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Shocking surprises from BBCAN’s double eviction: Who joined jury? What was the murder scene?

Shocking surprises from BBCAN’s double eviction: Who joined jury? What was the murder scene?
Kuzie tells Ty about the crown alliance on BBCAN11's 38th Digital Daily

Big Brother Canada 11 had its not-live double eviction episode Thursday night, the one truly unpredictable episode of the season. Who was evicted? What did we learn first? And how chaotic and exciting did it end up being?

First, BBCAN gave us Thursday’s Digital Daily, which was taped Wednesday evening and ran just short of two and a half hours.

Most of the conversations in it revolved around Kuzie’s impending eviction, which was a given in each of those convos, plus talk about the probable double eviction they correctly assumed was coming.

Claudia and Renee agreed they respected Kuzie fighting to stay until the very end, and when Renee and Kuzie sat down to clear the air, Kuzie told her she understood, it’s a game, she’d made mistakes, and she hoped Renee would go farther.

Emotions bubbled up and burst out of Renee, who said “I respect you so much, I’m so sorry!” They hugged and both cried.

The only other items of note were studying details about photos or videos they were shown the night before, likely for one of the double eviction comps or the HOH following. Those featured alums in various settings with random details to remember.

And Kuzie told Ty about the Crown and how they’d used a crown-on-head signal when voting each week. They both laughed, and Ty said jokingly, “you guys are pieces of shit.”

And now, on to the show!

The double evictions

A person standing in front of a curtained, open door
Kuzie is evicted on BBCAN11 episode 23, the double-eviction episode

Doubles are always chaotic and exciting, not least because they’re usually the only episode where we don’t know what will happen.

The recaps segment focused on the fallout from Shut Up Gate and the hurt feelings that resulted from it. Kuzie apologized to Renee for that, and they also showed a couple of her campaign talks.

And we saw a heated confrontation between Daniel and Kuzie that happened before the show taping, where she said he was a follower with no backbone, and he lashed back in kind.

Then the show went to a jury house segment that was lengthier than it needed to be for such a packed show, but that is the Big Brother way.

Jonathan had already told Dan and Santina about the Crown, and all were surprised to see Hope arrive to join them, though Santina was pleased it was him.

Then came the first vote and Kuzie was evicted as expected, on a 3-1 vote.

Ty kept his promise to vote in her favor, and it was an emotional exit as Anika broke down sobbing. Kuzie went out with a smile and said from the top of the stairs, “It’s been my honor to serve as Queen Kuzie. Big Daddy K out.”

I need to correct what I said above about the detail studying in today’s Digital Daily: they weren’t shown pics or videos. They were woken at 1:37 a.m. to blood-curdling screams, and when they went to the backyard, there was a tableau of a murder scene.

Season 3’s winner Sarah Hanlon, Adam Pike from Season 7, and Betty Yirsaw and Moose Bendago from Season 10 were all there in person, posing as characters in a whodunit crime scene, with Adam as the murder victim. And they heard some audio recordings from each of them.

The HOH comp was seven true/false questions about the scene and the recordings. Claudia only missed two (and everyone missed one of them) but she got the rest of the questions correct, winning her second HOH.

She must have been thinking how Ty saved himself with the veto when he was an original nominee for her and Renee’s HOH weeks, so she nominated Anika and Daniel. That turned out to be faulty thinking, as their numbers have been reduced.

People smash pots on the ground in front of them
The veto competition during the BBCAN11 double eviction episode

The veto comp was Smash Pots and that’s exactly what it entailed.

They had to grab a pot one at a time from a pile in their lane, climb over a few stairs to the smash zone, smash it, and continue until they’d found four puzzle pieces inside pots, then assemble their puzzle. Everyone played except Claudia.

The comp was silent other than their footsteps and the smashing, and dust clouds started rising from the pottery shards.

It was the kind of comp Ty has excelled at and not surprisingly, he won the veto yet again.

Claudia asked if he was going to use it, in hopes he wouldn’t. He said he was, and he asked her why she was holding on to Shanaya so tightly. From there it was Claudia re-enacting Sophie’s Choice by tearfully asking her fellow Girlypops how she could choose between them.

Hilariously, the episode included subtitles for some of these convos, completely giving up on the charade that Canadian Big Brother eviction shows are live.

Ty used his veto on Anika, continuing the surprising streak of the season in which the veto has been used every single week.

Claudia tearfully nominated Shanaya to sit next to Daniel.

Two people hugging and one person crying behind them
Tears and hugs when Shanaya was evicted from the Big Brother Canada 11 house during its double-eviction episode

Shanaya was evicted 2-1, with Anika and Ty voting her out and Renee the dissenter, and thus the Girlypops were broken up, just as the Crown has crumbled as much as those smashed pots.

Shanaya seemed okay with it—as okay as anyone could be with a shock like that anyway—but both Claudia and Renee were absolutely gutted.

Arisa promised us more of the convos that took place during tonight’s commercial breaks on Tuesday’s show. They’ll likely hold the next HOH comp tonight, and we start up the penultimate week with five of them left.

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