; Renee would have a better chance to beat Ty at the end than Daniel; and the comments Renee had made to Anika this week about Ty and Claudia being a duo – however they were phrased – proved to him that Renee would break up the couple and keep Claudia if/when she could. Rewind, and repeat ad nauseum.

Moving on to the latest production WTFery, I noted in my recap of Tuesday’s show that the KEEP OUT sign on the pantry fridge was unmissable when Anika picked up her HOH Wendy’s food, but there’d been no mention on the show about it, or of them all being on slop again this week. There was one mention about them being on slop on Wednesday’s show, but it was just in passing.

It turns out the Final Five realizing they’d been put on slop again last Friday was one of the options for the BBCan Awards, in the “Biggest Bawl-Fest” category.

The other option in that category was Hope crying to Daniel and Anika after realizing his time in there was over, after him agreeing to go on the block backfired.

That latter scene had at least been on the show previously. Why they included this week’s slop reaction which hadn’t even aired on the awards ballot is just another example in the long list of cockamamie decisions the show’s made this season. Not least because they had so very, very many other crying segments to choose from. But maybe it explains why slop showed up again so late in the season.

Those awards will air on Tuesday’s show in the traditional late-season superfluff episode.

Since they taped Thursday’s eviction on Tuesday, and the awards ballot only appeared on the show’s site for one day, I guess we should assume the awards dinner has probably already happened? Who can even guess anymore.

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