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After BBCAN’s latest eviction, both the jury and an endurance HOH comp began

After BBCAN’s latest eviction, both the jury and an endurance HOH comp began
This endurance HOH competition started on Big Brother Canada 11's episode 14.

Arisa opened Thursday’s show by telling us that Big Brother Canada 11 jury begins tonight, and the HOH comp would be an endurance.

Those are always some of the best feeds, but Canada rarely let us watch them even on seasons with feeds, so we’ll just have to wait and see who won that.

I’ve noticed a pattern in how they’re doing things: We’ll hear talk and retells on the Digital Dailies about arguments or confrontations that have happened, but we aren’t shown the actual fights. Then when the episodes roll around, the fights are included. Sometimes.

In my recap of Thursday’s DD from Wednesday evening, I mentioned fallout discussions about a Ty vs. Santina argument, and another involving Ty vs. Dan.

Sure enough, Ty and Santina had a loud one in the hallway to the outdoor hot tub area on this episode, with him accusing her of being the secret HOH and she swearing on her life that she wasn’t.

It was a good fight as hamsterwatching goes, and it would have been fun to see on the DDs, but instead they posted it on Twitter before the episode.

That led into a bigger kitchen argument with more people involved.

Dan shouted, Anika ran down from the balcony to join in when she heard her name was being tossed around as a possible secret HOH (along with Renee’s and Santina’s), and meanwhile they cut to the pantry where Kuzie was staying out of it and instead doing a little dance and chanting “it’s a fight, it’s a fight.”

A person in a bathrobe dances
Kuzie danced during the fight shown on Big Brother Canada 11’s episode 14

At one point Ty said “I’m not here to make drama,” and everyone who’s paying any attention at all choked on our popcorn.

That led to a Ty and Claudia blandmance segment complete with hand-holding and making out. That lasted just a bit too long, and then we had sad violin music for Shanaya’s predicament of having to choose between her new friendmance Dan and her bestie Claudia. She even had a Diary clip talking about that, after not appearing in there once the entire prior week.

Sponcon segment was dinner ingredients from Hello Fresh to celebrate them making it to the halfway point of the season. That was actually on Day 32, when the halfway point would technically be tonight/tomorrow. but hey, details don’t pay the bills. They enjoyed their meal and made positive affirmation speeches.

Dan and Claudia campaign chats followed, which included Hope telling Dan about Zach and Ty planning to cut him.

Two people sitting in chairs; one has their hands over their mouth
Dan and Claudia were the final nominations on BBCAN11 episode 13

That also led to some confrontations as we learned from the DDs this week, but those weren’t shown. I guess we’re on a one raised-voice-fight per episode quota. Positive affirmations at family dinner make for more wholesome entertainment. Or something.

Arisa told them they’d all made jury, which made them happy, and that Kuzie won the Winners sponsored Winning Moment vote of the prior week with her HOH croquet comp win.

Arisa said Canadians had been voting from coast to coast on that—I only saw that as a Twitter poll, but maybe it was also on the show’s other socials. Kuzie also got a $10,000 Winners gift card.

Dan’s nominee speech was about all the great meals he’d made them and they should vote with their stomachs, and Claudia’s was the usual template 90 percent of Big Brother nominees use.

She did, however, add a spicier ending to it: “to the invisible HOH, you spent $50k to put me on the block this week, now watch me walk off with it.”

Dan was evicted 8-0, and Jonathan, Anika, Daniel, Kuzie, Hope all did the Crown gesture as they voted.

Since Dan was off to the jury house, Arisa couldn’t tell him whodunit, but he said he thought Santina was the HOH, and that Hope or maybe Ty had won the veto. Well, he was half right, which pretty much sums up his BB game.

The HOH comp was then started on the show, another first for the season.

It was titled Get a Grip, with an ocean theme. They had to stand on small discs on buoys, with the last one standing becoming HOH. They were wearing castaway outfits? Something like that.

They started getting rained on even before Arisa gave them their official go. Most looked like they were starting strong but Daniel seemed to be struggling as the credits rolled.

Arisa told us there was another sponsored safety vote for this week. It turns out that was already posted on the show site before Dan was even evicted. It’s like they don’t even care anymore.

In his extended TikTok interview, Dan told Arisa he was leaving his Wendy’s rewards points to Shanaya. Thanks once again to @Pooyaism for recapping those.

You can get the links and information for how and where to watch Digital Dailies as well as the episodes that post the morning after they air at I’m also keeping my usual Power Status section up to date there, along with tracking comp wins, nominations, advantages/punishments, and prize winnings.

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