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The Challenge All-Stars 4’s cast and spoilers

The Challenge All-Stars 4’s cast and spoilers
TJ Lavin, host of The Challenge All Stars (Photo by Laura Barisonzi/Paramount+)

Of the two Paramount+ series that relied on nostalgia for earlier seasons of MTV’s seminal reality series The Real World and Road Rules, one of them, The Real World: Homecoming appears to be dead.

But although Paramount+’s franchise that brings back older players to compete in The Challenge, The Challenge: All Stars, hasn’t aired since early last summer, a fourth season was produced earlier this year.

Yes, The Challenge: All-Stars 4 is coming, having filmed in South Africa starting in mid-January, even though Paramount+ has yet to announce that it’s even been renewed for a fourth season. As a result, details on its cast, and even spoilers about who won, are online.

A black banner with The Challenge logo hanging on a steel beam

First, as to The Real World Homecoming, Paramount+ hasn’t just failed to renew it, but earlier this year, the company deleted all three seasons.

That sucks, especially considering how good the show could be, and certainly does not bode well for it returning any time soon, if ever.

The Challenge: All Stars offers a different kind of nostalgia for the past. Four seasons in, it seems to be drawing a little more from later seasons, though there are still a few names I’m surprised and delighted to see on the list below.

While there’s a cast member from each of The Real World’s Miami (1996) and Boston (1997) seasons, and multiple cast members from the 2001 Road Rules: The Quest, there are also people from the more-recent ridiculously themed seasons of The Real World.

The Challenge: All Stars 4’s format, cast, and spoilers

A person on a four-wheeler with its lights on. Behind him, a small plane with The Challenge All Stars painted on its side
TJ Lavin arrives for The Challenge All Stars 3 episode 10. He’ll also host The Challenge All Stars 4. (Photo by Paul Castillero/Paramount+)

Reliable spoiler PinkRose reported that the The Challenge All Stars 4 format does not involve season-long teams or pairs, but instead shifts during the season:

“Similar to Free agents and dirty 30 it changes on every daily sometimes individual, pairs or teams. In order to make it to the final they need one of the 6 stars (3 males & 3 for females) that were given out after the first challenge. If they had an star already and win an elimination they can steal it to give it to someone else but if they steal from a female they have to give to a female or from a male they have to give it to a male. Only one winner at the end.”

TJ Lavin will host, as always.

Here are the cast members PinkRose identified as being part of the cast and alternates:

Male cast members

  • Ace Amerson, The Real World: Paris
  • Adam Larson, Road Rules: The Quest
  • Brad Fiorenza, The Real World: San Diego
  • Brandon Nelson, The Challenge: Fresh Meat 2
  • Derek Chavez, The Real World: Cancun
  • Jay Gotti, The Real World: Ex-plosion
  • Kefla Hare, Road Rules: Down Under
  • Leroy Garret, The Real World: Las Vegas 2
  • Ryan Kehoe, The Challenge: Fresh Meat 2
  • Steve Meinke, Road Rules: The Quest
  • Syrus Yarbrough, The Real World: Boston
  • Tony Raines, The Real World: Skeletons
  • Tyrie Ballard, The Real World: Denver

Female cast members

  • Averey Tressler, The Real World: Portland
  • Ayanna Mackins, Road Rules: Semester at Sea
  • Cara Maria Sorbello, The Challenge: Fresh Meat 2
  • Flora Alekseyeun, The Real World: Miami
  • Janelle Casanave, The Real World: Key West
  • Jasmine Reynaud, The Real World: Cancun
  • Laurel Stucky, The Challenge: Fresh Meat 2
  • Malkamitu “Kam” Williams, Are You The One?
  • Nicole Zanatta, The Real World: Skeletons
  • Rachel Robinson, Road Rules: Campus Crawl
  • Tina Barta, Road Rules: South Pacific
  • Veronica Portillo, Road Rules: Semester at Sea

For game spoilers, including who was eliminated, who was DQed for violently fighting with other players, who quit the game, and even who won the game, see Vevmo’s All-Stars 4 spoiler thread.

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Monday 20th of March 2023

The female cast is absolutely stacked with big characters and strong competitors, holy cow. I feel like the male cast is absolutely going to be the lesser story line.