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Who will Renee nominate? Plus: houseguests’ COVID stories and other spoilers

Who will Renee nominate? Plus: houseguests’ COVID stories and other spoilers
The seven remaining Big Brother Canada 11 cast members eating dinner

Friday’s Big Brother Canada 11 Digital Daily was a relatively short one at 1 hour 37 minutes, taped Thursday night, so this will be a relatively short recap.

Big Brother Canada

The first half hour was taken up with family pizza dinner for all seven, and group chatter about various topics.

The table was definitely too big for them now, and looked kind of funny with all of them clustered at one end of it.

One non-game dinner topic I found interesting was each of them comparing their COVID illness experiences.

Daniel said he’d had it twice and Shanaya said she had it three times. Claudia got it just after having her wisdom teeth out, and Kuzie got it when she’d had a trip to England planned. Ty and Renee had also had it. Only Anika had avoided the virus.

Then it was dinner cleanup and more chit-chat with everyone but Ty, who’d gone to spend time alone outside in the hot tub area. Like me, they wondered what would be featured on Tuesday’s show since they’d finished the HOH comp last night.

Other than the usual recaps, sponcon, Wendy’s meal, and nominations, of course. They wondered if they’d be getting a party or some other activity on Friday.

Speaking of the Wendy’s meal, Renee said she’d be sharing hers with Anika since she hadn’t been anyone’s guest yet. And she said she wanted the opportunity to talk some game with Anika.

There finally was some gametalk on this Digital Daily, starting at almost an hour and 20 minutes into it. Kuzie went to HOH with Renee and opened by saying, “I’ve come here to beg for my life.”

A person holding a water bottle, dancing in a bedroom
Kuzie dances on BBCAN11’s 34th Digital Daily

Renee said she didn’t need to beg much because she wasn’t planning on putting Kuzie on the block, and she wasn’t even near the top of her hit list.

She said she still needed to meet with everyone but she wanted to return the favor of Kuzie not nominating her, especially when several had been wanting her to. Kuzie said she was very grateful for that, and said she’d show Renee the same “mercy” again if she should win HOH again.

Renee said her target was Ty, and she planned to put him on the block as one of her initial nominations.

She didn’t say who she’d put up with him, but it would have to be Daniel or Anika—likely Daniel, since she planned to talk game with Anika over Wendy’s. Unless she plans to ask Anika to go up against Ty as a pawn. I don’t think a French toast stick would be a suitable bribe for that kind of ask though.

Renee also said she felt confident Ty wouldn’t win the veto again, which is why she wasn’t waiting to put him up as a backdoor renom. (And she may not 100% trust that everyone else would free up a nominee chair for him, if the veto worked out that way.)

Kuzie asked if she’d be the renom if Ty were to pull himself off again, and Renee said it was unlikely, but she’d also be low on options at that point. So she didn’t make any guarantees about that scenario, but said they’d meet again and talk it over if that were to happen.

Meanwhile Daniel and Anika noticed that Kuzie had gotten right in there to cozy up with Renee and try to secure her safety. They weren’t too pleased about that, and they pointed it out to Claudia and Shanaya.

Renee left the HOH room, and the DD closed with Kuzie doing another celebratory solo dance, telling us “a social game, ladies and gentlemen, a social game” and “thank you Renee, thank you, thank you, thank you!”

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