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Big Brother Canada noms and veto spoilers: history repeats itself!

Big Brother Canada noms and veto spoilers: history repeats itself!
Kuzie makes her case to Claudia on Big Brother Canada 11's Digital Daily 36

There was a two-hour Big Brother Canada 11 Digital Daily posted on Saturday, but it was taped on Friday before nominations, and it didn’t have any hard news other than Renee shared her Wendy’s with Anika, and she was planning to nominate Ty.

That was a given anyway—and she hadn’t yet made up her mind who to put up next to him, so I didn’t bother writing it up. And as usual, there wasn’t a Daily posted on Sunday.

Monday’s DD, however, had a lot of news.

One person standing and talking to four seated people
The Big Brother Canada hamsters discuss the veto competition, which included family visits, on the Digital Daily released Monday, April 24, 2023.

It was taped Sunday evening and ran two hours and 14 minutes.

Renee had previously told Kuzie that she wouldn’t put her on the block as a pre-veto nominee, and she’d told Claudia and Renee she didn’t know if she wanted to be the one to break Daniel’s never-been-nominated record.

That may or may not have played a part in her decision but regardless, she ended up nominating Ty and Anika.

I still don’t know what producers will pad Tuesday’s Big Brother episode with. I didn’t hear about any special activities or bonus comps, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t do something like that.

They drew players for the veto comp on Saturday as usual—everyone except Claudia and Renee played—but they didn’t do the comp til Sunday. That’s because family members visited, so they would have needed to know who to fly in and get all that arranged.

The comp was sponsored by Winners and they had to find and collect puzzle pieces from various rooms, and then assemble a puzzle featuring the slogan “Find Fabulous for Less” in a timed comp.

There were also tags of some sort to find. And there were distractions as they hunted, including dogs or puppies (!) and a family member: Anika’s brother, Kuzie’s sister, and Daniel’s, Shanaya’s and Ty’s moms were each in one of the rooms for their person’s run.

It sounded like most family members were urging them to hurry, but there were also hugs and encouragement, and quick news bites from home.

They competed individually, and they were isolated in separate rooms to wait their turn. Several said it was a very long wait altogether, as those comps tend to entail, but the final best times were only 15 to 20 minutes.

Ty won again so he’ll take himself off the block again.

It sounded like both Daniel and Kuzie were very close. Daniel said a “hiccup happened” during his run and he had to make up some time—no clue what that was about—and Kuzie opted to go for a $1,000 cash prize, which may have cost her the win.

Much of the discussion on this Daily was about who the renom would be.

Claudia and Ty were back to cuddling for that, and she told him she was happy he’d won but it broke her heart to see the sad faces of the others.

A person on a couch wearing a red sweater and looking down, with a sad expression
Kuzie doesn’t seem thrilled about the possibilities on BBCAN11

Shanaya told Anika and Daniel that Kuzie’s resume was too strong to keep her, but Renee was concerned if Kuzie goes to jury, she might be petty and poison them against Renee. But she added that wasn’t reason enough to not put her up. She said Renee was leaning towards putting up Kuzie, and Daniel (half) jokingly said, “until Kuzie talks to her.”

Shanaya said it would be best for Renee’s resume to get Kuzie out, which was true, but it wasn’t very diplomatic to say that to Anika and Daniel. Daniel said if the final noms are Anika and Kuzie, he’ll definitely vote out Kuzie.

Kuzie made an early campaign pitch to Claudia atop the pool table. She said if she ends up on the block, she’s shown that she can be trusted, and that she’d proven she was on board with the girls’ agenda by targeting Zach and Ty with her HOHs.

Claudia nodded and agreed with all that, but later she retold to Shanaya that Kuzie had brought up “the girl thing” to her. Claudia also told Shanaya that Renee had told her she was leaning towards putting up Kuzie as her renom.

Claudia and Shanaya discussed targeting Ty again/still, but also talked about booting Renee if Ty wins yet again, especially if this week’s a double eviction (which we know it is).

Shanaya said “in a perfect world” Kuzie would go out next, followed by Ty, and then if Daniel or Anika win, “we could get out Renee.” So it seems the Girlypops’ time as a trio is ready to expire.

Renee joined them and was told about Kuzie campaigning already, and said “well, she probably knows” that she’ll be the replacement nominee.

Ty suggested to Kuzie that her pitch to Renee should include the fact that both Anika/Daniel and Claudia/Shanaya are working as duos, leaving Kuzie and Renee as the disposable thirds in their respective groups, so Kuzie should pitch a Final Two to Renee as the only way Renee can get to finals.

He added Kuzie should also tell Renee if Ty wins the next HOH, Kuzie will make sure he doesn’t go after Renee. And he promised his vote to Kuzie if she is indeed on the block against Anika this week.

Daniel then talked with Renee, saying his previous pitch still stands, and he said whether it’s him or Kuzie on the block, the other will be in a tight spot having to evict one of their teamies. He said if it’s him on the block so be it, but please let him know in advance. And he added “but I could see us going to final two.”

Renee said she only has two options, him or Kuzie, but she was leaning towards Kuzie. And she said she wanted to make sure whichever of them stays, it would be a fair fight going into a double eviction. Daniel said “this trio is done,” meaning him/Anika/Kuzie, and that he’d be stupid to not save Renee over Claudia/Shanaya since they’re so clearly a tight duo.

Renee said “I know [Kuzie]’s petty” but Renee had stuck to her word about not putting her up as an original nominee, and she added that she didn’t want to see Anika go. She said the house target remains Ty obviously (which is starting to sound like a broken record).

Daniel said if she goes through with not putting him up, he wouldn’t put her up in the double. He said Kuzie would have jury votes as things stand now, and Renee said if this week ends up being a tie, she’d have two strikes against her with Kuzie since she’d break the tie by evicting her.

The Digital Daily ended with more faulty geography by Claudia and especially Renee, who thought Russia is a continent. And so it goes.

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