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Was the veto used on Big Brother Canada 11? And who went commando?

Was the veto used on Big Brother Canada 11? And who went commando?
Santina, Ty, and Jonathan in the BBCAN11 Digital Daily 25, which is recapped here, along with episode 15

Tuesday’s Big Brother Canada 11 episode 15 brought us the HOH endurance competition, which they stretched out to almost 20 minutes.

Drop order was Daniel, Kuzie (who came off after hearing the next to drop would get 5,000 Wendy’s points), Anika, Jonathan, Santina, Renee, Shanaya, Claudia, and finally Hope came off at 5 hours 8 minutes, giving Ty the win.

They did include both food fights in the episode! As I’d reconstructed here from retells, both involved Santina griping about Anika’s food: garlic toast after the comp and waffles the next morning.

The edit included Santina calling Anika “rude ass” but they changed “fucking bitch” to just “bitch,” not surprisingly. And once again Kuzie missed them and asked why she always misses the fights. We ask the same question.

They did not show Ty reading his letter from home but of course they included him modeling his new Winners outfit, and picking up his Wendy’s meal from season 6’s Erica Hill in the window. He shared that with Claudia as we know, and they had a glaring missed comedy opportunity by omitting how much Hope wanted a Baconator.

We saw Ty asking Hope to go on the block as a pawn to ensure Renee and Santina would be the final noms after veto, and he guaranteed Hope he wouldn’t go home. (That promise might not age well, given what’s happened since.)

And we saw Ty letting Santina know she’d be going up as his target. That entire meeting was on the Digital Dailies, and the episode didn’t let on how long it lasted, or that Santina held out a while before she got momentarily sniffly.

But then they learned Santina won the viewer safety vote, and that it was the last of the season.

A person with an open mouth smile
Santina learns she won the final viewer safety vote on BBCAN11 episode 15

Of course she was thrilled, and Ty seemed to take it pretty well, considering he had to shuffle his plans. He told Renee she’d be going up next to Hope, Renee told Claudia and Shanaya, and then all three met with Ty.

Renee pointed out Anika/Kuzie/Daniel were a unit and Jonathan would vote with them, and Renee would be evicted. But Ty wasn’t going to be swayed, and he basically asked Renee why he’d owe her any favors.

The episode ended with Ty nominating Hope and Renee, and the usual announcer teaser to tune in tomorrow for the veto competition.

Newer news from the Digital Dailies

Two people sitting in chairs, holding hands
BBCAN11 episode 15 revealed Hope and Renee are nominated

All of that’s very old news to those of us keeping up with the Digital Dailies which are closer to real time, so let’s get to Tuesday’s which was taped Monday evening, and ran for two and a half hours.

The main headline is Shanaya used her veto to pull Renee off the block, and Ty put Jonathan up in her place. That wasn’t entirely unexpected, but it’s still disappointing to many of us.

Not only is (was) The Crown a rootable alliance, but both Hope and Jonathan are tightly bonded with each other and very loyal to their allies. Both have been fun to watch in their very different ways, and both seem to be genuinely nice guys, so I’m in mourning a bit.

But it is Big Brother, where qualities like nice, loyal, or likable are often irrelevant, and now either Hope or Jonathan will be evicted come Thursday.

Jonathan told Kuzie, Santina, Anika separately that he will campaign to stay but he won’t smear Hope in doing so.

Anika told him they’d all tried everything they could to get Shanaya to leave noms the same, but were unable to do so, and now they’re all (Crown members) in a bad situation. And she said “the girls” (Claudia/Renee/Shanaya) don’t like Hope. She said she thought Ty would try to get Santina to keep Hope.

Santina seems to be the swing vote, as of now, which is ironic. She was nearly everyone’s target and enemy until she won the viewer safety vote, and now they’ll all be courting her for her vote.

Hope talked separately with Ty and with Kuzie. Kuzie said he should campaign to the three girls and tell them he’s angry about the whole situation, that Ty tricked him into volunteering to go on the block, and that he’d keep dangling The Letter fiasco as long as Hope’s there.

Kuzie asked if Santina was going to vote his way and Hope said he thought so but she hadn’t confirmed yet, that she too wanted to talk with the three girls about it.

Hope said when Thursday comes he wasn’t going to be Mr. Nice Guy anymore, that he’ll be going “full on commando” if he stays. Kuzie laughed and asked if he knew going commando also meant not wearing undies. He did not.

Kuzie also said they need to get those girls out, that they were playing friends and not Big Brother. She said she could accept it if she’s eventually evicted because of Ty, but she wouldn’t be able to sleep for two weeks if Shanaya gets her out.

Once again, much of the DD time block was used up by Ty and Claudia running their same loops, this time in two separate conversations.

In the first, Claudia told him she was sad because she wasn’t able to separate personal and game like he could. He said he doesn’t want to pressure her about anything, or force her to play a game she’s not comfortable with. She said she cares about both him and Shanaya, and she again said he’d feel the same if he’d been forced to choose between her and Zach. He again said it wasn’t the same.

It sounded like earlier Claudia said that Ty sometimes makes her feel small, and he said Shanaya had taken it as a threat when he said she’d be going against the house if she used her veto. He told Claudia he wished she’d pushed Shanaya harder to not use it, and he said he didn’t understand why Claudia and Shanaya were so invested in Renee.

Later Claudia told Renee and Shanaya that they’d had that convo after Ty left the hot tub, that he was dripping the whole time, leaving a puddle when he left. And they all laughed. I don’t know if she repeated any of the rest of the convo to them or not.

Earlier she told them she’d gone into the HOH room at some point and he was pacing back and forth in the pitch dark, listening to his music, and it had been really weird. And they all laughed.

Later on Ty and Claudia met again to rehash some more, and Ty was pushing harder for Jonathan to go, saying voting him out would be voting with the house. (That seems to be Ty-speak for doing whatever Ty wants.)

He told Claudia “you guys are like chickens with your heads cut off” and she of course said “no I’m not.” Ty asked who she saw as the biggest threat in there, and Claudia said Kuzie. She also said she’d thought he’d been about to say her (Claudia’s) name as the renom at the veto meeting.

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