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Houseguests talk nominations and alliances during Friday’s BBCAN Digital Dailies

Houseguests talk nominations and alliances during Friday’s BBCAN Digital Dailies
BBCAN11's Crown alliance discusses their plans on the 28th Digital Daily drop

I thought Big Brother Canada’s Digital Dailies might be paused again since the next eviction will be on Tuesday’s show, and Arisa announcing someone wouldn’t survive the “Fatal Feast” made me wonder if the noms/veto cycle would be different than usual rather than just accelerated.

But they did post video on Friday from Thursday night, which ran an hour and 26 minutes, and there was no indication of anything unusual.

The hamsters didn’t think anything was out of the ordinary and when you think about it, Big Brother Canada’s producers could stick to the usual schedule of noms Friday and veto comp Saturday, and still have plenty of time to edit everything to air Tuesday, especially if they move the veto meeting up from Monday to Sunday.

Regardless how it will play out, Friday’s DD began shortly after Kuzie got her room and letter and new outfit last night, and everyone except Hope was still in the HOH room.

Santina left shortly after we joined, after a congratulatory hug for Kuzie. She later told Hope she didn’t want to be around Claudia/Renee/Shanaya and would rather just keep some physical distance there, since she didn’t have anything nice to say to them and didn’t want to be rude. Hope said he couldn’t stand them either, especially after last week.

Hope told Renee he was missing Jonathan, and Renee said she didn’t think Jonathan had fought hard enough to save himself.

Renee also said she’d heard Kuzie would be sharing her Wendy’s with Hope, so he’ll finally get that Baconator he’s been craving. Let’s just hope for his sake that Kuzie doesn’t change her mind and take someone else instead, like Ty did.

Kuzie talked nomination scenarios with Anika and Daniel. She said if one of the three girls goes, the two remaining would be weakened enough that nobody would target them, and that in turn would set up Ty and Santina to come for her as well as Anika and Daniel.

She told them she didn’t know if Hope was working with Santina or not, but he’d pushed to put the girls up. But she said if she did that, and one of them won veto, Santina would be her renom and she’d be evicted, leaving the trio of girls intact and upset with Kuzie.

Hope joined them and said he had some huge news to share. That didn’t turn out to be huge-huge, especially when he said Ty believed he was still in control. (Anyone paying even the tiniest bit of attention knows Ty thinks he’s in charge at all times.)

Hope also told them Ty thought there were now three solid groups of three:

  1. Claudia/Renee/Shanaya of course, plus
  2. Anika/Daniel/Kuzie, and
  3. Hope/Santina/Ty

Hope said Ty figured Kuzie would try to weaken the latter trio by taking out Ty or Santina.

And he emphatically stressed that his loyalty remained with the Crown and he was only covering bases by pretending to go along with whatever Ty said, adding that he did have a personal relationship with Santina.

Kuzie explained her thoughts about noms, saying she was leaning towards putting up Santina and Ty, with Ty her target. She said if she saves Ty for a backdoor renom, he could potentially win veto and use it on Santina, leaving them both in the game. And if Santina instead ends up leaving, that would weaken Ty. She said if she doesn’t get him out now, he’ll get her out.

Two people sitting on the edge of a bed, looking distressed
Santina asks Kuzie for warning if she’s going to be nominated on BBCAN11’s 28th Digital Daily

Hope said he was more worried about the three girls staying intact as a trio but Kuzie said “they’re little fish that do nothing.” She added if she takes one of them out, nobody would bother targeting the other two, especially Ty, who’d come for her.

And Kuzie said if she puts up two of the girls and one wins veto, Santina would go up and out, leaving all three girls in the game and gunning for Kuzie. Alternately if she puts up Ty and Santina and one goes, she’s only made one enemy.

All nine of them ended up back in HOH, chatting and snacking and socializing, and they got the “good night houseguests” announcement meaning they were being sent to bed. They figured that came earlier than usual, so maybe things will be sped up this weekend.

Santina hung back in HOH with Kuzie and reiterated that she “can’t stand those girls” and figured they’d been throwing her name around, but Kuzie said they hadn’t said anything.

Santina said she was worried and Kuzie asked why, that it made her anxious and she wondered if Santina had something going on with Ty. Santina said she was on her own and the three girls were her targets, and that it was personal.

She asked if Kuzie would let her know if she did plan on putting her up as either an original nominee or renom. I didn’t hear Kuzie agree to warn her, but she may have.

We didn’t hear Kuzie talk with Ty, so everything could change from the above, especially if she has other plans to try to stay good with him that she didn’t share with her fellow Crown members. Time will tell. 

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