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BBCAN11 spoilers: Who won the veto? Who’s on slop?

BBCAN11 spoilers: Who won the veto? Who’s on slop?
Anika and Ty discuss the veto on the BBCAN11 Digital Dailies, the substitute for the live feeds

The third Big Brother Canada season 11 Digital Daily installment was posted early Monday—rather than late Monday night as expected—and included some game info/spoilers.

That was not expected, but was good to see. It was taped on Sunday; on Saturday, the veto competition was held and the Have-Nots were assigned.

Ahead are spoilers for BBCAN11’s game, since this has not yet aired on television.

Two people in a hot tub and one person standing outside it, where there's snow on the ground
The Big Brother Canada 11 hot tub also has snow around it, as seen on the Monday, March 13, Digital Dailies

Veto players were the three nominees: Anika, Dan, Renee, plus Daniel and Ty.

It seems the losers became Have-nots and went on slop, which would explain the comp title: “Can’t Slop, Won’t Slop.”

Having veto losers automatically go on slop would help prevent throwing veto comps, like the Dead Last twist for HOH.

Reminder, the HOH doesn’t play for veto in BB Canada like they do in BB USA.

The competition had a big physical component as the players were complaining of bruises and banged-up knees.

There were a couple references to them only having another day and a half of slop, so maybe Have-nots will only be in place until the veto meeting, which normally takes place on Mondays. We’ll find out the details of that, but maybe not until the veto show airs on Wednesday.

If there is a Have-not room this year, it wasn’t shown. But Canada hasn’t had a separate, awful room for sloppers for the last couple of seasons. That’s too bad in a way, since they had some good (very awful) HN rooms in the past.

Anika drew Houseguest Choice for her veto pick and selected Ty to play—and he ultimately won.

Since she’d picked him to play, she felt he kind of owed it to her to use his veto to take her down, and he told her he probably would do just that. And he later said the same to Jonathan.

That left the question open as to who HOH Santina would put up as a replacement nominee, and there was quite a bit of speculative chatter about that.

They hadn’t actually been told there would be a replacement nominee and a few wondered about that, since there are three on the block rather than the usual two.

But we know there will be a replacement because production posted the Dead Last rules last week. Even if the Dead Last nominee (Renee, this week) comes off the block, they would be replaced, at least for now.

Most indications were that JM would be the replacement nominee, mostly because he’s not with the bros who think they’re running everything, and they kind of are.

But recall Santina and JM won the Hedges comp as a pair, and each guaranteed the other they’d be safe if they went on to win HOH. So Santina could be in a tricky spot no matter what she does.

If she doesn’t put up JM, the bros may decide she’s not a good side ally for them, and if she does put him up, it’ll show everyone she doesn’t stick to her word. That’s assuming JM does call her out and let everyone know about that deal, which he’d previously said he’d do if she nominates him.

The hamsters think there are still live feeds

A person in a kitchen holding a large white bucket
BBCAN11’s Daniel holds up the slop bucket on the Digital Dailies

A lot of the 2.5 hours of this Digital Daily were workouts, cleaning, chit-chat, and the Have-Nots trying to make slop palatable.

They made some slop cake concoction they put in air fryers, and prepared various dipping sauces. Their oatmeal-based slop is greenish once again, making it look 100 times worse than Big Brother USA’s slop.

We also learned that the houseguests don’t seem to realize there are no feeds.

Santina said something about sleeping late, adding “I like to sleep, Canada knows I like to sleep.”

Nope, neither Canada nor us non-Canadian viewers knew anything of the sort, or much about anything.

And Daniel held up the bucket their slop comes in to the cameras, making a joke/comment about eating food that arrives in a bucket.

Vanessa gave Hope some encouragement, which someone has done in every Digital Daily so far. Today’s installment had her telling him he wouldn’t/couldn’t go up and out yet, since he’s “the heart of the house” and he’s got “the good mission, the Hope Foundation.”

So maybe we should expect a sensitive, tinkly piano segment about his humanitarian work.

Apparently Vanessa assigned household chores, and said they’d be rotated frequently. That will help keep the habitat clean and tidy, but will likely also build up resentment about her down the road when people get tired of cleaning up after other people and/or some pull their weight more than others.

That’s the kind of small tension that makes feeds popcorn-worthy, and we’ll likely miss it with these spoon-fed clips we’re getting.

Along with the 2+ hour Digital Dailies, the production has been posting a few short clips as well. You can find those under “Deleted Scenes” on the official site if you’re looking for bite-size videos.

You can get the links and information for how and where to watch Digital Dailies as well as the episodes that post the morning after they air at I’m also keeping my usual Power Status section up to date there, along with tracking comp wins, nominations, advantages/punishments, and prize winnings.

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