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Big Brother Canada’s latest spoilers (safety, veto) and strategy (threats, targets)

Big Brother Canada’s latest spoilers (safety, veto) and strategy (threats, targets)
The BBCAN11 houseguests on episode 14 of the show, before the events of this last weekend

Monday’s Big Brother Canada 11 Digital Daily was taped early Sunday, and at 12 minutes shy of three hours, it was one of—if not the—longest yet.

I don’t know if the houseguests were aware if was Easter or not but if so, I didn’t hear any mentions about it.

But there was a lot of news—including who won the safety vote, who won the veto competition, and who would be renomed if it was used—so let’s get to it.

Two people talking, sitting in opposite chairs; a mirror is on the wall behind them
Ty tries to convince Shanaya not to use the veto on the Big Brother Canada 11 Digital Daily 24 from Monday, April 10

As I predicted in Saturday’s recap, Santina won the viewer safety vote, and that of course threw a big ol’ wrench in Head of Household Ty’s plan to get her gone.

Apparently Hope volunteered again to go on the block as a pawn, so Ty’s nominations ended up being Hope and Renee.

It’s kind of funny (in a sad trombone way) that Kuzie didn’t want Hope to have Wendy’s with Ty because Hope might have talked himself onto the block, but he ended up there anyway. And without getting the Baconator he wanted. Wah-wahhh.

Saturday’s veto competition involved getting balls into a hole, and Shanaya won.

I also heard something about changing a tire(?) so maybe it was another multi-part comp, or maybe that was something else. And it sounded like Ty had picked Shanaya to play by drawing Houseguest Choice.

Of course Ty wanted noms to stay the same, and that caused some friction between him and Claudia. She told Shanaya that she’d stormed out of conversations with him twice the day before because she didn’t like the way he was talking to her, and it sounded like he may have even threatened to put up Claudia as renom.

Shanaya told Claudia she does plan on using her veto on Renee, and she felt Ty was testing her loyalty by making her choose between Renee and Claudia. Claudia said “that is fucked up, threatening people to play your game?” And she said that wasn’t a strategy she can respect, nor can she play with someone like that, and she said his controlling approach to the game was ruining his game.

Two people talking in a large bathroom; one is sitting on a circular ottoman
On the Big Brother Canada 11 Digital Daily 24 from Monday, April 10, Kuzie tried to get Santina back on her side

Renee joined them and said she planned on talking with Kuzie. Shanaya and Claudia both said to be careful what she says to Kuzie as she’s potentially working with everyone, and they agreed to try to pull Santina into their corner after the veto meeting.

Daniel told Hope he saw Claudia/Renee/Shanaya exiting the Circle K room together, and said Shanaya would keep changing her mind right up until the veto meeting.

Hope said if she uses the veto, Jonathan would be the renom and be up against Hope, which would mean one of The Crown would be gone. Daniel said he didn’t think it would be Jonathan and added “that can’t happen,” and they’d have to work on Shanaya to convince her not to use it.

Jonathan joined them and said Kuzie told him she had a feeling he’d be the renom if the veto’s used. (I don’t know but would guess Kuzie’s “feeling” might have come from Ty telling her so.)

Daniel again said he didn’t believe that, and Jonathan said Ty thought he doesn’t have any alliances. Hope said emphatically, “no matter what happens, we have to keep noms the same.”

Shanaya met with Ty to discuss the matter. He opened by saying he knows he can be intimidating, but he’s fair, and said he’d listen to what she has to say with an open mind. Shanaya said it would make the most sense for her to pull Renee off the block, and it wouldn’t help her game if everyone saw her not using it on her friend. Ty said she was mistaken, that people would see it as going against the HOH’s wishes.

Ty said he understands Renee is Shanaya’s friend but she was thinking with her heart. He said “Hope cannot campaign, you know that. His social skills are nowhere near Renee’s,” and that Renee would always be her friend no matter what Shanaya does this week. And he said if Shanaya forces his hand, it will make things rocky for her going forward, as well as for him.

And he kept going, saying “if I have to target you, I have to. If Claudia ends up in the middle of that, so be it.” He told her she was having tunnel vision, and “furthermore, it’d be almost a slap in the face to Dan” if she saved Renee. And he asked who was more important to her on a personal level, Dan or Renee.

Shanaya said she understood his point of view and will think about it, and let him know her decision. Ty said he thought he could sway Claudia, Daniel, Anika, Kuzie and Santina to vote out Hope (proving he doesn’t have a clue about The Crown’s existence). And he wrapped up by saying he understood Shanaya wants to save her person but she can’t just keep tying herself to one person in there.

Ty told Claudia he’d talked with Shanaya, and that he hadn’t been aggressive. Claudia said she’d still be stuck in the middle whether the veto is or isn’t used, and asked him what if the same situation had come up where Ty might have had to choose between her and Zach. Ty said it wouldn’t be the same, she said it would have, and he said if it’s not used, that’ll be because of Shanaya, not him. (He was doing shadowboxing for some of this convo.. in a non-aggressive way of course.)

Shanaya told Claudia that Ty had made some good points, and that she’d get back to him when she’d made up her mind.

In the human interest department, Hope told Renee he admired how she’s remained positive even when so many things have gone badly for her, and how she’d kept calm during the comp and kept at it even though she didn’t do well. Hope said he wished he could do that but he tends to go downhill when things aren’t working out for him.

Renee said she appreciated him saying that, that it’s something she’d worked on. And she complimented Hope’s general good energy and how he lights up a room when he enters. They both agreed they’ve learned a lot about themselves in there.

Kuzie moved on Santina to re-befriend her, and before Claudia/Renee/Shanaya, who planned to do that after the veto meeting. Kuzie said she felt Shanaya would be using her veto, and Santina wondered if Ty had a backdoor plan in the works. Kuzie said she didn’t think so, and said he didn’t want him to waste his HOH, adding that she knew she was a threat to Ty’s game.

Santina said she didn’t want Jonathan to go up either, and they both said they hoped noms would stay the same. Kuzie said “I don’t know if he knows what he’s doing at this point.”

Santina said she was concerned about how quickly things get around and Kuzie said to test that by just telling one person something. That way if it spreads, it’s obvious who leaked it. And she planted a little seed by saying she’d told Renee something the other day and Ty later asked her about it, implying Renee can’t be trusted (so vote her out).

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