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The Fatal Feast’s instant eviction, plus BBCAN nominations spoilers

The Fatal Feast’s instant eviction, plus BBCAN nominations spoilers
Ty and Claudia cuddle while watching others play pool on the BBCAN11 Digital Dailies 31

Tuesday’s Big Brother Canada 11 episode 18 began with a dramatic cinematic intro teasing the Fatal Feast, and the show lived up to the hype.

Going back to last Friday morning, they did in fact notice the NOMINATIONS TODAY sign was absent from the living room monitor. That’s something I’d questioned during that Digital Daily because it hadn’t been mentioned by anyone.

We saw Daniel go into the library/pool room and when he did, the lights started flashing and several random books flew off the shelves onto the floor. He knew something was up obviously, so he started searching right away.

Hope and Anika arrived and a couple more books flew. Daniel showed them a clue he’d found that said there were 54 puzzle pieces hidden in books, so they started pulling them off the shelves, flipping pages, and ripping out the clues they found. Hope sat himself at the door to prevent anyone else joining.

Santina figured out they were in there and tried to get in, unsuccessfully. She told Ty something was going on and while Ty did try to push his way in, as we’d heard, he and Santina were eventually let in, as was Kuzie who was late to arrive.

That left Claudia, Renee, Shanaya clearly intentionally excluded, and they grew ever more upset and resentful about it.

Back in the library room, once the puzzle was assembled, the fireplace started billowing “smoke” (likely dry ice vapor) and a tray slid out from it with a fancy dinner invitation on it.

It either said—or they were told—that everyone had to be present to read it, so the Girlypops were finally allowed in, even though they didn’t even want to participate by that point.

Anika and Daniel figured out the dinner party might result in a chain of safety, and with Hope, they worked out the order they should do that.

That was smart of them, but it was a questionable edit decision in my opinion, as it made the later announcement rather anti-climactic. Granted, we already knew a chain of safety took place, but you know what I mean. I hope.

The Fatal Feast set looked really great, with fancy food and LED light bars in the table, and everyone was dressed up to the max: the guys wore tuxedos and the girls wore glittery dresses.

It really was a good-looking show tonight. Canada’s always treated feedsters horribly—though not quite as horribly as this year’s total shun—and they’ve had some very questionable twists in the past, but their production values and decor have always been stellar.

People seated at a large round, wooden table with triangle elements and circles of lights
Is this The Traitors roundtable, or Big Brother Canada?! It’s BBCAN and its “Fatal Feast.”

The area at the bottom of the stairs was decorated with A LOT of candles on various stands and candelabras, and they all walked through that to the backyard table like it was a red carpet event.

Arisa appeared on a monitor to welcome them to the Fatal Feast, and told them someone would be evicted that night. There would be a chain of safety, followed by a safety comp for the last three. The winner of that would also be safe, and the two left would become nominees.

The order of the safety chain was Kuzie > Hope > Anika > Daniel > Shanaya > Claudia.

That left Renee, Santina, and Ty competing for the last safety spot.

That competition was titled Too Hot to Candle, in which they had to place approximately 40 candles on the spokes of a tiered candelabra.

They had to place them from the bottom up, and spin the apparatus around to get to all sides, and the candles were very wobbly so many fell off as they went. Those waiting to compete had to wait their turns elsewhere and couldn’t watch the others.

Three people stand behind a large, wide yellow candelabra
Renee, Ty, and Santina play for safety on BBCAN11 episode 18

Ty won that with a time of 7 minutes, 17 seconds, leaving Renee and Santina as the night’s nominees. I didn’t catch their exact times but they were shown on the screen—I believe they were around 12 or 14 minutes. They had a half hour to campaign, which they did tearfully.

Renee and Santina gave their nominee speeches at the fancy dinner table, with Santina saying she’d appreciated and enjoyed her time there. She knew she would be leaving and so she did, on a vote of 6-0.

Santina had a very short sit-down with Arisa, and there was no mention of an extended QA, though it conceivably could show up on the show’s site.

Unless/until it does, we don’t know who Santina left her Wendy’s points to but even more surprising, there was no sponcon in this episode! Tuesdays usually have a new outfit from Winners for the new HOH along with an alum in the Wendy’s window, and over-enthusiastic enjoyment of the fast food breakfast by the HOH and their guest. I still don’t know if Hope ever got that Baconator he’d been craving.

What’s happened since then in the BBCAN house

Tuesday’s Digital Daily was taped Monday evening and ran just a hair over two hours.

It was mostly chit-chat and just hanging out, with some studying of days/events, and a lot less gametalk than usual. But after the Fatal Feast eviction and sped-up nomination/veto cycle that followed, that was almost welcome.

If you’re behind on the almost-real-time events, Claudia won the next Head of Household and nominated Hope and Ty, and Ty won the veto.

We learned today that he used it on himself (obviously), and Claudia put up Kuzie in his place, by mutual agreement with the Girlypops and the Crown remainders.

This DD opened with Hope telling Anika he was ready to leave and didn’t plan on campaigning. He said he remained grateful for all of it but he’d accomplished what he’d come for, which was for the experience and to learn about himself. He said he wasn’t angry he was about to go, adding “my fight is over.”

Anika asked his biggest regret in there and Hope said it wasn’t voicing his opinion enough, and just going along with what others wanted. And he said he’d be conscious of that in life from now on, and would make sure he gets things done himself.

Hope also said his thoughts weren’t given much weight when he did contribute them in the game, especially back when he was with Zach, Ty, Rob, and that was one reason he’d been so happy to join the others to form the Crown alliance.

Daniel joined them, and they all laughed about the craziness of the library hunt, as well as everyone’s paranoia when Arisa announced to them that the feast was lethal—after they’d eaten. They wondered if the library mystery was now complete, and they agreed it probably was.

Daniel and Kuzie played a game of pool, with Renee, Shanaya, Claudia, Ty watching. That wouldn’t be notable in itself, except that Claudia was perched on Ty’s lap.

I don’t know how much significance that holds, if any, because it’s too hard to keep up with whether their showmance is on or off at any given time, especially without feeds. Later they were talking and laughing alone in the “nook” room.

Kuzie asked Ty if she has his vote and he said she does, that he was going to honor their Final Two deal. But a bit later he said he just hoped they’d get to Final Four and then it would be everyone for themselves. Maybe their F2 was only in place until F4 stage, I don’t know.

Kuzie also asked Daniel for his vote a bit later and he said, “don’t waste your breath, you got it.” She told him Ty had also promised his vote, and Daniel said Hope had pretty much already made his farewell rounds to everyone, including Ty.

Kuzie said Claudia had reportedly said something about how it would be okay if the plan fails and Kuzie ends up leaving anyway. Daniel said, “it’s impossible to fail” and he said Anika and Shanaya wouldn’t waver on keeping Kuzie either.

I don’t know exactly what Kuzie heard about Claudia or from whom—she may have just been planting seeds to target Claudia sooner than later, since her comp skills have been pretty good lately.

Interestingly, Daniel said he hadn’t thought the whole BB experience would be as tedious or exhausting as it’s been. He’s a self-described “superfan,” but that comment made me think he’s a TV-only fan, as anyone who’d watched any BB feeds at all knows the tremendous amount of downtime that’s filled with constant scheming and paranoia are what wears down nearly everyone who’s played the game.

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