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Girly Pops locked out of Big Brother Canada’s secret puzzle party

Girly Pops locked out of Big Brother Canada’s secret puzzle party
Renee and Shanaya sulk while being locked out of the library on BBCAN11

Saturday’s Big Brother Canada 11 Digital Daily was different, and ultimately left more questions than it answered. It was taped Friday morning and ran two hours, 11 minutes.

It started with Claudia/Renee/Shanaya sulking in the living room. By the way, I’d hesitated calling their trio the Girly Pops because I’d only heard Renee use that name, but recently I heard Claudia use it to refer to themselves, so we’ll go with it.

They were upset because the other six were all in the library/pool room and the Girly Pops had been excluded from whatever was going on in there.

The girls rotated between sulky silence and group griping. Claudia said Jonathan wouldn’t have allowed them to be excluded like that, and “it seems like every time we keep someone [Hope, in this case], they prove to us why we shouldn’t have.” Shanaya said “it’s funny to me that Ty is so butthurt about a fuckin’ letter but the first chance he gets to play dirty, he does it.”

They said the others had already been in the library for an hour, and 45 minutes into the DD, they finally began to exit and we found out what they were doing.

From the retells, it seems Daniel found something in there, and Anika and then Hope joined him to hunt for more. I’m not sure when Kuzie joined but I think it was with or after Hope.

They said they wouldn’t let anyone else in and Hope was physically guarding the door, but Ty literally pushed his way in, and was followed by Santina.

In the room, an invitation had been found to the Fatal Feast that Arisa teased to us for Tuesday’s show, with cryptic hints like “the bigger the feast, the higher the cost.”

And they found a whole lot of paper puzzle pieces that they’d assembled on the pool table.

A pool table with ripped pieces of paper placed together
The puzzle on the BBCAN11 pool table, as seen in Digital Daily 29

Daniel was first to exit and find out the Girly Pops didn’t like being excluded. He said they weren’t trying to lock them out, it was just a matter of everyone had been trying to find a secret power.

The others eventually trickled out and learned how upset the girls were. Shanaya said it was a dirty way to play.

The girls aired their grievances multiple times to multiple people. Claudia apologized to Hope for having brought up Jonathan. Apparently she’d said something when the girls tried (unsuccessfully) to push their way into the library, that Jonathan wouldn’t have allowed this if he were still there. She said she hadn’t meant it as a guilt trip, but that locking them out had felt hurtful on a personal level.

During one group gripe/justification session, Daniel went to get the feast invitation so the girls could see it.

It said they’re all to go to the backyard when the dinner bells rings, and “enjoy the feast, but at your own cost.” It seemed like it was planned for that evening, which would have been Friday night.

Incidentally, the “NOMINATIONS TODAY” message was not on their living room monitor as it usually is on Fridays. I didn’t hear anyone mention that, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t notice—it just means it wasn’t mentioned in the heavily-curated Digital Daily content.

The girls repeated their loops about how it felt like they’d been intentionally excluded by the other six, and the others repeated their loops about how they hadn’t meant it that way but in retrospect, they could understand how it must have felt. Shanaya started crying and left the room during one of those repetitive loop convos.

Two people talking; one is sitting and gesturing toward the other
Renee rehashes a story to Kuzie yet again on BBCAN11

Renee said she’d been excluded from things in her past and so she was able to handle it, and Kuzie said they were absolutely entitled to feel that way, whether it had been intentional or not. Santina said she’d felt that way since Week 1.

Kuzie said the six had agreed if a power was found, that Daniel would get it since he was the first to discover whatever he’d discovered first. And she said if they let the other three in, there was no way to know if they’d go along with that. Renee said regardless of who was in first, who was let in, who pushed their way in, there were still three of them locked out.

Anika and Daniel explained to Claudia and Shanaya that everyone was stashing puzzle pieces anywhere and everywhere, and that whatever power might be found, they just didn’t want Ty to get it.

Through the many talks and retells, acknowledgements and apologies were issued by Anika, Daniel, Hope, Kuzie, and Santina. Ty may have apologized as well but if so, I didn’t hear it.

Moving on to current business, Kuzie asked Renee and Claudia separately what she could do this week that would have their full support. Both Renee and Claudia said they’d support Kuzie’s decision, but Claudia added she’d like to see Ty gone this week.

Each said they’d love the six of them—Anika, Kuzie, Daniel plus Claudia, Renee, Shanaya—to move forward together.

Kuzie mentioned to each of them that she kept getting the cold shoulder from Shanaya when she tried talking with her, which she didn’t understand, and she said Shanaya hadn’t even congratulated her for winning HOH.

The video ended there, with no firm indication who Kuzie would nominate, and we have to wonder if this week will even have the usual nominations or not.

We also don’t know when the next DD will drop—there usually isn’t one on Sundays—or if it will hold any answers or not. Stay tuned!

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