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When will we see BBCAN11’s surprise Tuesday eviction? Plus: a super-fast HOH

When will we see BBCAN11’s surprise Tuesday eviction? Plus: a super-fast HOH
The BBCAN11 final five toast each other on the BBCAN11 Digital Daily #43

Tuesday’s Big Brother Canada 11 episode was one of the oddest yet.

The intro recap showed the events of last Thursday’s double eviction, of course, and then those events were repeated again. And then we saw countless conversations that took place during the taping of that show.

Even super casuals had to be wondering how they fit so much talk into those commercial breaks. But what they may not know is that unlike BB USA—where shows are actually live and double evictions actually take place within the one-hour time slot so hamsters have to rapid-scramble—Canada double tapings can take up to four hours.

So there were lots of conversations, most of which involved Ty manipulating Claudia into doing his bidding again.

Finally, at 24 minutes into the show, Shanaya was finally evicted (again), and we moved on to current business.

A super-fast HOH competition

A person in a gold dress on a balance beam; the other end has a stacked HOH statue
The latest BBCAN11 HOH competition lasted exactly 17 seconds.

The HOH comp was called “Take It or Lever,” as we knew, and they all wore metallic gold bodysuits suitable for the Met Gala.

The comp involved the four competitors putting one foot onto a very long beam that had a little HOH figurine at the far end. If they shifted their weight or moved their foot at all, the beam wobbled and the little HOH fell off, and that person was eliminated.

I don’t even know what order they went out, it was so fast, but Daniel, Ty, and Renee all flopped their HOHs off their beams within 17 seconds, and Anika won.

A person wearing a red Wendy's hat and shirt in a red window, with the words "now serving breakfast" over them and a surveillance camera in the corner
Adel was in the Big Brother Canada 11 Wendy’s window this week.

That of course led to the regular Tuesday sponcon segment, with Anika modeling her new Winners outfit and inviting Daniel to share Wendy’s with her. Season 2’s Adel Elseri was in the window to serve up breakfast, and he did the Crown’s voting signal when he told Anika he was sure she hoped to be “crowned” the season winner.

The KEEP OUT sign on the pantry fridge was clearly visible, but there was no mention that they were all on slop, or why.

When Anika took the food back upstairs to the HOH room, Daniel said he knew it had been Adel because he’d heard them shouting Adel’s catchphrase “WAKE UP CANADA!”

From there we had more weirdness about nominations, as Anika said she didn’t trust Ty but would keep him safe, along with a too-lengthy Claudia/Ty segment in which she said “I’m so tired of not trusting you that I’m just trusting you,” regarding whether he’d use the veto or not if he won it again. Just give him the win already so we can all go home.

Anika told Daniel that Kuzie had told Ty about the Crown and he wasn’t pleased about that, since it put a target on their backs as the jury was now packed with former Crown members. And Anika told him she’ll “never” let Ty use the veto if he wins it. Scroll on down to see how that turned out.

A surprise eviction? But when?

Tuesday’s BBCAN11 Digital Daily ran just an hour and six minutes and was taped Monday afternoon or evening. They forgot to tack the “may contain coarse language” disclaimer on to the beginning of it, but I don’t think there was much of that in this one.

There was, however, a surprising revelation right at the start: their living room monitor said LIVE EVICTION TOMORROW.

That meant today, Tuesday, which would explain why they did the veto meeting on Sunday, a day earlier than usual.

Never mind that they’re still using that LIVE word when Canada evictions are not live, and never have been.

Canada used to cut feeds off for the season moments before taping the fourth place eviction, which was usually sprung on the hamsters as an off-day surprise.

I figured with taping the eviction on Tuesday this week that it would air on Wednesday, followed by another “live” [cough] eviction Thursday, leaving them with the Final Three to head into finale.

But the end-of-show announcer after Tuesday’s show gave no indication that Wednesday would be anything other than a normal veto show, so I have no idea what’s going on.

Regardless, Digital Dailies will likely be coming to an end soon, and possibly within a day or two.

Tuesday’s Daily revealed that Ty had used his veto once again, on Claudia, and Anika put up Daniel in her place.

In today’s drop, Ty asked Claudia if Renee knew she was going, so apparently his conversation with Daniel in Monday’s Daily was sincere.

Claudia told Ty that Renee was being emotional about it, and he said “that’s on her.” Claudia also said Renee was aware that she’d never been a priority for Ty, and both laughed about that.

Ty retold to Claudia the conversation he’d had at some point with Renee, saying he’d told her, “last week I was on the block by your hand. I told you I was going to save you, but you still had your paranoia and went to say whatever you said to Anika.” That was an interesting comment, since the day before he’d been blaming Anika about the accusations he’d heard from Renee.

Ty also said if he evicts Daniel, the girls could regroup again and he’d be at the bottom of that. And he said “I care too much sometimes, that’s my problem.” Ty’s been a lot of things this season, but someone who cares too much sure hasn’t seemed to be one of them.

The rest of today’s Daily was slop finally ending after approximately 72 hours rather than the 48 they’d mentioned previously, and it ended with a bang. It was Anika’s 29th birthday, so along with the usual pantry restock, BB delivered pizzas, wings, brownies, ice cream, wine, and a sparkly gold party hat for Anika with the number 29 on it.

They ate with gusto and they toasted Anika, and themselves for having made it to Final Five.

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