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A BBCAN player begs, but Wendy’s points steal the show. Plus: the veto spoiler!

A BBCAN player begs, but Wendy’s points steal the show. Plus: the veto spoiler!
Renee learns of her secret tasks during Big Brother Canada 11 episode 21

Tuesday’s Big Brother Canada 11 episode was pretty much a snooze. But the Digital Daily did provide a spoiler—and some drama.

The episode started with a better-than-usual pun from the recap announcer who said “let the Reneesance begin.” Hmm, that doesn’t really come across in text: he pronounced it like renaissance. And then Renee celebrated her HOH win in Diary with Very Loud Screaming.

From there it went right to Kuzie approaching Renee to “beg for her life” in the convo I reported in Friday’s Digital Daily recap, along with the open resentment from Daniel and Anika, and derision from Shanaya and Claudia, that Kuzie initiated that convo on Thursday night rather than waiting for Friday as is customary.

We heard Kuzie in Diary say she felt she had better standing with Renee than Anika or Daniel, and that proved true when Renee promised her safety for her initial noms.

Sponcon came along on schedule with cheering for Renee’s new outfit from Winners, and gushing over the Wendy’s breakfast menu with her guest Anika.

Renee had said on the Digital Dailies that she asked Anika because she hadn’t been a breakfast guest before, but she said in Diary that she’d sensed some cracks in the Anika/Daniel/Kuzie trio and she wanted to dig into that a bit.

Season 9’s Jedson Tavernier was in the walk-up window and Renee gushed some more about his looks and her blushing, calling him a “hottie lamottie” in Diary. She didn’t mention that she’d actually met him before, since he did the pre-season cast interviews for ET Canada.

Anika cried to Daniel after breakfast and told him it would be one of them on the block with Ty, since Renee had promised Kuzie it wouldn’t be her.

The rest of the show was pretty much everyone bashing on Kuzie and her double-dipping.

It’s true, she has been working with other people and other sides all season, but the edit only focused on putting herself first among the Crown remainders at this point—which is simply good BB—without giving her credit for how often she’d successfully juggled everyone up to this point.

The episode dragged on and just when it was about to put me to sleep, Renee was called to Diary to be given a secret task to earn 5,000 Wendy’s rewards points for everyone.

She had to execute three “dares” (wrong use of that word) which were to persuade someone to do her laundry, get someone to scratch an itch, and convince someone she has a crush on them. She did the first two easily, but she wasn’t very believable when she told Daniel she had the hots for him.

Daniel was then given a card to read to everyone explaining the task, and it said she’d failed because her acting was so bad. But then it said she succeeded so everyone got 5,000 Wendy’s rewards points.

The only reason I can see for giving the same number of points to everyone would be simply to remind people the Wendy’s points are a thing, which means they’ll likely come into play soon.

Renee nominated Ty and Anika, which we already knew, the announcer teased the veto show tomorrow, and the credits rolled.

As a side note on the Wendy’s points, someone tweeted that Kuzie will need a miracle to survive the week and that maybe the Wendy’s points would be that miracle.

Someone else responded “@WendysCanada said it was a game changing advantage,” and @WendysCanada replied “We said what now?” I can’t fault the person running their Twitter for not knowing what that was about, but it was pretty funny just the same.

By the way, Kuzie is currently miles ahead in points because she got 5,000 in the endurance HOH, plus she had two HOHs, and she got the points held by JM, Hope, and Santina when they were evicted. Hope’s points included Jonathan’s, which in turn included Rob’s.

Spoilers: Was the veto used?

A living room with circular yellow couches, on which four people lounge
The BBCAN11 hamsters lie around talking about being hamsters on the 37th Digital Daily

Big Brother Canada’s Tuesday Digital Daily was taped Monday night and ran two hours and 22 minutes. It didn’t have much content for that much time, but we did learn the outcome of the veto meeting.

As I reported yesterday, Ty won himself another veto over the weekend.

Today we learned he used it to pull himself off the block, obviously, again, and Renee put up Kuzie in his place against Anika. And it seemed assumed by all that Kuzie will be evicted on Thursday.

There was some drama or something that we didn’t see, but Renee, Shanaya, Claudia were griping about it towards the end of the DD.

If I had to guess from the context, it sounded like maybe Kuzie said something about Renee having told her she wouldn’t put her up? Maybe that was immediate at the veto meeting, or maybe it was later. Renee did promise that to Kuzie but only about the initial noms; she didn’t extend that to a post-veto renom guarantee.

The Girlypops were also griping about others comforting Kuzie after [whatever] happened, and that there’d been an awkward tone all around at dinner. Renee said “to do that, and still have support, that’s fucked up, and now I have to sit here and take shit.” She added “that’s been the narrative of the whole fuckin season.”

Shanaya said Kuzie had “some nerve to be preaching about how she’s looked out for the girls” and she also said some people think a “petty act” is cute but she does not.

All three were confused why they still felt on the outs from everyone else socially, even though this was their second consecutive week in power. Impossible as it seems, they might be genuinely surprised to learn about the Crown.

Backing up, the Daily started with Renee saying she’d walked in on something that day, “for the second time.” Again if I had to guess, it sounded like she walked in on Ty and Claudia cuddling or making out.

Ty said “Daniel, daily download” referencing the news bulletins Daniel does sometimes, and Renee said “the showmancers are re-canoodling.” Daniel said he doesn’t report on drama. Bless.

Anika visited Kuzie who was in her bed to say there was some chili downstairs, and she offered to bring her some. Kuzie asked where everyone was and when Anika said they were on the living room couches, Kuzie went down to eat. She said she didn’t want to do that if everyone was eating at the table. From there she went to play pool on her own.

Two people playing pool; one is wearing a red hoodie and is hitting a ball with a cue
Kuzie and Daniel chat over a game of pool on BBCAN11

Daniel joined Kuzie to pay pool, and she made it clear she knew she was going to be evicted. She said the three girls will still want her jury vote, so she might play up her “sourpuss” routine to milk that before she goes. She said her enemies out here will be laughing at her and she worried about letting down people who were rooting for her. Daniel said “what if you’re the icon of the season” and pointed out some of the best BB players of the past never won.

And she kicked herself about going for the $1,000 cash prize in the veto comp, and probably losing the veto as well as the season as a result. Daniel told her not to beat herself up for it, that she’d be leaving with $2,000 in prizes compared to his zero prizes so far.

They also discussed Daniel’s chances if he gets to finals. He seemed confident he’d outlast the three girls and wondered if he should take Ty or Anika to the end if that option is his.

Kuzie asked if Daniel would rather beat the best (Ty) or have a guaranteed win (against Anika). He said he felt if he wins one more comp, he could win in the end over Ty. That’s highly doubtful in my opinion, but we’ll see what happens.

In a more humorous convo, Shanaya randomly asked Anika, Claudia, Renee, Ty if they’d rather be a hamster in a cage and be taken care of, or a rat who was free to roam but had to look after itself. Replies were mixed and led to a surprisingly lengthy debate about the merits and pitfalls of both options.

Then Shanaya said “what if we’re hamsters in a cage right now?” Ding ding ding! Anika carried that further, saying “we’re a hamster in here in the Big Brother house, but outside in the world we’re rats.” Ty said “that’s hamster mentality.”

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