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BBCAN spoilers: nominations and the final veto—from the last Digital Daily?

BBCAN spoilers: nominations and the final veto—from the last Digital Daily?
The BBCAN11 final four were interrupted at breakfast by Arisa announcing another eviction

Saturday’s Big Brother Canada 11 Digital Daily was taped Friday morning, and ran for an hour and 25 minutes.

It was likely the last one, but that’s unconfirmed as of now.

It started soon after their wake-up signal, with Ty and Claudia still in bed in the HOH room. We did get confirmation that she’d slept in there all three nights since Ty won the HOH on Tuesday.

Their morning pillow talk included conversations about both of them making final three, indicating one of them had won the final veto. And they talked about bringing Daniel to the finale with them.

Over the course of the Daily it was revealed that Ty had nominated Anika and Claudia.

Whatever his reasoning for putting up Claudia as an initial nominee may become clear on the episode but again, these nominations don’t really matter because the veto winner casts the sole vote to evict the fourth placer. (Or the HOH decides who will cast that final vote, if the HOH wins this veto.)

A person smiling
Claudia won BBCAN11’s final veto

We later found out that Claudia had indeed won the final veto.

Both Daniel and Anika told Ty that they’d talk to Claudia to do what little campaigning there was to do. Ty told Daniel that he’d survive this eviction, and he told Anika to keep fighting and not give up.

Nominations and the final veto comp happened on Thursday.

The comp sounded like a very big and complex one. It sounded similar to an escape room, and had five rooms they had to maneuver through: a lobby, two bedrooms, a washroom, and a boiler room. It sounded like it was based on season comps, so of course it included sponsor names. Daniel said the set was beautiful but also disgusting.

It sounded like they had to run from room to room and figure out what various sections needed them to do. There was crawling involved so there were some complaints about sore knees and legs. It also sounded like each run took quite a long time but they agreed it was fun overall.

Along the way they had to reach into buckets with insects, and worms, spaghetti, sausages, a wet teddy bear, a toilet and plunger, and props from various season comps including the alums’ costumes from the murder scene were all involved, as well as names or pics of their fellow cast members, which likely had to be put in some kind of order.

There was also a sequence of numbers involved (to unlock something maybe?) and a puzzle. Claudia said she didn’t even finish the puzzle, so it’ll be interesting to see how this all played out.

We also learned they’d had a prom event at some point. That may have been the theme for the awards show, as a couple of the categories were school-based. I believe one of them was best schoolyard fight, for instance.

Two people in a messy bedroom
Anika and Daniel packed their stuff on BBCAN11’s Digital Daily 46

Anika and Daniel spent some time packing and chatting, and Daniel told her, “I’m either leaving or I’m losing my best friend.”

He likely lost his best friend shortly after that, as Arisa popped onto their screen as they were eating breakfast and told them to go to the living room, where she welcomed them to the “special eviction” and said it would take place in one hour. She spoke with very long pauses between sentences, likely waiting for go-aheads that camera angles and so forth were set up and ready.

That announcement from Arisa about the imminent fourth place eviction usually happened on the Saturday before finale in the past, and it was always when Canada feeds ended for the season—back when we had feeds.

That probably means this is the end of the Digital Dailies, but we’ll know that for sure on Monday. Meanwhile, I’ll be back here to recap the last three episodes.

Reminder, the final Tuesday and Wednesday shows will be at their usual time (7 p.m. and 9 p.m. ET, respectively), but Thursday’s finale will start at 9 p.m. ET, and run for two hours.

Let’s hope they don’t front-load it with fluff and then rush through the final half hour.

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