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BBCAN’s new HOH, plus a shocking deal, slop returns, and more pre-eviction drama

BBCAN’s new HOH, plus a shocking deal, slop returns, and more pre-eviction drama
Daniel stewed on BBCAN11's 40th Digital Daily

Big Brother Canada 11’s Friday Digital Dailies have usually given us the new HOH winner, but this one was different. It was taped on Thursday before the eviction, rather than later that night as usual. It ran an hour and 47 minutes.

All of them were definitely expecting a double. There was a lot of primping and packing, such as we usually see on USA feeds before an eviction show, and we saw Shanaya and Claudia whispering about “the same old shit” going on, referring to Kuzie, I think.

Claudia checked in with Ty and cuddled up for a little while, and she said she hoped it didn’t end up being Renee and Shanaya on the block for the second eviction because she didn’t want to have to choose between them. (Oops.)

Ty said if Renee and Claudia were on the block and he won veto, he’d pull off one of them and “force [Anika or Daniel] to have to put up Shanaya.” Claudia didn’t question why he said he’d pull off “one of them” and not specifically her, and I confess I don’t know when or why he turned against Shanaya. He had been gunning for Renee for weeks.

Ty asked what her plan was if she wins HOH and she said she’d put up Anika and Daniel, which she ended up doing.

Ty asked what if one gets pulled off, and Claudia said she didn’t know. (Oops again.) She then said she’d rather win veto than HOH because the veto winner can save someone *and* they have a vote. (Oops number three.)

At 45 minutes into the DD, they got an announcement that the eviction would be in one hour, and a few minutes later they got another announcement asking the nominees to move their luggage to the pantry.

Kuzie and Anika moved their things downstairs, and Kuzie said it was all an upsetting and disappointing situation, and she’d just as soon be on her own “than be in people’s faces.”

And she told Anika that before the two of them were on the block next to each other, Daniel had told her if he ended up on the block, he and Kuzie and Ty were a stronger trio than he and Kuzie and Anika, and Kuzie didn’t know what had happened to that thought. She said Daniel wanted her to choose him over Anika and Kuzie was okay with that, but he never intended to choose her over Anika, and that’s what hurt.

Kuzie stressed that it wasn’t about her wanting Anika to go, but she’d just been hoping for a shot at a 2-2 tie so she could work on Renee and have a chance that she’d break the tie in Kuzie’s favor.

And that’s why she was upset with Daniel, after learning he was going to vote her out and it would be 3-1.

Kuzie told Shanaya that she appreciated being told from the start that she didn’t have her vote, and she later told Anika to be sure she aligns herself with “people who can stand for something” and “this wishy-washy thing will stress your head out.” She encouraged Anika to work with Ty rather than the Girlypops, saying Ty would take her to finals and the girls won’t.

Kuzie also told Anika that Claudia will be the first person Ty puts up when he has the chance, showmance or not, and that he’d dropped his whole “beat the best” thing about only wanting strong competitors at the end. She said his ideal Final Three was with Anika and Renee.

Then Daniel told Anika that he’d tried to talk to Kuzie but she wasn’t responding. He said “I didn’t even do what Josh did to Betty [last season]. I never made her any promises that I’d pick her over anyone else, so I don’t understand.”

That led into the main event. At the one hour, 19 minute mark, Daniel joined Kuzie in the library to ask if he could talk to her for a few seconds, as we saw on Thursday’s episode.

Other than giving us selected comp or noms spoilers, this was the first truly meaty bit these Digital Dailies have offered, as we saw their entire (and presumably unedited) conversation, which lasted a full ten minutes.

They went back and forth with the spineless and backbone comments we saw on the show, but most of it was Kuzie trying to get Daniel to understand she’d led him to believe he was going to give her a fighting chance with a 2-2 vote when he’d never meant to do that. They went round and round, rehashing past history and a lot of accusations flew about loyalty and a lot of defenses were piled up.

Kuzie said “everything we’re both feeling is legit” and added she was in the tough spot, not him.

Then it got ugly, as we saw, with Kuzie saying Daniel was spineless and has no backbone, and “the player you thought you were you aren’t, that’s the truth of what I’m feeling.”

Daniel countered with “your character is the spineless one” and “you feel like you run the show.” Kuzie said “you follow, I carried you on my back.”

Kuzie retold some of it to Claudia, who was shocked. Daniel joined them and asked “are you talking about me?” Kuzie said yes, she was telling Claudia what happened. Claudia made her exit, and Kuzie and Daniel had a follow-up that wasn’t as heated.

Kuzie said she didn’t want to fight with him and didn’t want to hurt his feelings. She again said she would have appreciated a 2-2 tie vote, and she had expected more from him, and she was hurt because he’d proposed things that then hadn’t happened. Daniel acknowledged that, and he apologized.

Kuzie said she would never say Daniel is spineless, but his decision not to force that tie was. And she told him to vote for Anika, that she didn’t want to get to this point of fighting each other and then try to move forward, and that she expected to leave.

Daniel said he was sorry he’d disappointed her, but now he understood why she felt he had.

The new HOH and more from Friday

A person looking in a refrigerator; another refrigerator has chains around its handle and a KEEP OUT sign
The BBCAN11 fridge was chained as the houseguests went back on slop for no clear reason

Catching up to current business, Kuzie left her Wendy’s points to Ty, which put him way out in front with a whopping 30,375 points. Shanaya left her points to Claudia, who’s currently second with 18,275 points. Renee has 8,150, Daniel has 8,050, and Anika has 7,550.

Those numbers are before any points are awarded for this week. There’s still no further indication what they’re good for, other than the vague wording about a “game-changing advantage” at some point.

Saturday’s Digital Daily was taped early Friday and ran an hour and 46 minutes. It had a few surprises.

The HOH comp leading into Week 9 was called Take It or Lever, and it sounded like it was a physical one, involving balance. Anika won, earning her first comp win of the season, and securing her a spot in the Final Four.

That puts most of them on a pretty even basis as of now for comp wins. Anika, Daniel, Renee all have one win now, and Claudia has two. But Ty’s way ahead of them with one HOH and four vetos, plus the safety comp.

Slop made an unexpected return. They’re all on it for 48 hours but they didn’t know specifically why.

Often Canada puts the house on slop for cumulative rule-breaking like illegal naps or talking about forbidden topics like brand names. I’ve always figured that was just to create a fluff segment for an air show, but it usually happens long before this point in a season.

They’ve only had Have-nots once before in this season so far, and that was also for just a couple days.

Three people cook in a kitchen
The BBCAN11 hamsters were back on slop, but why?

Anika planned to nominate Claudia and Renee, and both of them were aware of that.

Ty buddied up to both duos in this DD, telling Claudia and Renee that Daniel winning veto would be their worst case scenario as he’d keep noms the same, but Ty winning (again) would be best because he’d take one of the girls off and Daniel would have to go up.

Later Anika asked Ty to promise he won’t use the veto if he wins, and he said “obviously not” and “no fuckin way in hell” after the girls had targeted him the last couple weeks. And he said he didn’t understand why Claudia hadn’t put him on the block during Thursday’s double eviction, saying that had been a dumb move.

So if Ty does win another veto this week, he’ll have to do some backtracking with one side or the other.

A very interesting tidbit came out in this DD. Ty was asking Daniel about the final comps, and saying he was happy to still be there after so many had wanted to take him out for so long.

He said the expectation was that Daniel would take Anika to the end if the choice is his, and Daniel said not necessarily, and that he’d consider taking Ty. That was probably so much schmoozing but then Ty said something that was kind of mind-boggling, if true.

He said he didn’t care about the prize money, that it wasn’t why he’d like to win the season. And he said he and Zach had made an agreement that if the two of them were to finish in first and second place, they’d split the prize money.

Wait, what? I’d assume Canada has the same rule as USA that says they aren’t allowed to make deals about splitting the money, since that would create unfair competition, not to mention diluting the game dynamics and dulling the episodes.

Yet Ty and Zach were the ones who claimed to be so perturbed about Hope breaking rules by not turning in the note he found from his girlfriend.

Both threatened to quit over that, and Zach actually did. Maybe Ty made up that prize split deal to emphasize he wasn’t there for the money, for Daniel’s sake, but that seems pretty random if you ask me.

If they really did make that deal, and if it is indeed illegal by BB Canada’s rules, and then he and Zach made such a huge scene about Hope’s letter? There aren’t enough eyerolls in the word.

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