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Has the BBCAN vote flipped? “I’m going to war with you, forever”

Has the BBCAN vote flipped? “I’m going to war with you, forever”
Hope and Santina are going to war together on BBCAN11

By the end of the previous Digital Daily, it looked like Hope would be evicted, but the hamsters apparently had a Waffle Wednesday, which is what we feedsters call it when talk about flipping the vote happens the day before eviction.

Thursday’s Digital Daily was taped Wednesday evening with a run time of two hours, 11 minutes.

We don’t know exactly how it came about, but now it seems like Jonathan will be the one meeting Arisa tonight.

Two people sitting in chairs
Hope and Jonathan became the nominees after the veto was played on BBCAN11 episode 16 (Image via Global)

The vote had been more or less split with Santina being the swing and likely evicting Hope. But there were several conversations in this DD indicating things had changed.

Hope had a chat with Santina saying he’d convinced Anika, Kuzie, Daniel to keep him, and he said he’ll have Santina’s back going forward, adding “I’m going to war with you, forever.”

Santina later told Kuzie she wanted to work with her and Anika going forward, and that she wanted to break up the Claudia/Renee/Santina trio as soon as possible, even before going after Ty.

Jonathan made several emotional farewell rounds, saying he wasn’t sure he was going but he thought he probably was.

He pledged lifelong friendship to Santina, he gave Daniel some socks his mom made that he’d been saving til he won HOH, and he told his fellow Crown members he’d stand behind them in jury and hoped one of them would win the season.

The photo quotes and random price tags were gone from the Circle K convenience store/snack room. And Anika told a lengthy story to everyone over family dinner about a three-day canoe trip, which ended up being a rare segment of comedy and laughter.

Sometimes Waffle Wednesday talks take root and stick, and sometimes they’re a lot of talk for nothing and the votes revert to where they were before. We’ll find out shortly.

On to the eviction!

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