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BBCAN11 spoilers: the invisible HOH, the veto, and more

BBCAN11 spoilers: the invisible HOH, the veto, and more
BBCAN11's in-game announcer for whodunit week

Big Brother Canada 11 Digital Dailies returned from their break on Friday with an hour and a half taped the day before. Much of it was speculation about who won the HOH, since comp winners are anonymous this week.

The HOH competition involved each of them picking an amount from $1 to $50,000, though I don’t know what the criteria was. It sounded like some amount might get added to the season prize pot, or go to the HOH? But it doesn’t matter because that prize wasn’t awarded, again for reasons unclear to me as of now.

At any rate, they then had to guess the average of all the amounts picked by the nine competing, perhaps as a tiebreaker, and whoever came closest to the correct answer won the HOH.

The correct answer was $49,000, meaning most of them went for the max $50,000. Daniel, Renee, Santina all said in various conversations they did terrible, with Santina adding she couldn’t figure out how to write her answer properly and ended up writing 100,500.

Jonathan and Hope had a number of convos in this DD, with Jonathan telling Hope to trust him, he’ll be safe, and “let me work.” When Hope guessed Jonathan won, Jonathan swore he didn’t. They had similar conflicting conversations several times. Jonathan also said he guessed $49,000 and later said $25,999. So I’m thinking he’s the new/secret HOH but that’s still unconfirmed as of this writing.

Does Ty remember what’s happened so far?

A person on a couch talks to a person standing to their right
Jonathan and Santina discuss her plan for nominations on the BBCAN11 Digital Dailies 17 drop.

The next Digital Daily was posted Saturday from the day before, and ran two and a half hours. It was mostly chit-chat but we did learn that Santina had won the secret HOH, so her explanation about her bad math fooled me.

She talked to Jonathan about her nomination plans, saying her target was Dan but she’d put up one of the women with him to keep people confused about who the HOH really was. And she said she’d probably put up Ty as a renom if Dan comes off the block with veto, and she also said Ty had told her he’ll quit if he ends up on the block. Okay bye?

Jonathan may have already known she won, as that would explain why he’d reassured Hope so strongly the day before. And she confirmed that she would get to compete for the next HOH at the end of the week.

Claudia was back to cuddling with Ty, and she drilled him on days and season events for future comps. Unless he was faking, he seemed to struggle with some of the memorization for what happened when.

Jonathan later told Kuzie she’d be safe, with his now-usual “trust me.” She’d been thinking she’d be going on the block and he told her he didn’t know for sure who had won but he had strong suspicions.

A number of others had their own strong suspicions, and many of them thought Jonathan had won it, including Ty. He talked about it with Anika, who thought Dan was the secret HOH. She’ll have found out a few hours later when he went on the block that it wasn’t him, and that will probably result in more fingers pointing at Jonathan.

I’ve learned there is a Belair Direct activity coming up soon, but I don’t know if that’s for veto or HOH, or something extra to keep the sponcon going. We’ll find out.

Who used the veto?

Monday’s Digital Daily was taped early Sunday, and ran for two hours, 20 minutes. It was mostly working out, sunning, food prep, eating, and chit-chat. But we did get the info we came for.

Santina’s nominations were Dan and Ty. So much for her plan to put up Dan along with a woman to cast doubt and suspicion about who was HOH. Ty did not quit, as he’d allegedly threatened to if he went on the block.

The veto comp was called Power Heist and involved carrying bags of varying weights. Dan estimated they averaged around 14 pounds, so that’s yet another physical strength competition.

However, even with two bro jocks on the block and competing, it was won by Daniel, in his first comp win.

Daniel told Kuzie, Jonathan, Hope that he’d won it and wanted to use it. They tentatively agreed for him to use it on Ty so they can get Dan gone since he’s likely to win future comps, and he’s unpredictable; whereas with Ty, they either know what he’s likely to do or they can find out. And by saving Ty this week, they’ll set themselves up well in case he has power next week.

And they mentioned their alliance name was The Crown. That group may also include Anika—it wasn’t made clear.

A person in close up
On the 18th BBCAN11 Digital Dailies drop, Kuzie talked to viewers, like she would have done live if Big Brother Canada 11 still had live feeds

Kuzie had a little camera talk to us, saying she was going to amp up her social game. She may have already known Daniel won but either way, she told us if Ty comes off the block she’ll make sure he knows she had a hand in it.

She also told us she suspects Santina is HOH so she planned to butter her up. She said Santina’s smart, and good at BB, so she’ll have to cut her going forward. Meanwhile, she’ll downplay Santina’s smarts to others, saying she plans to steal Santina’s and others’ accolades, adding “that is the game.”

Renee and Claudia discussed who might have won the HOH and veto, but they were clearly in the dark as they figured Santina would go up as renom if the veto’s used. They also met with Kuzie and all agreed their girls’ alliance was doing great and could make it to the end. Renee thought they should finalize a name for their group but if they did, it wasn’t discussed on this Digital Daily.

Tuesday’s Digital Daily was recorded Monday evening and ran just shy of an hour and a half. It was mostly a whole lot of nothing: dinner prep, studying, chit-chat, and 35 minutes of a chanting/clapping/table-banging group game. Those are always fun. [Insert sarcasm font]

Finally in the last 8 minutes of the DD, we got the news we’d come for. Claudia sat down with Dan to commiserate about their awful situation of being on the block together. So that means Daniel did use his veto on Ty, and Santina replaced him with Claudia.

Claudia and Dan both said they didn’t want to campaign against each other but they have to do what they have to do, and they wondered who’d put them up. Dan said he’d already told Renee and Shanaya he understood their position, no hard feelings, etc.

It’s probably a sure bet that Dan will meet Arisa on Thursday, but that’s based on the limited information we’re allowed to see. I can’t see it going any other way though, as of now.

You can get the links and information for how and where to watch Digital Dailies as well as the episodes that post the morning after they air at I’m also keeping my usual Power Status section up to date there, along with tracking comp wins, nominations, advantages/punishments, and prize winnings.

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Richard H.

Wednesday 5th of April 2023

I agree that Dan will probably be the next evictee. Booting Claudia would be a colossal waste. They should boot Ty before jury.