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A choreographed dance eviction, plus a new HOH on Big Brother Canada

A choreographed dance eviction, plus a new HOH on Big Brother Canada
Hope's eviction on BBCAN11 came with a choreographed dance

Big Brother Canada season 11’s latest eviction episode picked up after the veto comp, with Ty celebrating his win in the library alone, plus a short congratulatory visit from Claudia.

That was followed by a few convo snippets about renom options, some of which we’d heard on the Digital Dailies.

The last we heard on that topic on the Dailies, Kuzie had decided to suggest herself to Claudia for the renom, but the show aired a chat between the two of them that was totally opposite that, and it even got a little tense between Claudia and Kuzie.

There’s no way to know the sequencing of these things but as we know, Claudia did end up nominating Kuzie as Ty’s replacement on the block.

Hope gave his fellow Crown members a peptalk saying he’d be rooting them on and he was sure they’d end up going to the end, and they had a sincere group hug. It was a bittersweet moment for the alliance as well as their fans, like myself.

A jury house segment followed, with Dan amusing himself alone, and then he was joined by Jonathan, and then Santina. The highlights of that were Jonathan’s shockface when Santina arrived, and Dan finding out she’d been the secret HOH who sent him there.

Hope was evicted 4-1, with Ty the lone vote to evict Kuzie. It’ll be interesting to see if he later tries to pin that on someone else.

When Arisa announced the vote results, all eight of them jumped up to do the group dance they’d rehearsed on the Dailies, led enthusiastically by Hope.

It was a joyful eviction overall, considering. Hope went out with a big smile and as one of the best sports we’ve seen in a while.

Six people standing on steps with names written on them, and dividers between them
BBCAN11 episode 20’s HOH competition

When Arisa asked who Hope thought would win the season, he said “Queen Kuzie.”

That made it unanimous so far, with all four of the current jurors answering that question with Kuzie’s name.

The next Head of Household comp was completed on the show. It was Before or After, seven questions about sequencing of season events.

That played out as follows:

  1. all correct
  2. Shanaya, Renee, Kuzie correct
  3. all correct
  4. Shanaya, Ty, Renee, Daniel correct
  5. all correct
  6. Ty, Renee, Daniel, Kuzie correct
  7. Shanaya, Ty, Renee, Daniel correct

That gave Renee the win, her first, and she was over the moon about it. It also meant the Girlypops would survive another week, and the Crown might lose yet another member.

Arisa told us the finale will be in three weeks, so May 11/Day 69 as I expected. And she told us next week will be a double eviction, the first of the season.

There may have been another double originally planned for earlier, but the three non-voted exits likely upset the scheduling.

Dance rehearsal on the Digital Daily

Two people lying in a bed, looking up toward the ceiling
Ty and Claudia on Big Brother Canada 11’s Digital Daily 33

Thursday’s Digital Daily ran 2 hours, 20 minutes and was taped Wednesday evening. Once again there were only a couple items of interest in it.

Those included another Claudia/Ty conversation that had a kind of flirty tone, but it was also mostly chit-chat, so I remain stumped about whether they’re back to being an item or not. But if I had to guess, I’d say each was just covering their bases for next week and both of them were probably okay with no longer being a couple.

The only gametalk was Ty asking Hope if he’d talked to Anika and Daniel about their votes, and Hope said they were voting him out. Once again, Hope seemed more than comfortable with that, and Ty said it was good of them to let him know.

They rehearsed the group dance that we’d heard about in Wednesday’s Digital Daily. They were planning to do it upon Hope’s eviction, and it seemed probable that Big Brother was going to let that happen since they included it in this DD.

And as it turned out, they did let them do it on the show. Hope was the most enthusiastic of the dancers, so he definitely seemed ready and willing to go, and he thanked everyone for participating in giving him a fun send-off.

There were mentions of a few activities they’ve done that were withheld from us. Those included the game of hide and seek we also heard about Wednesday, and a French toast battle, and “some social media stuff” they’d done on this day.

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