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Big Brother Canada picks an HOH with ‘poison’ shots as part of a ‘cataclysmic combo’

Big Brother Canada picks an HOH with ‘poison’ shots as part of a ‘cataclysmic combo’
Big Brother Canada's Traitors roundtable hosted the HOH competition, which asked them to determine who had bad-tasting shots—just like in Netflix's The Mole!

Big Brother Canada’s intro/recap narrator promised a “supersized cataclysmic combo” for Wednesday’s episode, and it was actually that, since it included both an HOH and veto comp along with the usual shenanigans.

The episode picked up from Santina’s eviction as the remainders sat down to the Fatal Feast table again that same evening for the next Head of Household comp.

It was called Pick Your Poison, and involved outgoing HOH Kuzie serving rounds of shots to everyone. In each round, one of the shots was “poison,” which meant awful-tasting.

Everyone downed their shots and then they all had to guess who got the bad tasting one. If anyone guessed correctly, the one who got the “poison” was out. If everyone guessed wrong, the “poison” drinker would pick who to eliminate.

They were all pretty good with their poker faces, but not good enough. Outs in order were Hope, Anika, Ty, and Renee. Shanaya was then the first and only one to fool her fellow remaining tasters—Claudia and Daniel—and she eliminated Daniel, surprising no one.

Shanaya and Claudia then had a tiebreaker question asking how many total balls went into targets, without going over, on the HOH comp where they had to run up stairs then shoot balls into hoops while sliding back down.

The answer was 615, and Claudia was almost spot-on with her guess of 613, winning her the HOH. Shanaya guessed 520.

Sponcon returned after taking yesterday’s show off, as Claudia modeled her new Winners outfit and gushed over the Wendy’s menu with her guest Shanaya.

Season 1’s Topaz was in the Wendy’s window and she reminded Claudia to be sure to vote for the right person if she ends up being a juror. (Topaz infamously voted for the wrong person on that premiere season’s finale, changing the winner from Gary to Jillian in a 4-3 vote.) It was good to see her again, and doubly so seeing her able to joke about that blunder.

A person holding two sticks with a large blue ball between them
Ty competes for the veto on Big Brother Canada 11 episode 19

Miscellaneous segments included Ty doing a strategy session for Claudia with candies, and Renee rather than Claudia explaining their best nomination options in Diary.

Claudia nominated Hope and Ty, as we already knew from the Digital Dailies.

Veto players were Hope and Ty, plus Anika, Shanaya, and Renee was Claudia’s pick when she drew Houseguest Choice. Cue Renee in Diary again, saying it was time for her to finally get a win.

The veto comp was called Double Dutch and it was a simple concept but deceptively difficult to do. They had to maneuver nine balls, one at a time, down two ropes and perch each ball on a post.

The balls fell a lot between their ropes or off one side, and even once they figured out a good technique, the ropes would knock off balls they’d already placed.

And as we also already knew, house target Ty won that, preventing what would have easily been a unanimous eviction. Hope came very close but Ty landed the final ball first. Renee still hasn’t gotten a win, and Anika hasn’t either.

The veto meeting will be on Thursday’s eviction show, but we know what happened there, too. Scroll on down for the spoiler.

Spoilers from Tuesday night in the house

Two people shake hands at the far end of a pool table
Renee and Ty shake hands during a game of pool on the Big Brother Canada 11’s 32nd Digital Daily drop

Moving ahead to the near-present, Wednesday’s Digital Daily ran for two hours and seven minutes, and was taped Tuesday evening.

We already know that Ty took himself off the block and Claudia put up Kuzie in his place.

The thumbnail on the BB Canada site for this DD showed Renee and Ty shaking hands in the library/pool room, and I first wondered if perhaps Ty had gotten Renee to agree to vote to keep Hope this week in exchange for some future favor.

But it turned out selecting that moment to use for the featured screenshot was just clickbait, as it occurred an hour and 20 minutes into the video, and was simply about a game of pool they’d just finished.

There was zero talk about the upcoming vote in this DD, convincing me even more that Hope will be leaving on Thursday and there was no further discussion to be had about it.

In fact, there was no gametalk at all, making this Daily feel more like a typical couple hours of normal feeds, with a lot of small talk, chit-chat, food prep and eating, and activity planning.

There was talk about a game of hide and seek later that night, which would have been fun to watch, but we didn’t. And there was also talk about having a rehearsal for a group dance, but we didn’t see that either. Hope did mention at one point the dance would be better to do Wednesday night, as that would be “the last night,” presumably meaning his last night in there.

Claudia and Renee chatted a little about having had trust issues in the past and they wondered if this experience would make those issues better or worse in future. Anika made tacos for everyone, and assigned prep tasks to Daniel and Hope.

And Claudia and Ty had a game of pool with some flirty-ish banter, and a big hug when the game ended.

After the prior day’s cuddling, I have to wonder if they’re back on again? Has he been sleeping in HOH? Maybe she was just covering her bases in hopes he won’t retaliate for putting him on the block if he wins the next HOH. Things we don’t know because they aren’t letting us see the full story this season. Sigh.

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