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Major Big Brother Canada spoilers: an eviction, plus new HOH, noms, veto

Major Big Brother Canada spoilers: an eviction, plus new HOH, noms, veto
Anika and Kuzie discuss the latest events in the Big Brother Canada house

Monday’s Big Brother Canada season 11 Digital Daily was packed with news, and frankly I’m surprised they even posted it, rather than making us wait for the Tuesday episode to reveal everything.

But they did post it, so let’s get to it.

This DD was taped early afternoon Sunday and ran two hours, 22 minutes. I questioned last week if they knew it was Easter and it turns out they definitely didn’t, as they thought it was this day.

The Fatal Feast that took place Friday night involved a safety chain which was started by Kuzie as HOH.

It sounded like she passed the safety bread stick (or whatever) to Hope, which raised questions later from the Girly Pops. When it got to Daniel, he passed it to Shanaya, which helped his position with them.

It sounded like Renee, Ty, and Santina were left towards the end of the chain, with Santina being the final one, and she was evicted. Instantly, from the sounds of it.

That left them with eight, with half the original cast now gone home or to jury.

The next HOH comp was referred to as something anyone could have won, and it sounded like it involved guessing how many of something there were. Claudia was only off by two, and she won her first HOH.

She nominated Hope and Ty, with Ty being virtually everyone’s target.

The veto comp was something involving balls, and it sounded like they had to arrange pegs for the ball(s) to travel through. Daniel hosted that, and Anika was one of the players along with Hope and Ty. I didn’t hear who else played.

Ty won that, and easily from the sounds of it. That left everyone annoyed and scurrying about the renom and the vote, which was what most of today’s DD revolved around.

Hope seemed to be the target for everyone except Ty. Several said Ty wanted to keep Hope and that he’d work hard to boot whichever of the other Crown members ended up sitting next to him. But there was no gametalk from Ty in this Digital Daily. In fact, there was very little Ty at all, but there was a lot of talk about him.

Kuzie told Anika not to say anything to Ty about voting out Hope because he’d try to turn that around to his advantage, but Anika suggested they try to plant some doubt with Ty about Hope’s loyalty to him. And they agreed they had to be careful that Hope doesn’t guilt-trip them. Kuzie said she won’t but she still felt bad that he’d be going.

They also said they’d need to secure a third vote against Hope from one of the girls because one of them or Daniel would be on the block. Anika said Shanaya would probably be their best bet because they can’t trust Renee, and she’d been sticking very close to Hope recently.

Claudia passed through the room they were in and said she’d seen Ty grinning earlier and she asked him what was up. He said he was just pleased that he was safe, and she made it sound like he’d been acting smug about having got one over on her after she targeted him.

A person smiles and looks up at another person
Hope tells Anika and Kuzie he’s not going to stress out on the BBCAN11 Digital Daily 30

Hope also passed through, full of smiles. He said he’d been too emotional in there and if this was his last week, so be it. He said he’d realized what a great opportunity this had been, and he didn’t want to spend his remaining time in there stressing.

Daniel then talked with Kuzie, and reported that Hope and Renee had been “attached at the hip” so she might vote in his favor.

Kuzie said it was probably safest if Anika is the renom, since Ty had ammo against both herself and Daniel that he might pull out to use, but he didn’t have anything on Anika. She suggested Daniel take that seed to Claudia.

Daniel did go to HOH to talk with Claudia and Shanaya, but he didn’t push Anika. Shanaya said they didn’t want to see Daniel on the block since he’d passed the safety to them. Daniel asked if Renee would keep Hope because they were sticking so close together, and Shanaya said no.

Claudia said she knew who she wanted to put up (Kuzie) but wasn’t sure how to go about it. Shanaya asked if Anika knew she can’t win the season against Kuzie, and Daniel said she and he both knew that. Claudia and Shanaya implied that Renee was their third, as Kuzie was the third for Anika and Daniel, and suggested they eventually merge as a foursome. Shanaya said Daniel could and should start hinting along those lines to Anika.

All six then met together in HOH—Claudia, Renee, Shanaya plus Anika, Daniel, and Kuzie—to discuss renom plans.

Claudia started by saying they were in quite a predicament now but the goal was still to get to final six, and she said she thought they were all in agreement to evict Hope in order to get closer to that goal, and they all agreed they were.

Anika said they knew it would be one of their three, and that they all knew it wouldn’t be personal. And she said she hoped they all stick to evicting Hope because Ty was going to work hard to keep him. Claudia and Shanaya both said they were aware of that, and that it’d be fine and they wouldn’t fall for whatever Ty ended up trying to sell them.

Two people sit on a bed, looking at each other and talking
Kuzie tells Daniel she should be the renom on BBCAN11’s Digital Daily 30

Kuzie was mostly quiet during that meeting, which ended without a definite decision. But Kuzie then talked to us and said maybe it would be better for her to go up because then she wouldn’t have to vote out Hope.

I assume she meant that would help her get his jury vote later, but she didn’t say so. And she said Ty wouldn’t come after her if she was on the block. She added she wouldn’t actively campaign to be the renom.

She then told Daniel her thoughts, and he said there was zero chance he or Anika would vote her out.

Daniel pretended he thought he’d be the renom (which he later said to Hope and Anika as well), and he said if/when he does hit the block, Ty will use his secret veto against him, since he’d lied to the Girly Pops about having it.

Kuzie suggested he not come clean about that before the veto meeting, and to hang on to that confession until it was needed. Kuzie also said Ty had told her earlier in the day that he was the puppetmaster.

Hope joined them and said whatever happens, a Crown member would end up as a finalist and would have the others fighting for them in jury.

Daniel said, dramatically, “We still have the royal blood, and we’re still worth more than anyone else, we’re always going to be regal and worthy of a throne, whether sitting on it or not. Our kingdom will not be brought down.” Hope responded, “That was truly amazing.”

Hope told Anika and Daniel that Claudia had told him after winning the HOH that she was tired of seeing him on the block, and he said she promised him she wasn’t going to put him up.

There was an edit blip in the Daily there, and then Hope was saying Claudia had apparently told him later that she was nominating him after all, and that she needed him to fight against Ty and win the veto.

Later over a game of pool, Hope told Daniel the situation sucks, but at least they were giving people good TV. And he said everything went south when he’d agreed to go on the block for Ty but that had taught him to carefully weigh any decision in future, in life, before agreeing to anything.

In interesting tidbits, Kuzie said at one point they only had three weeks and four days to go. The finale date hasn’t been announced, but I think it’ll be May 11, on Day 69, and that math works out.

What makes this interesting is Kuzie said just the other day she figured there were only 20 days left. So it seems she or they may have been told or heard somehow how much time they have left, since she’d adjusted her count.

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