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BB Canada spoilers: a new HOH, another confrontation, and questions about votes

BB Canada spoilers: a new HOH, another confrontation, and questions about votes
BBCAN11's Zach and Ty strategize using gummy bears and jelly beans

The Big Brother Canada 11 Digital Dailies released Friday and Saturday revealed who the new HOH was and who got into a verbal confrontation, and had lots of game talk.

Friday’s video drop was just shy of an hour and a half, taped Thursday night after the eviction and HOH comp.

It started with a confrontation, again involving Vanessa, who was being interrogated by Ty about her vote, with Santina also present but staying out of it.

A person wearing glasses talking to a person wearing a black hoodie whose face we cannot see
Vanessa and Ty arguing on BBCAN11’s Digital Dailies

Vanessa denied up and down that she voted to evict Rob but Ty didn’t believe her. (As well he shouldn’t, since she actually voted to evict Renee.) They went round and round and round, bringing up this convo or that, and neither budged in their positions. Ty was condescending and dismissive, and Vanessa was defensive, and it wasn’t a very fun confrontation at all.

Vanessa finally left and then came back for another couple rounds. Santina said she had voted to keep Rob and Ty said that was fine, and it would be fine if Vanessa did too but he was annoyed she wouldn’t admit it.

Ty told Santina she was trying to turn them against each other and Santina said “she’s really good at that,” to which Ty replied “she’s not good at it.”

Retells included Ty to Jonathan, Dan (with Zach present), and Kuzie. Vanessa told Kuzie and Hope. Hope had also lied about having voted in Rob’s favor.

I didn’t get many details about the HOH comp other than they said it was a fun one to play, and it had even chances for anyone to win, which makes a nice change from super-physical comps.

It sounded like they had to build something that involved a bridge and tracks, and then shoot a ball or something into a target area. Kuzie won and apparently she did so very quickly. Her letter was from her best friend.

Kuzie sat down with Ty for an extended post-mortem about the vote and the talks leading up to it. She kept saying it didn’t matter now, they’d never find out who the two mystery votes were so just move on, but Ty wasn’t ready to let it drop just yet.

They eventually moved on to nominations and Kuzie said she’d probably put up Santina as her target, since it would “offend the crowd the least” if she goes, and she added knew Santina doesn’t have her back.

And she didn’t want people to think Ty had influenced her like the last two HOHs were influenced by Zach and Ty. She said she’d probably put up Vanessa as well, and she’d keep Dan on the back burner as an alternate if needed after the veto. Not surprisingly, Ty said he’d prefer Vanessa to go over Santina.

Many out here (and several in there) were hoping Zach would be a goner this week. Kuzie told Ty while she didn’t want to put him up and out this week, he would probably be her next alternate option after Dan.

They didn’t yet know the viewer safety vote is back in play this week, so depending who wins that, Kuzie might have to come up with a fourth name.

Also, if you missed it, Kuzie said in her Diary QA that she trusted Ty the most, so it’s not surprising that she confided all this to him. We don’t know when those segments were taped, but it seemed she still trusted him as of Thursday night.

Zach joined Kuzie and Ty and after a moment asked if he should leave. Recall that Kuzie was annoyed when he joined a gametalk convo a day or three ago and just stayed there to hover, and she scolded him about that. So it was good to see he’d learned that lesson.

They asked Zach if he was one of the mystery votes and he said no, but they all agreed it would have been a good move if he had cast an intentional hinky vote.

They agreed the two votes in question probably were Vanessa and Hope (which they were). It sounded like Hope had denied it immediately, before anyone asked, and that’s never a good look. The guys said it would have been fine if Hope did vote in Rob’s favor, but lying about it broke trust.

Towards the end of the DD, several of them sat around chatting and presumably waiting for their bedtime signal after a very long day. They mentioned most had been staying up til 4am most nights which is surprising, as BB always tried to enforce a bedtime curfew in the past.

What Saturday’s DDs revealed

Two people sitting in chairs, facing each other, talking
Kuzie and Ty discuss nominations after she won HOH on BBCAN11

Saturday’s DD drop was taped early Friday, before nominations, and it ran for an hour and 53 minutes.

It included more puzzling over who cast the two mystery votes. Santina and Jonathan had been open about their votes, and Hope and Vanessa remained unconfirmed but likely culprits by most.

Ty was the getaround star of this DD, featuring in several convos about the upcoming noms. He told Santina in two separate chats that Kuzie didn’t say for sure she’d be putting up Santina but that Ty had “figured out” she probably will. (He said figured out, but we know Kuzie flat out hold him.)

Ty told Santina and later Zach that Kuzie was planning to pick her nominees from the group of people who were “running around on the day Vanessa blew up,” and he listed Santina, Zach, Vanessa, and himself.

Rob was also included, but he’s now gone. (We saw one Vanessa blowup but I don’t know what this running around referred to, or if it followed the blowup we saw or another. But we know that whole story is BS anyway since Kuzie told Ty it wouldn’t be him.)

Ty and Zach did some strategizing with gummy bears and jelly beans, and ran scenarios as if they were HOH. They said if Santina goes, their group would be down to just the two of them plus Kuzie and Dan. Zach talked about bringing Jonathan back into their fold so they could save Santina. That’s not likely to happen, as Zach doesn’t seem to realize how badly he ticked off Jonathan by betraying the original four bros group.

Ty told Zach he’d told Claudia he didn’t want to be in a showmance with a floater because he’d be the one to go if/when they ended up on the block together. I guess he’s considering her a floater because she’s not in his group. She is strongly allied with Claudia and Renee but the bros probably don’t see them as any kind of threat. Zach said Claudia’s “hyper fixated” on how she’ll look on TV.

Zach coached Dan on how to act and what to say when he meets with Kuzie, and he said don’t be seen talking one-on-one with Vanessa if she’s on the block, as people will notice that. Micro-management, much?

Ty met with Santina again, and again lied that Kuzie hadn’t mentioned her by name, “but I know she’s considering it.” Ty also told Santina she’s on an island right now, and he asked if she would try to help bring Jonathan back into the group.

Finally Santina met with Kuzie for their pre-noms meeting. It was a pleasant and cordial chat with talk about the comp and the mystery votes. Kuzie asked Santina if she’d fallen for Rob because their farewell hug looked like something was going on there, and Santina squealed. She said she wondered if there was something there to pursue later, and also seemed relieved he was gone since he’d been a distraction for her.

Santina said she hoped “the blowup” and her vote didn’t put a target on her this week, and Kuzie said “don’t you think it does?” Kapow. She told Santina she hadn’t yet decided who she’d be putting up but if it is Santina, it’ll be because she’s a big threat in the game.

When Santina left, Kuzie said to herself and/or us “then I’m gonna have to send you home after being so nice, ARGH!”

Ty wasted no time getting back to the HOH room after Santina left. Kuzie reiterated she was still planning on Santina and Vanessa for her noms, with Santina the target, but she’d see what everyone has to say in her meetings.

Ty reiterated that Vanessa would be the better target, and he mentioned bringing Jonathan back into their group so they could get “back to business.”

Kuzie said Jonathan won’t ever trust Ty or Zach again, and she said her problem with his back to business plan was that “in Week 1 it didn’t include me.” Kapow again.

You can get the links and information for how and where to watch Digital Dailies as well as the episodes that post the morning after they air at I’m also keeping my usual Power Status section up to date there, along with tracking comp wins, nominations, advantages/punishments, and prize winnings.

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