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A dramatic BBCAN11 episode: campaigning, showmance drama, and mysterious clues

A dramatic BBCAN11 episode: campaigning, showmance drama, and mysterious clues
Claudia, Renee, and Shanaya celebrate on BBCAN11's episode 16

Wednesday’s Big Brother Canada 11 veto episode was a dramatic one, picking up after the intro recaps with the BB Canada tradition of someone being in the bathroom while they’re being talked about.

This time it was Kuzie in the HOH bathroom while Claudia told Ty she didn’t understand Kuzie’s game, and she was in with too many people, and Ty saying maybe Kuzie has a crush on him. Yep, he said that.

The veto player draw was back on the show again. The players were nominees Hope and Renee plus Santina, Claudia, and Shanaya as Ty’s Houseguest Choice. Ty picking her confused pretty much everyone.

A set designed to look like a front yard with debris; several people wearing red shirts and khaki pants are standing looking at it
The BBCAN11 episode 16 veto competition, which was themed to disaster cleanup

The comp was sponsored by Belair Direct so there was another $5,000 bonus for the winner. The premise was a huge storm had destroyed someone’s yard and they had to clean it up.

It was played in head-to-head heats, but each heat was different.

Reminder: Big Brother is unfair by definition. (It actually is: the dictionary definition is “a person or organization exercising total control over people’s lives,” from George Orwell’s dystopian novel Ninteen Eighty-Four.)

  • Round 1 was Hope vs Santina. They had to gather fence pieces and replace them back into a puzzle fence, then clear out and move remaining debris. Hope won and advanced.
  • Round 2 was Renee vs Shanaya. They had to slot trees into the proper shaped slots, then remove four tires and roll them into a rack. Shanaya won and advanced.
  • Round 3 was Hope vs Claudia. They had to collect puzzle pieces, and assemble them into a pretty good size path, and place several 3-D pieces into a column. Claudia won and advanced.
  • Round 4 final was Claudia vs Shanaya. They had to maneuver a rolly-ball table to get a ball into slots at the end, four times. The table was laid out like the Belair Direct app – sponcon deluxe!

Shanaya won, as we already knew, and she celebrated with Claudia and Renee in the bathroom. Such celebrations are usually done in the pantry, but this worked too.

Things then got sticky with Ty saying “this is not the ideal situation” in Diary, and he had a heated discussion with Claudia, threatening to put her up as renom if Shanaya couldn’t be convinced to not use her veto.

We didn’t see that spat on the Dailies, but we heard about it, which has become typical for this feedless season.

The Crown came up with a late night plan to convince Shanaya to keep noms the same. Just before the veto meeting, Hope distracted Renee elsewhere, and Anika, Kuzie, Daniel met with Shanaya and Claudia to make their pitch, but it came across a bit too strong and heavy-handed.

I’m pretty sure there’d been a number of individual talks before that, but they wouldn’t have had the “good TV” impact this did, so this is what was shown.

We already know it wasn’t successful: Shanaya used her veto on Renee, and Ty put up Jonathan in her place, saying his nominations “hadn’t been respected.” Please. This guy continues to be insufferable in so many ways. He really should have followed Zach out the door that night.

Clues for an HOH competition?

A person gesturing; behind her are two photos with quotes on them. The legible one says "'You signed up for this!' —Victoria"
BBCAN11 introduced some kind of clues—for the upcoming HOH competition—into the house

Wednesday’s Digital Daily was another whopper at two hours and 50 minutes, which was taped late afternoon/early evening on Tuesday. Virtually all of it was talk about the upcoming vote, plus plans to target Ty going forward.

There was one bit of actual news in it: the Circle K convenience store/snack room now has photos with quotes of iconic lines from prior seasons, along with price tags with random dollar amounts stuck on the walls. Many of them speculated they’d be for a memory comp, possibly this week’s HOH.

Many of them are expecting a double or triple eviction this week and they figured a memory comp would be something they could do quickly.

Me, I’d be surprised if they have a triple this year since they’ve had three non-voted exits and only one was balanced by a cancelled eviction. And after this week’s eviction, there will be nine of them left, with only three more Thursdays before finale week.

We didn’t really see serious campaign pitches from Hope today but we heard that he’d done some. We did see several from Jonathan. And despite the many vote conversations in this nearly three-hour block, there were no promises by anyone as to how they’ll be voting.

Anika and Kuzie discussed the pros and cons of keeping Hope or Jonathan, and Anika pointed out that Ty has been trying to pit the two of them against the other three girls, so they went to discuss things with Claudia/Renee/Shanaya in the Circle K room, where they’d been having similar discussions. Santina also joined them a bit later.

Without going into all the details of the mostly repetitive convos, it seems like Anika and Kuzie will vote to keep Jonathan as of now, as will Claudia and Shanaya. Renee said she was torn because she and Hope were close and had been since the beginning. But she echoed what several said, that Hope was unpredictable game-wise, and he was more likely than Jonathan to get pulled back in by Ty to work with him.

All of them agreed it was a difficult decision this week. And all of them agreed Ty’s got to go.

Claudia has the added complication of showmancing with Ty, who wants to keep Hope, but she said she and Jonathan had bonded way back as fellow East Coasters, and they’d made a pact not to go against each other.

Santina said she’d prefer Jonathan stays but only if he can guarantee he’ll be up to the emotional challenge, as the game will just keep getting harder from here. Later, she asked Jonathan that question, and he said he is ready, willing, and able. And he started working on his nominee speech with her.

Three people stand at a pool table, looking at an open book
BBCAN11’s Daniel, Ty, and Hope think they’ve found a clue in a book

We saw very little of Ty in today’s DD, but he was spotted in the library/pool room going through books with Hope and Daniel. He found something in one of them, but it seemed to be more a lack of something, as if a page had been torn out or maybe a card or something had been pulled off one of the pages.

There was no indication that they knew anything about Santina having found that UNSEEN GAME card in there so long ago.

So as of now it seems Hope will be the one joining Dan in the jury house but again, there was very little concrete confirmation of that, and there was a lot of talk about discussing it more before Thursday’s vote.

Jonathan did ask Anika and Kuzie to let him know ahead of time since he wanted to wear his nice jacket if he was going to be meeting Arisa.

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