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Renee’s pissed! Plus: BBCAN11’s veto comp and a probable eviction spoiler

Renee’s pissed! Plus: BBCAN11’s veto comp and a probable eviction spoiler
Dan and Claudia were the final nominations on BBCAN11 episode 13

Wednesday’s Big Brother Canada season 11 episode kicked off with more questioning about who won the HOH comp, and Renee became one of the prime suspects. She was PISSED about that and I know she was PISSED because she said over and over how PISSED she was.

She announced in Diary that her plan for that day was to unpiss herself, and the jokes write themselves.

The pick for veto players was not on the show again, but Ty explained in Diary that the secret HOH (Santina) had drawn Hope, then Dan drew Daniel, and Ty drew Houseguest Choice and selected Claudia, confident that she’d use it on him if she won. She’d said the same in Diary.

The veto comp was called Power Heist, and it wasn’t sponsored. Players had to first figure out how to power down lasers so they could escape their individual cells. That was done by taking apart a spinwheel vault lock, then reassembling the spokes into a pole to knock something down. Daniel figured that out easily, saying it was an escape room type of task, and he knew escape rooms.

As I wrote here previously, per Digital Daily retells, they had to collect and transfer money bags of various weights onto a table.

At the end of 30 minutes, the player who had stacked closest to 500 pounds would win the veto. They also had lockboxes that held a reference weight to help them with their estimates, but they had to hunt through a bunch of random stuff to find a key to unlock that if they wanted to use it.

The non-competitors didn’t watch as they usually do, and they didn’t even know what the comp was until the players finished and told them about it.

A scoreboard and a person celebrating
Daniel celebrates winning the veto on BBCAN11 episode 13

At the end of 30 minutes Daniel had stacked closest to 500 pounds total—very close indeed—with 490 pounds, and he was overjoyed.

Petite Claudia came in second with 463 pounds, ahead of the bro jocks who all spend a good portion of most Digital Dailies working out and lifting weights.

Ty had 418.8 pounds, Dan 401.6, and Hope 280. Ty spent too much time hunting for a key, and I don’t even know what happened to Hope.

Interestingly, someone told me that La Casa de los Famosos, a Spanish language celebrity Big Brother currently running on Telemundo, did a nearly identical competition today.

Before the player picks, Daniel told Anika and Kuzie if he played and won, he’d want to use the veto on Ty to get back in his good graces for next week.

We’d been led to believe on the Digital Dailies that the plan to take down Ty in order to ensure Dan goes was Kuzie’s doing, and after the comp they ran a segment with her saying as much. I don’t know who actually came up with it first, but things like that could cause some friction down the road between Daniel and Kuzie.

Also in this episode, The Crown alliance of Anika, Daniel, Hope, Jonathan, Kuzie was formalized, along with plans to vote with a crown-on-head hand signal.

There are probably at least a dozen other alliances in place currently, many named, as live feeds nearly always give us that info while the air shows only mention one or two alliances unless/until they become relevant in the game.

Conversation snippets then shifted from who’s the HOH to who’s the veto winner. Daniel told Anika and Kuzie right away that he’d won, followed by [whoever]’s suggestion that he use it on Ty. Jonathan then told them that Santina was the HOH, and Daniel let Jonathan and Hope know he held the veto.

The veto meeting was again hosted by the creepy bot creature on their monitor, who announced the secret veto winner (Daniel) was taking Ty off the block, and the secret HOH (Santina) was replacing him with Claudia. Claudia said in Diary that she thought it was Renee’s doing that she was on the block, so expect Renee to be PISSED again if/when that comes out.

Again, all signs indicate Dan will be the one leaving tomorrow, but that’s assuming those signs we’re given are accurate and complete, and that nothing unusual happens in the meantime.

A living room with a checkerboard floor, with dashed red lines drawn on the floor, separating the four couches
Lines were literally drawn on BBCAN11

Thursday’s Digital Daily was taped Wednesday evening and ran 2 hours 21 minutes. It opened with new-to-us dotted red lines running across the floors, plus occasional red arrows.

In unfortunate but true Digital Daily fashion, very little was said about those lines in the conversations we heard, but it seemed like they didn’t know what they were about either.

There was a snippet about a “performance” earlier that day. I think they said “the young boy performance” (?) and there were comments that it was wild, and that various parts of it were fun, scary, and angry.

Renee said the angry parts stressed her out. That might have been one of them doing a skit—probably Hope, if so—or it might have been an outside actor. If the latter, it’s possible the performer was spewing details for Thursday’s HOH comp, but nobody was reviewing anything like that, at least not that we saw.

There was also a short convo indicating they’d done individual questionnaires about who everyone thought would make the best pal, best sibling, best girl/boyfriend, etc. But again, no additional clues for our benefit were dropped about that.

Leading into tonight’s eviction, it’s now even more near-certain that Dan will be the one meeting Arisa. We saw some feeble campaigning from him, including to Kuzie. He told her he wouldn’t side with Ty going forward as he knew he’d been played by Zach mostly, but also by Ty. And he’d recently learned Ty and Zach had planned to cut him after he did their dirty work for them.

Kuzie asked what he could offer her if she votes to keep him, and he said he’d think about that and get back to her. (Wrong response!) She later retold to Jonathan and Daniel, adding what they and we all know: he’s got nothing to offer her.

Claudia ran her speech a few more times, which was a typical boilerplate nominee speech. She asked people to weigh in on whether her closing line should be a little snarky towards the secret HOH, or a lot. Everyone she asked voted for the super snark version but she remained unconvinced, saying she didn’t want to offend anyone. Pfftt.

Kuzie had another talk to us, saying she’d been telling too many people her plans and she needed to reel that back a bit. And she said she’s realized she’s in the third slot in a trio, which I believe referred to Jonathan and Hope, who are indeed extremely close.

Kuzie also told us Ty was irritating her, and he’d grilled her about who told Dan that he and Zach wanted to cut him, as only Santina knew about that. Kuzie said she’d told him she didn’t know, and she told us he was questioning her “like a sergeant.”

Anti-Ty feelings were shared by several others including Jonathan and Hope. Jonathan said Ty had demanded to know how he was voting, and Jonathan didn’t like that at all.

This DD’s confrontations we heard about but didn’t see included Dan vs Ty, which was probably about the whole Zach & Bros Co mess, and Santina vs. Ty, which will be on tonight’s episode. 

Two people sitting on couches talking
Jonathan tells Dan he’s not voting for him to stay on BBCAN11

Production is going so far out of their way to avoid showing us anything distasteful or remotely hostile in the Digital Dailies, which leaves these videos kind of hollow, since we only get bits and pieces of the fallout.

Most have told Dan it didn’t look good for him, but Jonathan sat down to tell him flat out that he’s voting to keep Claudia.

Dan took it well and didn’t seem shocked, and both reiterated that it was nothing personal, no hard feelings, they’re glad they met and got to know each other, etc etc. Kuzie planned to tell him later she wasn’t voting his way either.

Anika was still on a pudding kick, today’s entry being rice pudding.

Claudia told Shanaya that Dan had said he wanted to leave something behind for Shanaya, and said all he could think of was a bracelet, and he wondered if that would be triggering. Both erupted in laughter about that, and then agreed it would be sweet, and Shanaya said she’d act surprised if/when it happened.

With Dan’s looming exit, they’ll be left without many meal options, as he cooks for them more than most. Often the hamster cooks stay longer for that reason, and he probably could have, if he hadn’t become Zach’s minion AND if he hadn’t overperformed in several competitions.

And with that, Whodunnit Week will come to a close.

You can get the links and information for how and where to watch Digital Dailies as well as the episodes that post the morning after they air at I’m also keeping my usual Power Status section up to date there, along with tracking comp wins, nominations, advantages/punishments, and prize winnings.

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