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BBCAN spoilers: nominees, veto, and a breakdown of an emotional argument

BBCAN spoilers: nominees, veto, and a breakdown of an emotional argument
On BBCAN11's Digital Daily for Monday, May 1, Anika and Ty had a long, heated conversation in the HOH room

Monday’s Big Brother Canada 11 Digital Daily ran for two and a half hours, and was taped early Sunday, and had spoilers ranging from nominations to the veto competition’s winner.

The Digital Daily’s activities took place just before the veto meeting, which normally happens on Mondays.

They were all still on slop, and they speculated and hoped they’d be given a feast to end that.

The bulk of this Daily—over an hour—was a heated discussion between Anika and Ty, which was mostly argumentative loops that both of them kept repeating.

But let’s back up a bit first and get to the spoilers.

Anika nominated Claudia and Renee, as planned, as I reported in Saturday’s Daily.

The veto comp was something combining physical and mental skills again, and Ty won it yet again. That’s his fourth veto in a row—his fifth if you include the safety comp at the Fatal Feast.

As I also reported in Saturday’s write-up, Ty had previously promised Claudia and Renee that he’d use the veto on one of them if he won it again, but he promised Anika he wouldn’t use it in that scenario.

As it turns out, he did plan to use it on Claudia, and Anika would have to put up Daniel.

A person on a sofa with their arms spread on the back of the couch, looking annoyed

Everyone was aware of this in this Digital Daily, and that’s what kicked off the marathon Ty/Anika conversation.

I could do a play-by-play of that conversation but it was tedious enough to listen to, so I’ll save you the agony of reading all that. The bullet points were as follows:

  • Ty explained that he’d been sincere in wanting to work with Anika/Daniel/Kuzie but he knew they still didn’t trust him.
  • Anika said she’d been sincere about wanting to work with him also, especially after Kuzie left, and that she’d stayed true to her alliances all season and would have continued to do so.
  • Ty said he discovered that Anika had lied to him, perhaps by omission, but that she’d been untruthful just the same. His sticking points were that Anika had turned against Kuzie, and that she’d made him think Renee had been trying to break up Ty and Claudia.
  • Renee was called in as a witness (Ty had previously told Renee he planned to do that). That boiled down to Renee apparently having asked Anika awhile back if it was a smart move to leave Ty and Claudia in there together. Anika said Renee had used the word “showmance” and Renee insisted she’d said “Ty and Claudia.”
  • Renee explained this part of the mess to Claudia separately, saying it was something she regretted.

Neither Ty nor Anika gave an inch in their many repetitive loops, rehashing the season back to Week 1 with all kinds of he said/she said.

Anika was choked up for much of it, and shed a couple tears, telling him repeatedly she’d genuinely wanted to work with him after Kuzie left, and Ty repeatedly said he’d wanted to believe that but now he sees Anika’s willing to play dirty. And he said he’d kept trying to help people get farther into the game who were never wanting to do the same for him.

Ty eventually said “I’m gonna use the POV, that’s for sure, but in terms of who’s going, we’ll talk.” He finally left HOH.

Daniel arrived to ask Anika what was going on, and was Ty going to vote him out? Anika said Renee had been telling Ty things against her and Daniel, making Anika look like she’s not an honest person. And she said Ty hadn’t given her a firm yes that he’ll vote to keep Daniel.

Two people on twin beds. The person on the left is leaning back; the person on the right is sitting cross-legged
Ty and Daniel have a more relaxed conversation on BBCAN11’s Digital Daily #42

Daniel and Ty then had a short convo before the veto meeting, with Daniel saying he didn’t need Anika to fight for him, and for Ty to ask him directly if he had questions.

Ty said, “I never want to see you leave,” and explained his issue with Anika was lies/lies of omission, and her unwillingness to be accountable for those.

Daniel said he wouldn’t ever want to cut Anika himself, but that he wouldn’t be upset if the Final Three were him and Ty plus Claudia. And he said, “I’ll say to you the same thing you said to me yesterday: do not let Renee take me out, PLEASE.” Both doubled up laughing.

Daniel added that Renee had put Ty on the block but he (Daniel) had done the opposite, using his veto to save Ty. And he said Renee will do whatever it takes, and will say anything to further herself in the game, and that taking out Anika wouldn’t do anything to help Ty.

Ty said he wants to get to Final Three with Daniel, and he didn’t care if that was with Claudia or Anika, but he’d changed his mind about Anika from things Renee had told him. And he told Daniel, “we will get to Final Four together.”

Daniel reported to Anika that as of now, Ty said he’ll vote to keep Daniel. And Renee and Claudia assumed Ty will vote to keep Renee.

So we’re back to the same situation we were in before the veto comp, with both duos thinking Ty will go their way.

This was a pretty serious Digital Daily, but there were were a few popcorn/comedy lines. One was Renee telling Claudia that Anika’s “almost neck and neck with me” regarding comp wins. Actually they are exactly neck and neck with precisely the same number of wins: one HOH each.

And Claudia told Renee she’s a social powerhouse and strategizer while Ty’s a comp best, and she added “I am a little bit of both.” Maybe that’s true but if so, it hasn’t made the edits of the episodes or the Dailies.

And finally, Daniel muttered to himself as the Daily wound down and the veto meeting was about to start, “no one ever friggin’ listens to me.”

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