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Puppies, family, and a mysterious lockdown on Big Brother Canada

Puppies, family, and a mysterious lockdown on Big Brother Canada
Puppies were part of BBCAN11's episode 22 veto challenge

Wednesday’s Big Brother Canada 11 episode picked up after nominations, with Ty telling us in Diary that he was glad to be on the block again because he loves the pressure, and Anika told us in her Diary Room that Kuzie had been getting shady.

Other segments before the veto comp included Kuzie demonstrating some of that shadiness against Anika by telling Daniel that the two of them would make a good trio if they teamed up with Ty, and we had a flashback of Hope telling Kuzie that Anika had told him that Daniel was her number one, not Kuzie. And Kuzie told Ty, and then us from Diary, that now “it’s war.”

That game of hide and seek we heard about on the Dailies ended up on the show, where such things just don’t come across well. Hide and seek is the kind of thing that’s often fun to watch on feeds but of course we didn’t, so let’s move on.

The veto comp was a good one and it did come across well on the show. As I previously reported, it was an individually timed comp sponsored by Winners, which is Canada’s version of TJ Maxx/Marshalls. Everyone played except Renee and Claudia.

There were five rooms done up like store sections with clothes in one, bags and luggage in another, toys in another, and so on. They had to hunt through the various items to find four puzzle pieces in each room.

There were distractions along the way, and that’s where the fun came in.

One room had a pen of wiggling, whimpering golden puppies who were easily the stars of the show. But they had stiff competition because a family member of each player was in another room, and the aww moments just kept coming.

The pure shock and joy on each of their faces when Daniel, Shanaya, Ty saw their moms, Kuzie her sister, and Anika her brother was really fun and sweet, and each of them knowing they couldn’t linger for long was touching.

A person gasps upon seeing another, who runs toward the first
Anika is surprised by her brother during the veto competition on BBCAN11 episode 22

Ty became unexpectedly humanized when he saw his mom and later choked up about it in Diary, and Anika’s brother asked her, “Were the puppies better, or is this better?” Tough call.

And there were temptations as well, including a $1,000 cash prize hidden in the handbags room, which Kuzie went for and got, as we already knew.

Afterwards, Claudia read off their times as they all stood around the puppy pen, where each of the little guys was horizontal, wiped out after a very long day of unusual activity.

Ty won another veto with a time of 18:49. Daniel was seconds behind him with 18:53, followed by Kuzie with 19:35, Anika with 27:46, and Shanaya with 34:08. Kuzie made the questionable choice of telling them all she’d gone for and gotten the $1,000 cash bonus.

People standing around a pen with sleeping puppies in it
The BBCAN11 players gather around the pen of exhausted puppies during episode 22

The requisite renom roulette segment followed, with Kuzie and Daniel both campaigning to Renee in hopes they wouldn’t be the one to replace Ty on the block.

As we also already knew, Renee selected Kuzie as the renom, and she did so by saying “Queen Ku, take a seat.”

Kuzie did, saying “Renee, shut up” and “sit down” as she joined Anika in the nomination seats. That didn’t go over well at all, gauging by the faces of the rest of them, and that may have been the veto meeting drama that was talked about on the Dailies. Or maybe there was more fallout about that later. If so, hopefully it’ll be on tomorrow’s show.

The closing narrator said Anika or Kuzie will be evicted tomorrow (as of now, it’ll be Kuzie), with no mention of a possible save by Wendy’s points or anything else. And he reminded us tomorrow’s a double eviction.

A mysterious lockdown for the houseguests

People sitting around in a room
The houseguests were on lockdown in the HOH room on BBCAN11’s 38th Digital Daily

Wednesday’s Digital Daily was taped Tuesday evening and ran one hour and 52 minutes. It opened with Ty advising Kuzie about her campaign strategies over the pool table.

They talked about Kuzie making a Final Four pitch to Renee to include Claudia and Shanaya, and to suggest she’d announce that in front of Anika and Daniel to prove she was serious about it.

The Daily then switched on cue to the Girlypops, and Claudia saying “I feel like the decision’s been made” [to boot Kuzie], and Shanaya said it wouldn’t make sense to keep Kuzie over Anika, as Kuzie would be harder to beat going forward and in finals. Claudia and Renee each said they thought they’d be the next house target, after Ty.

Then we were switched back to Ty and Kuzie, who talked about the importance of Kuzie coming up with some explanation for why she kicked off the Fatal Feast safety chain by saving Hope. Kuzie said Renee had felt hurt about that, which in turn had made it difficult for Kuzie to defend herself. She said she didn’t show her emotions in there, but that didn’t mean she didn’t feel them.

Ty said Claudia had told him the previous night that she didn’t feel Shanaya had been there for her emotionally like she had been for Shanaya. He said because everyone saw her as a strong person, they didn’t necessarily realize when she needed support, and he said that applied to Kuzie as well. He added that it was the same for him since he also doesn’t show emotions in there.

Kuzie said “I think I’m the villain of the season” and he agreed she was, and she should play up the role. Kuzie’s edit on Tuesday’s show certainly portrayed her as that, and maybe questions she’d been asked in Diary this week tipped her off about that. But Ty’s been more the season villain in my opinion, going way back to the beginning when he and Zach manipulated the first two HOH weeks, and even more so recently when everyone’s wanted him gone but they still haven’t been able to make it happen.

Kuzie said she might tell Renee and/or her fellow Girlypops that she’d been planning to use the veto on Ty this week if she’d won it – which would have resulted in Anika and Daniel on the block – because she’d realized they were no longer loyal to her. Ty suggested she save that for a very last resort because it would tell them she was working with Ty, which probably wouldn’t go over well at all.

There was an edit blip around then and then all seven were in the HOH room on a lockdown. They were all getting along and doing group games.

At one point Big Brother asked them to ensure the HOH door was locked, which surprised them.

When the lockdown was over, they discovered the pantry had been restocked but they didn’t find anything else out of the ordinary. All agreed a pantry restock wouldn’t require them to check that the door was locked.

They hunted around for hidden vetos or random clues, and several were calling for Marsha, the famous moose who often gives someone a secret task. But Renee had a secret task (without Marsha) that aired on Tuesday’s show, so it doesn’t seem likely that would happen again so soon. But nobody found anything unusual that we saw.

From there it was a lot of random chatter, until near the end of the DD when Anika made a campaign pitch to Claudia in the Circle K convenience store/snack room.

There wasn’t much that was noteworthy in that: it was the usual campaign buzzwords on both sides, but they did reference their new unnamed alliance with Shanaya and Daniel. Both agreed they were still going to be gunning for Ty, and if they should fail to get him on the voting block yet again, they’d opt for Renee.

Claudia said she was confident Anika would stay this week and she didn’t see anything changing that but if it did, she’d let Anika know. Anika said she was still somewhat concerned because she knew how good a talker Kuzie is.

Anika asked if Kuzie had said anything that might change things? Claudia said not really, that she’d only been giving Claudia some perspective about her game, and that she felt this was the last straw for her.

I don’t know when that Kuzie/Claudia talk happened, and if it included what Kuzie and Ty had talked about earlier over pool over not. Shanaya, who sat down to hear out Anika next, also said she’d talked with Kuzie. She said Kuzie had told her Anika and Daniel were planning to target Shanaya and Claudia, but that she (Shanaya) didn’t believe that. And Anika said Kuzie didn’t know about their new unnamed four-person alliance.

So as of Tuesday night, Kuzie was still toast. It’s Big Brother and things can and often do change, but it doesn’t seem likely they will, as of now.

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